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Pauline Hanson asks you to Have Your Say on Australia's Citizenship Test

There's limited time to have your say in Australia's Citizenship Test. Scott Morrison has today said the Government will not slow up the annual 190,000 migrant intake for the next 3 years. With this in mind, my Private Senators Bill will tighten the citizenship test to ensure we only allow people of good character to become Australian citizens.Apart from the annual 190,000 Migrant figures, 340,000 annual foreign students, 90,000 457 Visa Holders, plus 70,000 Spousal Visas and 18,750 annual Refugees all eligible to make application for Citizenship, it's time we have a shake up of the process. All up there's over 100 different categories of Visa's people can apply for to come to Australia.This is not about stopping hard working, decent migrants who have helped make this country what it is. I want to stop the criminals, the scum and those who have no respect for the people of this country, or our way of life who think they can come here for a free ride and disrespect this nation.Have Your Say with a simple YES or no question as to whether we should tighten the Citizenship Test by voting online now.https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GKXLPS6If you'd prefer to make a 250 or more word submission, visit www.onenation.org.au/haveyoursay#Auspol #OneNation #PaulineHanson #Citizenship #Australia

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Monday, April 9, 2018

There’s limited time to have your say in Australia’s Citizenship Test.

Scott Morrison has said the Government will not slow up the annual 190,000 migrant intake for the next 3 years. With this in mind, my Private Senators Bill will tighten the citizenship test to ensure we only allow people of good character to become Australian citizens.

Apart from the annual 190,000 Migrant figures, 340,000 annual foreign students, 90,000 457 Visa Holders, plus 70,000 Spousal Visas and 18,750 annual Refugees all eligible to make application for Citizenship, it’s time we have a shake up of the process.

All up there’s over 100 different categories of Visa’s people can apply for to come to Australia.

This is not about stopping hard working, decent migrants who have helped make this country what it is.

I want to stop the criminals, the scum and those who have no respect for the people of this country, or our way of life who think they can come here for a free ride and disrespect this nation.

Have Your Say with a simple YES or no question as to whether we should tighten the Citizenship Test by voting online now.


If you’d prefer to make a 250 or more word submission, visit www.onenation.org.au/haveyoursay

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  1. John Forbes
    John Forbes says:

    With manufacturing virtually gone & low skilled jobs disappearing fast I cannot understand why the immigration has not been at the very least halved?

    • gordon robertson
      gordon robertson says:

      The government bean counters believe in 2 ways to grow the economy 1 is by manufacturing {which we no longer have enough of thanks to the Lima agreement and weak leaders) or 2 to grow the population ( their prefered option) Population growth without a sizable manufacturing base is unsustainable hence the infastucture problems currently facing our growth centers

    • Julia Beitl
      Julia Beitl says:

      Well said, we need to educate the Australian people, perhaps the army wood be the answer, where they can learn trades with strick discipline, which would help them to choose suitable jobs, in the line of work they would be interested in.
      Teach them to work with some pride and interest in what ever they do and learn that if a job is worth doing its worth doing properly.
      There,s too many people in jobs that absolutely have no interest in what they are doing, but expect the large wage at the end of the day. At the moment not many Australians are employable, due to bad attitude and they don,t have any work ethics, I RECOMMEND that with all new employment, that there is no unions involved. Not necessary if they can do the job properly.
      They need to get some pride and ambition and be able to do a job properly with pride. I always say that there is three things in life
      1st we need and challenge
      2nd we need success and than comes
      3rd Comes Satisfaction.
      We need to have all young people join the army before going out to work where they learn to toughen up .

      • richard charles bury
        richard charles bury says:

        well said Julia, I agree in compulsory military training like they do in Israel, too many school leavers sitting around smoking dope and going to Bali. military training will make Australia great again. Richard.

    • Terry Walters
      Terry Walters says:

      Australia needs immigration as the birth rate is much slower than the death rate of Australians and therefore the tax and revenue rate will not support Australia’s needs ! But immigrants should only be people that are willing to assimilate and become Australians and when the infrastructure such as housing, medical / hospitals, education /schools/teachers, roads, electricity, sewerage, water etc. are their to support the immigrants ! Jobs that our P.M. brags about creating are consumed by the mass immigration of hundreds of thousands of skilled immigrants leaving the unemployment numbers unchanged ! Australian public housing like the Housing Commission Homes in most States are being provided immediately to refugees before low income Australian families that have been on waiting list for ten years or more ! Many of the Muslim refugees have no intention of ever becoming Australians, they become permanent recipients of Centrelink benefits [ so called free money ] they have never contributed to by way of work or taxes and when you ad together there four wives and a dozen or more kids the they are receiving tax free about $4000.00 A FORTNIGHT for nothing except to finance more mosques and more hate for Australian law , customs and heritage ! But our useless politicians from the Canberra Bubble have no idea or even a clue as to what Australians think or want, nor do they even care ! IMMIGRATION AND REFUGEE INTAKE ARE TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL AND AND ALL THE PARAMETERS OF

