Greens Open the Gate for Terrorists

Pauline Hanson calls the Greens leaders idea to allow terrorists back into Australia ridiculous

Greens leader Richard Di Natale has called for the Government to allow terrorists back into Australia. He claimed “Good people made shocking decisions" on Q&A Monday night.This is the stupidity that comes from the mouths of the Greens and the Labor Party are giving their preferences to these halfwits at election time, including the upcoming South Australian election. A vote for the Greens is a vote to bring terrorism home to Australia.#Auspol #OneNation #PaulineHanson #TheGreens #RichardDiNatale

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Greens leader Richard Di Natale has called for the Government to allow terrorists back into Australia.

He claimed “Good people made shocking decisions” on Q&A Monday night.

This is the stupidity that comes from the mouths of the Greens and the Labor Party are giving their preferences to these halfwits at election time, including the upcoming South Australian election.

A vote for the Greens is a vote to bring terrorism home to Australia.

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  1. Sharon Yarwood
    Sharon Yarwood says:

    They should have their Australian citizenship stripped from them and never be allowed back in. The left have destroyed Europe, don’t let them destroy Oz.

  2. Andy
    Andy says:

    What a disgusting bunch of ANTI Australians these Greens are ! totally lost in cultural marxism and their perverted form of communism .. What happened to saving the whales and trees ?

  3. John Forbes
    John Forbes says:

    How can any group of people who have been involved in raps, beheading, burning people alive, torture & sex slavers be casually accessed as people who have made BAD DECISIONS!
    The suggestion is well past RIDICULOUS!
    This is like saying the BURNIE’s made bad decisions so let them OUT!

  4. Donald Goldsmith
    Donald Goldsmith says:

    I totally agree Pauline, we have to fight hard to preserve what’s left otherwise it will be too late, their contempt for our judicial system is just one small example.

  5. david wright
    david wright says:

    well said pauline, the greens’s use by date is well and truly up. When they lose a bit of traction they get onto the save the whales, save the great barrier reef and climate change to sensationalize. Help save the environment …bury a greenee.

  6. Colin
    Colin says:

    Do not let them back in the Country under any circumstances!! The Greens would let anybody in and that’s a fact. Also we should deport those Sudanese who are found to be involved in gang violence

  7. Carl Pirett
    Carl Pirett says:

    Yes Pauline you are so right, having a European background I read German and Austrian online news daily and are from day to day more shocked about whats going on there. Murder, knifings, rapes, people getting pushed down stairs, thefts and burglaries and the list goes on ….. One Afghan refugee stabbed his ex girlfriend to death in the middle of a chemist mart (Google: Kandel stabbing attack) one of many, another one just happened in Vienna 2 days ago. And the greens are talking about isolated cases !!!! It’s mind-blowing. Let’s keep our country safe.

    • Karl Nau
      Karl Nau says:

      That’s the trouble with the greens they Choose to ignore what’s happening in Europe and make up their own stories and feed it to the public thru our stupid media

  8. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Are all Greenies mental pygmies? These ‘things’ are murderers, rapists etc who want to bring us to our knees and under their primitive laws. We must resist in every possible way for our sake and the sake of our children.

  9. Lisa Manning
    Lisa Manning says:

    I have a very hard time listerning to the constant utter dribble! Coming out of the Greens mouths..I wish at times i could put a big tape on their mouths permanently..I suspose Martin Bryant who did the Port Aurther massacre is a “Good Bloke “who made a” Bad Decision” according to the Greens analogy! Just pure idiotic maddness!!!

    • carlos bennetti
      carlos bennetti says:

      Yes you are right. I guess that is what Richard Di Natale’s mother thought after she gave birth, “I’m a good women, I just made a bad decision”. Sadly, we’re all paying for her bad decision. 🙂

  10. Doug Moss
    Doug Moss says:

    I as a true educated loyal Australian have trouble trying to comprehend how a recognised politician living in this country would have the ordasidy to open his mouth and spew to the people of Australia that he would open his arms and welcome murders back into this country. If he has any followers at all i question their mental copacity and sugest to those who have voted for him in the past and who intend to vote for him in the future now is the time to make an urgent appointment with a Psychiatrist

  11. M. Rea
    M. Rea says:

    The best comment I saw on this list was, “Save the environment , bury a greenee “,…. that should be on a poster !

  12. carlos bennetti
    carlos bennetti says:

    They arn’t “green”, they’re red to the core. Marxists who want to destroy Australian way of life and replace it with a society where we call each other Comrade and waive the red flag.

