Grant Abraham for Groom

Grant Abraham is all about helping the ‘underdog’ Australians who are doing it tough. He started out as a mechanic, but his passion for helping people in need led him to a 25-year career in youth justice, child safety, corrections, and the Queensland Police Force – he recently completed 10 years on the force after finishing top of his class at the police academy.

Born and raised in Toowoomba, Grant has seen it all in his line of work. He’s aiming to provide strong independent representation for the community he loves and calls home, with a strong focus on fixing Australia’s family law and child support system.

“Our family law and child support system is broken. Pauline Hanson has already forced changes that have helped family law courts run more efficiently, but there is more to be done to get fairer outcomes for children and parents.

“I’m also keen on reducing the red tape burden on small businesses and in particular our amazing farmers. I’ll be pushing for infrastructure projects which improve water security for farmers, opposing privatisation of water and mining on prime agricultural land, and holding financial institutions accountable for their unconscionable forced land grabs. We need leaders like Pauline Hanson – leaders with vision unafraid to embark on big nation-building projects like the hybrid Bradfield Scheme to develop more water resources for food and fibre production.”

Grant plans to depart from the same-as-usual politician enslaved by big donors and talking points written in Canberra.

“I’m aiming to be the kind of representative the people of Groom deserve – one who represents them and their interests, not those of big corporations and unions. One Nation has always been a powerful voice for Australians ignored or dismissed by major parties. I’m all for the underdog, fighting for our individual rights, freedoms, and responsibilities against those who wield power over us instead of for us. The pandemic has sharpened focus on how easily and gleefully our governments and leaders have discarded our freedoms, and how reluctant they are to relinquish this power.”

Grant will also advocate for sustainable immigration and ensure foreign-owned multinationals operating in Australia pay their fair share of tax.

“We need to have an open and honest debate about our currently unsustainable immigration levels and the impact on things like the availability of housing and increasing congestion in our major cities.

“And we need to make a transition to a transaction-based system for foreign-owned multinationals so Australia receives a fair return for the resources these companies are exploiting. We’re not a free-for-all dirt mine. Those resources belong to us.

“Pauline Hanson has been an inspiration in her efforts to put Australia and Australians first, and that’s precisely the example I will follow representing the voters of Groom.”

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Grant Abraham is the #OneNationAus candidate for Groom, QLD. He is all about helping the ‘underdog’. Originally a mechanic, his passion for helping people led him to a 25-year career in youth justice, child safety, corrections and the QLD Police Force.