Pauline Hanson supports Darrell Lea and Lindt chocolate this Easter

Easter is coming!!!!If you haven't done you're Easter Egg shopping yet, it's worth buying a product that hasn't paid for halal certification.Two companies that are readily available on most supermarket shelves and at local newsagents is Darrell Lea and Lindt.#Auspol #OneNation #PaulineHanson #Queensland #Easter #Lindt #DarrellLea

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Sunday, March 25, 2018

Happy Easter! But watch out for Halal

Easter is coming!!!! If you haven’t done your Easter Egg shopping yet, it’s worth buying a product that hasn’t paid for halal certification.

Two companies that are readily available on most supermarket shelves and at local newsagents is Darrell Lea and Lindt.

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  1. Kim
    Kim says:

    Thanks Pauline! Happy Easter to you and yours. 🐰🐰🐰
    I never buy halal anything. But I wish we could get rid of them.

  2. Brenda Sue Evans
    Brenda Sue Evans says:

    Happy Easter to you all. I hope you can get even a day off. To be around friends and family. I do want to join as a member. But you have my financial situation and that says it all.
    Love and best wishes

  3. Garth Simpson
    Garth Simpson says:

    Love your work Pauline,
    Lets hope our Muslim guests don’t convince the Globalists, lefties and do-gooders to ban Easter entirely, due to it’s Christian origins and beliefs.
    Happy Easter,


  4. Vlad
    Vlad says:

    Every year, I buy app. $50.00-$60.00 chocolate EASTER EGGS from Lindt for the annual Easter Egg Hunt.
    After Easter, I send ALL THE WRAPPERS to the CEO of Cat-bury with a “Happy Easter Message”.
    I have done this for 5-6 years and so far I never had a Thank you for your “Happy Easter wishes” :-).

    I wish, that more people would do this, send the CEO a Happy Easter with Lindt or Darrell Lea’s product wrappers.

  5. B Brewin
    B Brewin says:

    The Halal chocolate just doesn’t taste the same, so I am more than happy to support Darrel Lea and Lindt. I have no problem with Halal certification providing companies also put their original non-Halal chocolate for sale and mark it accordingly for the rest of us. (I think that we still are the majority buyers?) I am glad to have the choice to support Darrel Lea and Lindt – thank you for advising us.

    • John Apthorp
      John Apthorp says:

      Halal is a “Muslim Tax” on the Australian people who are celebrating a Christian event. Ironic isn’t it. A non Christian supporting company making profits because of a Christian tradition.

  6. Ross Barnett
    Ross Barnett says:

    Hi Pauline happy Easter to you also and to your party. Keep the great work up. Keep these Majors honest including the dishonest Greens Party can’t wait to the Victorian election to vote this corrupt Labor party out. Hope One Nation is running in a lot of seats be great. I am in the safe seat of Mallee. Be nice to see One Nation run a candidate in our sest. I would certainly vote for you. I know a lot of people who would vote for you. Regards Ross.

  7. Lloyd Laughton
    Lloyd Laughton says:

    Simple, when voting you must put the major parties last on your preferencesle voting card. Labor last, next Liberal or National second last, then the Greens next.

  8. William Griep
    William Griep says:

    Hello Pauline,
    This bending over backwards for Muslims is beyond a JOKE.
    Something must be done about it before it’s to late.

  9. John
    John says:

    Cadbury don’t make Easter eggs. The only make chocolate eggs and choc bunny’s.
    I will not buy halal products that I know about.
    I boycott cadbury’s.

  10. DenLo
    DenLo says:

    Halal ‘certification’ is an illegal tax by stealth. The Government has three options,
    1. Ban hala certification fees.
    2. Govt. takeover of Halal with funds raised going into General Revenue.
    3. Tax Halal as a commercial operation.
    I prefer option 2.
    Don’t buy Halal foods.
    Problem- Some companies pay Halal but have removed the logo from their packaging.

  11. harrie ohara
    harrie ohara says:

    Why or HOW can a group of ISLAMIC , Muslims , Charge a TAX , ( HAL HAL) On a CHRISTIAN CELEBRATION , who they DO NOT RECOGNIZE , and despise anything Christian ????.

    ISLAM IS A CULT , and has nothing to do with being a RELIGION.

  12. John Ingham
    John Ingham says:

    People should know that the levy paid by Cadburys and other manufactures to Halal certification goes to the promotion of Islamic Jihad which is the overthrow of western democracy.

  13. Carol
    Carol says:

    Hi Pauline, happy Easter to you also. We have always voted for you when we could. You do a fabulous job and thank you. Its so good to see a politician who cares about Australia. We will never vote Labour and the Greens. They are in our opinion job stoppers and regulation Marfia. They have wrecked our wonderful Country. Would love to meet you for a chat about our problems within the small scale mining sector. I am also the secretary of Mining Organisation.

  14. Mick Allison
    Mick Allison says:

    Halal certification may not make a food taste any different but by God it leaves a rotten lump in the back of ones neck.

  15. Daniela
    Daniela says:

    Australia is a Christian country and we have our religion and values I don’t and can’t see why a minority with a different religion should impose their halal mark on our food. If the muslims don’t like non halal food they are free to import it from where they’re from.

  16. Doug Moss
    Doug Moss says:

    I was always under the belief that muslims didn’t belief in christinity or is this another sly way of trying to convince the public of Australia that they are settling into our way of life so they can slowly edge their way into bigger and better things that suit them.If they are convincing you they won’t be doing it to me

  17. Margaret
    Margaret says:

    Halal is praying for the Slater of meat & no alcohol so why are they forcing this onto us, I am Christian this is against my Religion.
    This is a Christian Country why do these people flee there Countries from prosecution & then forcing there Ideology onto us if they don’t like it here then there’s the Door “GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM”.

  18. Doug Moss
    Doug Moss says:

    After reading all those comments from people who have written in to Pauline and One Nation concerned about the way this country is being run please let me remind you the impact of allowing these creatures into this country was by the two major political parties with the support of the greens, the only way to counteract this rediculous decision is to put the two major parties at the bottom of the list when the next Federal Election is held and One Nation first, the way this country is being run at present as stated by an out going political figure was semi socialistic and we are told we live in a democratic society, i’m not a fool and nor are you but the politicians in the two major parties think we are


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