      POPULATION INCREASE ARE BEING IGNORED AND AUSTRALIANS ARE PAYING THE PRICE !! Immigration must be cut by at least 60 pre cent until the rest of Australia catches up ! Turnbull , Frydenberg and Morrison must be dumped immediately as they are so very out of touch with reality when it comes to immigration, electricity, refugee intake and foreign aid ! If anything they are anti Australian or destroying Australia and selling Australia out to the lunatic
      views of the United Nations !

      • Maryann Hoffman
        Maryann Hoffman says:

        Cutting back on immigration building more dams more homes stopping giving aid to foreign country stop selling our beloved country off look after the Aussie tax payers first.

  2. Martyn Donnelly
    Martyn Donnelly says:

    Halt immigration apart from family reunion situations .
    Halt it for 3years and any que jumpers can be sent back in handcuffs . let’s pause and reassess .our direction in this rapidly changing global situation

  3. Colleen clancy
    Colleen clancy says:

    Where is the infrastructure to support this influx of immigrants ? Most cities and country towns have severe water restrictions and very little work the BS and lies from government is a total disgrace ,no support for the forces neglible support for the elderly appalling , but tax breaks for the wealthy wake up or weep !!!

  4. Tamla
    Tamla says:

    We need to focus on the Aussie born and bred first and foremost. We need to take care of our own backyard. When and only when our own backyard is taken care of properly, then consideration for others can be considered, very carefully.

  5. Margaret
    Margaret says:

    Pauline Hanson you’ve got my Vote cause this government is not looking after the Australian People this is why our People cant get into the Government Housing or into the Property Housing cause they have made it impossible to afford this, We should be looking after our own People fist & the people that want to come to Australia is only Because of the Free Welfare System, Dental they know they can get everything for free so they’ll do anything for the a freebee & why isn’t the Government looking after our Veterans they should be the 1st to be looked after in line with the elderly pensioners…

  6. Ron Bass
    Ron Bass says:

    Yes time is up we need to cut immigration from 190,000+ to 100k or less till we fix our own problem in this country, and from this 100k or less we need to be picky on who come, we have to stop being the world Human garbage tip.
    We need to offer/ let in all South African Farmer (white, brown or pink) who want a safe placed to live.

  7. David
    David says:

    I support the above comments made by Margaret.
    The only issue which is not mentioned is that the Australian farmers need assistance in many ways by the government of the day.

  8. Dr. John A Page
    Dr. John A Page says:

    • The average Australian is becoming browner, and not through exposure to the sun.
    • Islam is taking over more schools, building more mosques and gradually taking over like a creeping cancer. They got as far as half of Spain last time but this time, with UK, Sweden and Holland already struggling, they may get further.
    • English is becoming second on the list of advertising plaques in some quarters of Sydney.
    • Many Asians and Arabs are not assimilating and never intend to. Instead they form ghettos and stick to their own food, religion and values so why come here and then try to simply make us as like their homeland as possible?
    • Older Relatives brought in in great numbers by the so-called family policy for Asians are firmly against any assimilation at all.
    • By far the most terrorists are Arabs or Islamists – why do we keep on importing trouble this way with minimum screening of and requirements from Middle Eastern immigrants?
    • At pathetic Citizenship ceremonies pretend-Australians can clearly be seen mouthing a National Anthem they do not know or believe in.
    • Our politicians seem totally blind to these threats and risks as few of them live in or contact the areas where these problems are to the fore.
    • I support Minister Dutton and President Trump as they try manfully to reduce this dilution of national pride and nobility by unsuitable and dishonest immigrants.

    John A Page,
    Doctor of Medicine and Theology.

    • Grahame
      Grahame says:

      I fully agree we must cut the numbers we allow in at the present time.
      This country at present is out of control.
      Heads of government we have at present do not understand the true issues.
      Have a look at the USA elections when Trump got in. If you watched the election coverage you would of seen why he won. The country ones of the USA did not like what was happening there.
      Well we have the same issues here in Australia.
      We allow overseas students in and they finish up taking the jobs. But they do not perform for Australia.
      One case one worked on getting a product produced here transferred to INDIA. The product is poor to the Australian product.
      They get jobs in planning for government and they fail big time. Lack of understanding everywhere. They in fact cannot communicate. They act as if communication skills are high but they in fact act as if reading an idiot sheet.
      A lot of them have ideals totally against our traditional ways. They are EASTERN ways where the boss has total say and wealth. The rest are very poor.

      We must change.