  13. mark mcleod
    mark mcleod says:

    As a proud Australian I am sick and tired of the total crap that the Green’s spout,they are nothing more than a party that are traitors to this country,and now they are calling terrorists to be let back into Australia,if I had my way,they would be executed as traitors.Mark.

  14. Gaye Johnson
    Gaye Johnson says:

    Get rid of the greens, Pauline. You have my backing and that of all sane Australians. Di natale is a criminal, and a complete idiot if he thinks letting those idiots that have been over there attempting to kill our soldiers…who are fighting the war for them because big brave men lifted up their skirts and ran like sissies to countries where they could sit on their backsides in our houses and our welfare, then decided they would go back and fight with the terrorists they ran away from in the first place. They should have tattooed on their foreheads, ‘never to be returned to Australia, and di natale is an idiot if he thinks otherwise and should be shipped back to Italy with the same tattoo

  15. Roderick Smith
    Roderick Smith says:

    I am absolutely appalled that any politician could contemplate allowing known terrorists back into Australia, The Greens are an extremely dangerous party with a very nasty Pro Islamic Agenda, There is only one place for them and that is the Political Dung heap where they belong!

  16. Peter Hall
    Peter Hall says:

    All ” funny people” like Richard Di Natale, Sarah Hansen Young and others seem to have a fancy on themselves, sometimes this comes from a terrible child upbringing or bullying at school, whatever the reason they have developed into strange adults.
    It wouldn’t matter what you did for these sort of people they will never change, RDN is supposed to be a medical doctor and worked at various aboriginal communities, was their lives changed for the better, I somehow doubt it.
    Finally, if we had politicians who had “balls” and could communicate with ordinary people it would be great, was it the Greens who walked on Pauline Hanson in her maiden speech, that smells of ignorance, ineptness, disrespect and any other crude term.
    But they deserve all they get, after all sucking up to Bill Shorten would be worse than catching a bad disease.

  17. Rhonda
    Rhonda says:

    I think HE needs to be assessed!
    Love the idea of a tshirt..
    I often wonder who is actually running our government or who else is paying them to make/suggest such stupid things or even want to do them. if they were really looking after Australia’s best interest they know that us Aussies wouldnt want any of this…
    Keep up the great work Pauline. We are behind you 100%

  18. Daniela
    Daniela says:

    I personally do not want any muslims here in Australia. It is my opinion that money would be better spent repatriating all muslims as they do not contribute anything to Australia and they bring hate with them for our culture and values. There is no place for muslims here and one would be mad to think that the muslims come here looking for a better life, look at what is happening in Europe and the UK ! There is violence everywhere , women and young girls are raped on a daily basis and white man are bashed senseless or slaughtered in the streets. I, We Australians don’t want muslims here in Australia.

    • Irma
      Irma says:

      I do agree 100%.what is happening all over Europe sounds unbelievable, but unfortunately it is not! We cannot allowed for islam and sharia law to take hold in Australia and we HAVE to close our borders; muslims do find it too difficult to adjust to our way of life!

  19. Trevor Blanch
    Trevor Blanch says:

    Yes give all Muslims one month to leave Australia and if they don’t leave then we should start executing them. We should adopt the same laws on Islam as Japan has. There is no Muslim problem in Japan

  20. Ken Barr
    Ken Barr says:

    I am shocked at the Greens, for a bunch of so called “Tree Huggers ” they have some funny ideas . I wonder how many old hippies still vote for the Greens without understanding what it is they are doing !

    As for the Labour giving greens a hand at elections it shows their true colours as well.

    Australians need to take a stand and stop all of this multi cultures me before it destroys our way of life.

    I wonder how many people would want to come to Australia if we adopted a policy of no assistance for the first 5 years , no money, no housing, no healthcare, nothing .

    Bludgers that want to come would maybe go to the cesspool that is called Europe. Look what has happened there, I have seen it for myself and it’s scary. So scary that I will never go back !

    And now the moronic Greens Leader says bring back Terrorists, Ha what a bloody joke!

  21. Toni
    Toni says:

    The Greens…..a waste of space in parliament! Australians have had enough of the crap the goes on in Canberra. Go get em Pauline!!! We need politicians who care about this gorgeous country not themselves.

  22. david A Lawton
    david A Lawton says:

    Not worth spending the time talking about the GREENS they are morons, never do they have any ideas for the country only nut cases.

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