Hanson hits the high seas on operation sovereign borders

On Thursday, Senator Hanson neared the end of her stay with the Navy.

“It’s been a great couple of days off the Northern Territory on board HMAS Bathurst as part of the ADF Parliamentary Program.”

HMAS Bathurst and her 12 sister Armidale Class Patrol Boats are the navy’s principal contribution to the nation’s fisheries protection, immigration , customs and drug law enforcement operations.

“The patrol boats work with Operation Sovereign Borders and I’m here to see how our troops keep our country safe.”

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  1. Tom
    Tom says:

    We should look after our veterans before we even think about immigration. Time to close the doors and look after our own first.

  2. Darren Hicks
    Darren Hicks says:

    Hi Pauline
    You are the greatest person in politics in my lifetime you work so hard I wish you had more rewards
    Could you please run in the bundaberg region I wrote a massive letter to my local member about how disappointed I am with youth and adult unemployment in our area but as usual no reply . There are 100 farmers here who cant get pickers or workers and they employ overseas people .our lazy people just get your dole money and I am infuriated .please help us fix this basic problem by giving these leaches food stamps
    Cheers I look foward to add reply
    Stay strong you will forever have my vote

  3. Rob Henderson
    Rob Henderson says:

    You go girl!! I couldn’t imagine Christopher Pyne doing anything like this. If he did, perhaps the sailors could do us all a favour and suggest he checks the anchor. Lol

  4. Troy Hodgess
    Troy Hodgess says:

    It look’s like Pauline is about to take command of the Navy, Can’t wait until she takes command of the country!

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