    • Graeme Johnson
      Graeme Johnson says:

      Immigration Comment.

      Fifty five years ago I worked in
      a hardware store in Nicholson Street Footscray, at that time a poorer Western suburb. (Not now though) In those days there were Greek, Italian, White Russian, German, and English migrants, some from Migrant hostels in Australia, who worked their butts off to help build Australia and also, of course, to pay to bring their families here to join them. Many of these wonderful people then brought houses in Templestowe or Doncaster and helped build these into prosperous suburbs with their work ethic. This does not appear to be happening today. Is it because we have lowered our requirements, or have we lost our “Lucky Country” motto, to be offering today’s migrants a “Welfare State”? I am not against immigration, but possibly new people to our wonderful country should be encouraged, or even required, to settle firstly in a country area to help build the infrastructure there, before being permitted city residence. Employing them to build country infrastructure would be far better for us, than the tremendously high cost of building city infrastructure, plus encouraging, or requiring, them to work instead of being given all the government funded perks that they can obtain at present. I am not happy with my taxes being given to immigrants who are not prepared to become true committed Australians helping build us back to the wonderful work ethic and history we enjoyed.
      Graeme Johnson Victoria

      • Z. Norman
        Z. Norman says:

        Why the country there is no work there? That implies trying to dump them . unless they are farmers. No simple cut numbers and make sure they have qualifications required here that are accepted as soon as they arrive not one that needs to be for the new immigrant to take courses to be in line with what is required here, Pharmacist from Europe is not automatically granted Australian registration and many other qualification until they have done a course to bring their overseas qualifications to Australian standards and then cannot work in the field they were trained in on acceptance when they applied for immigration here. to be able to try for employment possible but confirmed employment once they arrive here Or large funds that they can live on including rental while they upgrade any qualifications to gain employment. Not many do have and are stuck today in extreme hardship.I have met a couple of people who have been in this situation. even having to live in a tent while they upgrade qualifications to gain employment!

    • Antony Websdale
      Antony Websdale says:

      With you 100 %….too bad our imbecile politicians CAN’T SEE IT ! I do believe Peter Dutton is by far the ONLY REAL Liberal Politcian in Canberra !…and yes, Trump is doing a Fantastic job….too bad those BLIND Democrats can’t see it…or refuse to admit he’s doing Great things for America.

    • Brian R Searle
      Brian R Searle says:

      good on ya doctor my sentiments exactly. It is not just Malcom Turnbull that is dislike by most Australians , it is the entire front bench from top to bottom, a complete bunch of liars ,cheats and pretenders. The oppersition is no better, they all want rubbing out and start again.
      Brian R Searle.

    • Jim and Barbara Pugh
      Jim and Barbara Pugh says:

      I am with you all the way hope we can get some action on this problem
      the sooner the better.

    • Patriot
      Patriot says:

      I am also a doctor, of like minds. Also a Master of Divinity. I notice also that they don’t get buried near us…they have their own Japanese and Chinese ‘cemetery’ plots and plaques away from us Aussies….but we are not able to be racist towards them, but they are racist towards us until death and they choose not to be buried near us!!
      I am also sick and tired that every time an add comes on TV they always have Asian women/girls and Asian kids in the adds, as if this is Australia…Asians advertising Aust. products. Why would I listen to an Asian telling me what to do. These adds are made to give Asians credibility, listen to an Asian, they are better than Aussies.
      Last Christmas, Coles had an elderly Asian woman, could hardly speak English, not born here and not educated in Aust. advising Australian woman what to buy and cook for Christmas!!! An uneducated Asian woman, from a communist country, anti-Christ’s who has no idea about our Christian Christmas culture or food-fare, telling me and millions of other Aust. women what to eat, what to buy and what to shop for in Coles…..Since when does Coles etc. import Chinese in to tell Aust. women what to eat for a Christian Christmas?? Women found it very offensive….I never went near Coles after that…..An Asian woman, hardly speak English, treating me as if I didn’t have any brains to know what to buy, shop, cook and eat for an Australian Christmas…..next we will have uneducated Indians, Muslims and other imports telling ‘dumb’ Aust. woman what to eat, cook and buy!!!!
      Coles had an Asian woman to give credibility to their stores!!
      The psychology behind the Bible says, be selective, be selective and be selective…..but we are mowed down if we choose to be selective.
      I do note that every time I attend an ANZAC day service,there is NOT one Asian in the crowd….NO Muslims are in the crowd….none of these people pay any respect on ANZAC day. They keep away.

