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Whilst not a born and bred Queenslander Shari Ware has lived most of her life in Queensland and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

Shari has been a bookkeeper for many years as well as running her own health business in recent years. Through her own health journey, Shari became extremely passionate about helping others to change their health story one change at a time and has dedicated her life to that over the past several years.

Over the past two years in particular Shari has seen and experienced massive negative health impacts on her community, especially mental health. Shari is extremely concerned and says, "I can’t believe that this is the Australia that I currently wake up in every day".

For most of her life, Shari believed that politicians were the experts and that most of them had our best interests at heart. After watching what has transpired in this country over the past 2 years, Shari no longer believes that. Shari never thought that she would see her beloved Australia turn into a dictatorship where the human rights of individuals were taken away, where people were discriminated against and where people lost their jobs because they decided not to take part in a medical experiment.

Choosing a path in politics was never previously on the agenda for Shari and was something that had never even crossed her mind. About 9 months ago, that changed. Shari concluded that people had to stand up and be true representatives of the people who felt the same way that she did. Shari also realised that although many others felt exactly the same way, not all of them would feel able to stand up in that way and she knew that she could and so she did.

Shari is standing up to give the people in her community a voice. To give them a representative who is one of them. Shari has been in the 'trenches' with them and will continue to fight with them and for them.

Shari’s main focus is reversing the damage that has been done over the past two years and helping to make sure that it can NEVER happen again. Shari believes that Australia needs a Bill of Rights and she's concerned about potential security issues with the Digital ID. Shari also believes that Australia needs to be more self-sufficient and is troubled by the current level of foreign ownership.

One Nation will pursue urgent reform to Australia’s foreign investment rules by legislating a clear definition of ‘National Interest' based on national security, competition, tax, a character test, and any other impacts on Australia. Essential services including power, water, telecommunications, roadways, and ports would be off-limits to foreign investors. With a crucial shortage of housing stock in Australia, we must stop the sale of property to non-residents and non-citizens.

"Small business in this country has been absolutely decimated over the last 2 years and they are the backbone of our society."

It’s now Shari’s mission to help to restore her beloved Australia to the country that it used to be. A country that she and many others once felt blessed to call home.

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Shari’s main focus is reversing the damage that has been done over the past two years and helping to make sure that it can NEVER happen again. Shari believes Australia needs a Bill of Rights & is concerned about security issues with Digital IDs #AusPol2022