Hanson and Abbott bury hatchet for Book Launch

BOOK LAUNCH | Pauline: In Her Own Words

BOOK LAUNCH | Pauline Hanson's book launch with Tony Abbott

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Monday, March 26, 2018

Tony lumped on the praise for Pauline in a joint press conference at the book launch, citing her never give up attitude and willingness to ask the tough questions as inspiring qualities in this day and age.

You can order the book right here.

6 replies
  1. Kent Adair
    Kent Adair says:

    Please do not give your votes to the libs or labor and definetly not the greens. If your votes are going to libs i will not be voting for you

    • A Derr
      A Derr says:

      Youi dont understand the preference system. You and you alone are responsible for who receives your preferences when you vote.

  2. dennis holton
    dennis holton says:

    Really good to see Pauline with Tony together for the release of her book / both decent Australians doing their best for this country / actually both straight shooters that cut to the Chase ! good show.

  3. Peter Hall
    Peter Hall says:

    For some reason I feel this is a “suck up” to One Nation, for the Liberal Party who hates ON, it can be nothing else.
    If the LP can get ON onside that is a winning formula and can only benefit both parties, which is good and can prevent those other fools, the Greens and Labor from winning anything, which will be a blessing in disguise.


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