      • Elizabeth
        Elizabeth says:

        Great comments Patriot
        I am planning to go to the Anzac march this year….also feeling very
        patriotic, and protective of our history.
        Even the Vietnamese and Cambodian people who fled their countries to Australian due to those terrible wars have less “facetime” on our tvs.
        The recent influx of wealthy Chinese, I think they confuse capitalism for democracy.
        Money can buy there way in, but when did they learn our democratic laws and values in our Christian based communities.
        You don’t have to be “religious” to see the long history we have with charitable organizations such as Wesley Mission, St Vincent De Paul and The Salvation Army. Always there and will help any of us in real times of need.
        The concept of multiculturalism sounds magnanimous, but we are not a welfare state.
        As a taxpayer and voter, I would like to go over our govt”s Immigration Policy with a fine tooth comb.
        Would anyone like to join me?


    • Bertram Hastie
      Bertram Hastie says:

      I fully agree & support your statemates.
      This type of analysis needs more publicity & discussion.
      Minority groups such as the Greens & foreign imports are denying our Anglo Saxon heritage.
      Multi-culturism has gone too far
      & is already a dominatig force, youth of to-day has nothing to compare of our previous standards.
      How at this stage can it be controlled ? I don’t know,.the wheel may in the future turn full circle.

    • bill
      bill says:

      Dead right, we allow the people who hate us move in. The government also borrows millions of dollars to give to our enemies who even hate us more and more.
      Islam is a curse on humanity

    • Sandra
      Sandra says:

      I agree with all the comments that I have read,I would like to see a leader in this country that has the backbone Donald Trump has, he is putting his country first like we should be doing.

      PETER DANIEL says:

      Could not agree more. I have close friends desperately trying to find work and when they go for job interviews the jobs seem to all g to new arrivals.

    • Theo Szinger
      Theo Szinger says:

      Agree with the Doctor.
      I wonder some times if the politicians honestly care and love this country? They act like children in the parliament.Gutless lot. Even the blind man can see what this country is heading to. It’s easy to pick a fruit from the tree when it ripen. Those migrants who explored and built this country they were dedicated to build a future for their family … from nothing just shear hard work. Those migrants who come here mainly from Europe and from China too they have assimilated into the English/Australian way of life. Worked hard and prospered, there is unlimited opportunity in this country. But the new arrivals know more about our laws and social services than us, and using it to their own advantages.They are like leaches. This is a Christian Country Not a Muslim Country. But we welcome all Religion provided they practice it in their. home. I don’t believe we should subsidise their Muslim schools at all.We have good Public schools if they want their own exclusive schools they should contribute to that them selves.
      Keep up the fight Pauline.If I would be Younger I would Join You

  9. Alan tye
    Alan tye says:

    With this politically correct mob that’s running things they will admit many of the WRONG type to enter our country and let them sit back and suck us dry and make no contribution to the country

  10. John
    John says:

    We cannot save the world, much as we would love too, and to try to do so will only ensure our demise.
    It’s great for individuals to take on missionary work and help people who are in difficult and dangerous situations.
    It’s not ok however to demand another person does the same and it’s not ok to give away to strangers another person property or lifestyle by welcoming strangers into that persons community.
    If you want to save someone bring them into your home and ensure they learn and abide by community standards, if they don’t you insist that they leave. It’s pretty basic logic.
    It’s common knowledge (although many deny it) that the world is coming to a population crisis, why do we need to bring that reality into our home? We’re increasingly having difficulty with our current population and to invite non productive (or worse) individuals here is purely ridiculous.
    A community that cannot take care of it’s own is destined to fail and taking care of your own is your greatest responsibility by a long way.
    Stop giving away our childrens hope 🙏

  11. Anna Kelly
    Anna Kelly says:

    Well said Dr John exactly my thoughts too. If the people really have the power isn’t it time we make ourselves heard ? What do we have to do to make it clear we do not want uneducated, unemployable bullies in our country ?

  12. Wayne
    Wayne says:

    I believe that any immigrant from any cultural/religious/socioeconomic must be able or willing to learn English prior to citizenship (max 2-years and government sponsored lessons), must be socially and culturally compatible with Australian society and values, and must have a recognised skill set that is lacking in Australia (i.e. to address significant gaps, not for construction booms and the like – more general and longer term short falls), the only exception would be a refugee that goes through legal channels to be eligible for our refugee program. In addition, immigrants should be obliged to put the rule of law (Australian) above any cultural and/or religious beliefs, if they cannot or are unwilling to do so this should be a bar to intelligibility. Immigrants should have no criminal record (and this would need vetting so as to establish is this is an actual criminal act by Australian standards as opposed to persecution in country of origin). As to immigration more generally, unless we have the infrastructure and support programs in place we should not add to existing issues, the level of immigration should align with what our infrastructure can support. Also, with respect to duel citizenship, half a commitment to a Australia, should only allow the individual half the benefits (i.e. government services, payments etc.). I support immigration that has some control and the constraints outlined, I do not support visa over-stayers, and illegal entry by any means by anyone into this country.

  13. Peter Groot
    Peter Groot says:

    I am an immigrant from 1959 and was19yrs old. I was on a 2 year good behaviour bond etc. My 1st priority was to learn the English language, although I spoke Dutch high school English. Next find a job. Next continue my education (got myself through university). I came with about 100 Australian Pounds in my pocket. In those days there were no government hand-outs. I had to pay for everything myself.
    With the number of people entering Australia, and the financial cost to us, the tax payers, I feel that the time is overdue to start looking after “our own back yard” before handing out all those freebies to foreigners entering this country of ours (yes I am an Ozzie); a considerable number of them don’t even like us or our life style, etc. They do no want to assimilate either, and bring their problems, that they want to escape from, with them.
    It is high time we are much more selective who we let into Australia. Latest in the news are, for instance, South African (Boers) farmers who are now officially being kicked off their farms. I am sure they would make good immigrants.
    I am so much disappointed with our (liberal) government, who are only taking pot shots at each other in parliament (I watch them on TV), instead of looking after this country.
    Yes, Pauline, (you got my vote and membership) please keep up the good work and the pressure on the parliamentarians.
    Yes, I would like to see a sharp reduction in the number of immigrants and a more selective process, to not only protect our culture and life style, but to give more support to our own present population.

  14. rene pedro
    rene pedro says:

    i am a fan of PAULINE i all time vote for her…she know the little people she have the courage to say what other popplethink but are too scared to say the immigration should be g=cut back why bring here people who will never integrate and spit on us their agenda is to destroy this country so they can take over AUSTRALIAis in danger in 1962 i was in the same situation as the white farmers inS..AFRICA in a few days we lost everything some of our family did not make it……….multicultural societe do not seem to work more refugies behaving like low/life more racist AUSTRALIANS will became

  15. Ken Benson
    Ken Benson says:

    I am very concerned for the future of our country our children. It is confusing why politicians cannot understand simply living within our means. We have an enormous debt which continues to grow even the current Liberal Government have been unable to improve the situation. In Sydney the roads are often blocked. The number of units being built have increased the local area population dramatically Many have two cars and have to park their second car on the street. Parking near railway stations is near impossible. The state of hospitals again parking but even more so the number of surgeries which have to be postponed due to lack a space is disgraceful. The nurses and doctors do outstanding work but a restricted by lack of staff often do not have time for a short break. The electricity bills continue to climb mainly due to the crazy attitude of government in not following what is happening overseas. All these continue to put additional pressure on and over stressed roads, ( even when all the current development is complete will still remain way behind what would be required. Again the effect on continuing to reduce base load power but increasing population will only create greater and impossible demands. This is only a brief comment on the disappointing direction we continue to head in. Overpopulation and unpayble debt .

  16. Angel Elecharri
    Angel Elecharri says:

    I totally agree with Dr. John Page comments. Migrants into Australia should stop altogether.
    Passport, Medicare and Citizenship issued from last 5 years should be cancelled to all immigrants that committed any kind of criminal activities or been deported.
    Close all Mosque in Australia because they are a nest of terrorism brainwash.
    The government should help to Australians Pensioners and homeless people to have a decent lifestyle. Obviously is not to happen with Labor or Liberals, only Pauline Hasson is the hope for Australia.

  17. Danny Kooyong
    Danny Kooyong says:

    Zero net migration sounds like a sustainable goal economically, environmentally and socially. The libs/labs week not give any good result. Therefore the solution is not purely political.
    Not only should people vote for One nation but get involved in local community groups/activism, talk to friends, family, colleagues about these issues.

  18. Roderick Smith
    Roderick Smith says:

    Whatever happened to the time honoured saying, Charity begins at home, We need to look after our own particularly the War Veterans some of whom live on the Streets, Therefore Immigrants need to be vetted thoroughly before they are allowed in and can prove they can make a meaningful contribution, It is also way past time for Islamic Immigration to be stopped or a least significantly cut back as well as stopping more Mosques from being built!

  19. Jared
    Jared says:

    John forbes makes a grwat point.

    Manufacturing in this country in dead and with the rapid development automation many low skilled jobs will vanish in the next 20 years, therefore we dont need more people.

    Congestion in our cities and unaffortable house prices (simple supply and demand economics ) is another symptom of the government’s love affair with bringing mass numbers of migrants in.

    Diversity is code word for less with people. Julie bishops latest stunt by shutting down the possibility of white south african farmers coming to australia is a classic example of the governments anti white agenda.

    The left have taken over the liberal party and labor party, this is why i will never vote for them again.

  20. Jeanette Brand
    Jeanette Brand says:

    It is time they closed the doors to immigration we do not want or need them here, we need to look after our own first and foremost, we do not housing for our own and their are people living below the poverty line, pensioners are barely surviving cost of living is far to high and all this government can think of is bring in more people it will create more jobs…RIGHT who are they kidding.

    • Sandra
      Sandra says:

      I agree with President Trump in putting America first,thats what we need here in Australia,enough of these politicians with have no backbone to speak up for the people,we need to stop immigration now and filter through the ones that are here now and who are a drain on on us with all the freebies,we should be looking after our own and kicking the bludgers out.
      Australians aren’t raciest we have just have had enough.

  21. e.p. markus
    e.p. markus says:

    If the government acts against the will of people it should be replaced, if needed by force. Thats why ownership of guns is so important we should ask for our guns back. Without guns we are like sitting ducks which our politicians ignore and act as if they own this country. They listen more to the UN (which is controlled by lefties and muslims) then to their own people. Australians should wake up and get rid of those current 2 parties and vote or enforce a party which they feel is representing them. We need a new start. There are far too many politicians, public servants and cancellers on fat wages who justify their existence by creating useless new regulations, applications and fees for this and for that. People are struggling financially they are tired of never ending bills and fees and taxes. But J. Bishop goes overseas and throws millions on people who hate us, how this is allowed. Current politicians treat Australians like retards and they are supported by leftie media. Next election I will vote One Nation.

  22. Jim and Barbara Pugh
    Jim and Barbara Pugh says:

    when is the government going to make a stand and make serious cuts to immigration, There are so many people who cannot find work and yet there are more people coming in who have no skills Hence more on the dole, how is the government going to pay them where is the money coming from? there are not enough workers to pay tax, where are they going to raise the money? Borrow it? we are in dep’t deeper than we have ever been in the history of this country and still we give aid to country’s who spend billions on arms instead of caring for there people, WHY is it that muslim country’s are not taking in so called refuges, when you see pictures of refuge muslims take note that there are very rarely a single woman or child there all young men who should be working in there own country and helping to build it up. If you take note of world events you will see what muslims have done in Europe and how they take over and have in places brought in sharia law and made women slaves and less than second class citizens, and see all the attacks on Christians and any one who will not convert to islam PLEASE STOP THIS IMIGRATION MADNESS WE DONT HAVE WHAT WE NEED FOR PEOPLE WHO LIVE HERE NOW.

  23. Rhonda Jennings
    Rhonda Jennings says:

    I see too many of our own, esp. elderly suffering and going through the whirlwind of Centrelink trying to obtain the support they deserve after paying Australian taxes all their life. It is time to stop the free loaders and time to sort out our own for once.

  24. Ken Eyre
    Ken Eyre says:

    Ken Eyre
    Recommend reading SILENT INVASION. China’s Influence In Australia ISBN978 1 7437 4807
    This book exposes howPPR of China is moving to take Australia over Read the book & form your opinion

    • Elizabeth
      Elizabeth says:

      Ken hi,
      I am currently reading that book…also highly recommend it.
      Extremely well researched and terribly worrying.
      The “Asian invasion” is already here.
      Things went south for us in 1989 when Bob Hawke let the 42,000 Chinese students here have permanent residency when the Tiananmen Square massacre happened.
      Many were only here for 3 month English courses and many had already overstayed their visas.
      They think the Australian govt is a bunch of hicks.

  25. John Ingham
    John Ingham says:

    I have just read a book called “The Story of Mohammed, Islam unveiled”. This book is a must read , it tells the truth about Islam and the threat we face here in Australia if immigration is not stoped for these people. All you have do is look what has happened in England and Europe.
    You can look this book up on line. http://www.thestoryofmohammed by Harry Richardson.
    Please pass this on.

  26. Ricardo Anasco
    Ricardo Anasco says:

    I agree with Jeanette Brand; Charity start at “Home” and then we should let people in who are prepared to work for a decent living and prepared to “Integrate” and respect this “GREAT COUNTRY” of ours and the “AUSTRALIAN WAY OF LIVING”.
    The government “DO NOT UNDERSTAND THAT THEY WORK FOR US, THAT WE ARE THEIR EMPLOYERS AND NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. They are there to run the Country “Not to became rich and ignore our wishes”.

  27. Charlie
    Charlie says:

    I’m an Australian and I don’t want to live here. There are no jobs, or are only part-time or casual jobs, as the immigrants are taking all of the full time jobs and they are being handed to them on a silver platter! I’m sick of paying Child Support and not seeing my son and I’m also sick and tired of turning on the news and being told “how lucky we are”. Who’s lucky for what?! I can’t afford a house and I’m barely scraping by, yet they want to bring more immigrants in – why?! Australia is already overpopulated as it is. It’s time for Australia to &*(^&(&*^ wake up! Also, every time I need to call a service provider, it’s answered by a foreigner who doesn’t speak fluent English so any time off I do have, I’m dealing with these morons which takes hours cause they can’t understand you or they talk over you and end the call by saying “have a nice day”. pfft!

  28. Kay Scurr
    Kay Scurr says:

    I couldn’t agree more with the above comments, especially Charlie’s above comment on trying to converse with an off shore service provider who you cannot understand….and vis versa, I fully appreciate hi sentiments. A sad state of affairs indeed to the Australia I remember. Good work Pauline Hanson….you say it exactly how it is!

  29. Max Murray
    Max Murray says:

    We do not need the high number of migrants we now allow into OUR country.Those we do need to speak English,to commit to our laws and assimilate into the Australian way of life.Those who ignore our laws need to be deported instantly,no accepted excuses to be accepted.
    Those who wish to assimilate,to accept our way of life and obey our laws are welcome if we have jobs for them and they accept that it is a honour to live here.We owe them nothing they owe us their loyalty and to become a member of our country.
    Those who wish to follow the customs of their homelands,stay there.

  30. Allan Scott
    Allan Scott says:

    Well done everybody, I too resent the influx of foreigners with strange and strict religions, islam being the worst of them, I would have thought Australia is for Australians, not islam.

    Islam has now seeded the world with the ideology of becoming the majority, there are much troubled times to come. Why are the Rohoinga homeless, because nobody wants them.

    Not sure I want to stay Australian, feeling I am losing my country to undesirable foreigners.

    Vietnam Veteran ……….

  31. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth says:

    A few points that worry me about immigration.
    I am proud to be Australian, but the dilution of our British /Christian based society is eroding our Australian identity. Our govt doesn’t have a population plan to change the face of our society,
    It’s happening by accident without our vote.
    Taxpayers cannot keep paying for this immigration system. Not including serious humanitarian migration, many migrants have become unemployed/unemployable on Centrelink. It might be better for them out of their country of origin, but I dont agree to keep paying for them, absorbing them into our welfare system is not assimilation.
    I am seriously concerned about the number of foreign students taken each year. How are they monitored? Chinese students cannot give up there country of origin, so how does the communist background of these youths gel with our democracy?
    As they are young, this is obviously a way of bringing other family members in.
    How do they show an acceptance and respect for our values, laws and way of life?
    I feel that the huge populations of countries such as indonesia, India, Africa and China, are using Australia as a place for their overflowing, ever increasing population.
    Many govts do not encourage reduced birth rates/contraception plans for their people.
    Read an article in today’s Australian by Judith Sloan “A lower migrant intake is the right thing, and stubborn Turnbull knows it.”
    Thank you Pauline for not giving up, we are all behind you.

  32. Gary Laidlaw
    Gary Laidlaw says:

    What has happed to our once great nation. My family members have served this nation in WW1 K.I.A. WW 2 Tobruk vietnam and my son in Afghanistan.My son said the other day.” Dad the lads of our wars would be turing in their graves if they knew what our nation has become”
    These bed bugs in parliament with their Treasonous actions have brought about the down fall of a great nation,Australia. I stand by my conviction as in the bible, Proverbs 23:28 ( Do not move an ancient boundary stone set up by your forefathers.) and finaly let us all remember what our lord said in Mark 4:24 (If a kingdom is divided against itself,that kingdom cannot stand and if a house is divided against itself that houes canot stand.

    • Elizabeth
      Elizabeth says:

      Hi Gary,
      Would love for your son to express his concerns, his view from an armed forces perspective would be very welcome.
      The rest of us have no idea what a war zone/conflict hotspot in other countries zone looks or feels like.

  33. Ron
    Ron says:

    I am 78 years old and very concerned for my grandchildren because I fell people in my age group have seen the best of Australia. Excessive immigration is changing our culture and destroying Australia’s life style.

    If our current government is concerned about the effect on the bottom line of reducing immigration, why don’t they instead look at reducing waste and wasteful spending?

    Why can’t we have a government that listens to the people and acts in their interest?

  34. Val
    Val says:

    Its time to turn the tide of destructive unappreciative migrants and slow down the migrant intake . This country cannot afford nor do we have the infrastructure , to deal with so many . Especially those who wish to abuse the financial system or try to enforce their beliefs on us . God help Australia . Go Pauline

  35. Howard Dimond
    Howard Dimond says:

    How can Labor preach ‘Jobs, jobs, jobs’ and yet support a policy that will drive investment capital overseas. Taxpayers have not blown the federal budget, Liberal, Labor and Green Politian’s have. The solution is to change the goal posts yet again for investors. These people can’t be trusted to run the country and mortgage stress will eventuate. Well done Pauline, I stand with you.

  36. Janet Green
    Janet Green says:

    I want my old Australia back, when we were free to do, and say, what we wanted without being hassled because we dared to speak out. Our 3 major parties are all about looking after, and caring for, the islam/muslim refugees who are invading our country, our homes, our hard earned tax $$$$, in fact they are now the top of the food chain.. WHAT IS OUR GOVT DOING ABOUT THIS? **NOTHING** for the true blue Aussies, but everything for the invaders. GIVE BACK OUR AUSTRALIA TO THE PATRIOTS OF AUSTRALIA.

  37. Mark
    Mark says:

    Australia is Aboriginal homeland that was taken over by European nations and was turned into a powerful “Western” Nations. Aboriginals and Australia’s Europeans are slowly coming to teams with, this period of Australian history. However, over 200 years on we have created a culture that celebrates Easter, Christmas, and other European holidays and festivals. The culture for right or wrong was a “Western” culture. Over the last 200 years Australia has opened its doors to the world and we had Chinese come in. At first we did not like the change, but as they added to our culture with food, fireworks, festivals and more we realised that they would embrace our way of life, and add to it. Since then all sorts of cultures have come to Australia, and one by one we were concerned about their impact, but again they broadened our culture by firstly embracing what we had celebrated with us and then added to it. However these days they has been a huge influx of a culture that will not celebrate with us, they will not assimilate, they want to change us and not broaden us. I feel our openness to different cultures is now going to destroy us if we do not control our immigration. It is fear, but I see it more and more every day, that we lose the right to speak out, we lose the ability to say no more. This is Australia a broad thinking, European Western Society that will embrace you if you embrace us. I am sorry to say but these new immigrates are not welcome. Refugees need to be looked after till they can be returned safely to their own country. Immigration is more than just doing a citizenship test. it is about being Australian and supporting all things Australia for good or bad. It is time to stand up and say enough is enough.

  38. john
    john says:

    we (australians) do not want to go down the same road as canada!(the greens and labour policies are a antisocial and intent on doing Australia`s current immigration harm so it is your job One nation to stop this rort from parliament.


    I fully agree with all that you stand for on immigration and other countries interfering in our politics.Also Centrelink has a lot to answer for for paying these parasites multiple pensioners we are only aloud to have one married partner they have multiple partners and yes if they can not speak English no citizen ship it is a scam so they can get pensions later on. I am Aussie born and bred and so was my parents and grand parents ect ect

  40. Sandie
    Sandie says:

    Think of Australian 1st. Cant speak our language then leave. We do not have the resorces to cater for these people. Terrorists should not be tolerated

  41. Dawn Walsh
    Dawn Walsh says:

    Go Pauline we need more people in politics like you. You have the interest of our country as a top priority. I would vote yes to cutting down on immigration until our roads, hospitals and housing improves.

  42. Brenda Holland
    Brenda Holland says:

    I totally agree Pauline, the land I was born is nearly all Muslims who have their own agenda and I don’t want that happening here. For the sake of the future generations here in OZ I want to see immigration cut full stop untill we have sorted out our own mess. These people who are coming into the country now have no intentions of assimilating into our culture and want to destroy everything we stand for. I say lets be very choosy about the people we let into our fabulous country and make them wait 10 years before they get citizenship.

  43. John Dirckze
    John Dirckze says:

    To be an Australian there are condition
    1. been in the our country minimum 10 years
    2 have employed at least 6 consecutive years.
    3. speak read and write English
    4 swear to protect our nation flag and National Anthem
    5 If you are a Muslim swear to allegiance to Australia not any other .Say this without prejudice . its time to deport those who are undesirable.

    • Helen Phung
      Helen Phung says:

      I strongly agree with your statements.
      There is a violent thug just moved in next to my unit and it has changed my whole view about immigration. How come violent has now come next to my door. How we let so many bad characters pouring into Australia? I grief that my country is no longer a safe place. I want it to be filled with honour citizen not sub human beings.

      Things have changed in the last 10 or 15 years , I no longer feel safe.

  44. Andrew Ablett
    Andrew Ablett says:

    As a white ex pat from England I cannot sponsor my children because they are over 18 and have their own children. He is hard working and will make a massive contribution to our society. If I was asian I would be allowed to bring in all my non english speaking family.

  45. Pamela
    Pamela says:

    Pauline, I sent you an email outline my thoughts from my survey. Use in any way you wish.
    The Dalai Lama once said Western Women will save the world. I hope that’s the case.

  46. Harry
    Harry says:

    I fully agree with you Pauline the amount of people wanting to come to this country needs to be curbed as we do not have the infrastructure cope. And those that are accepted should be put in our country areas for at least 6 years of being accepted. This would help the job shortage within our regional areas. Having arrived myself back in the early fiftees

  47. Peggy Balfour
    Peggy Balfour says:

    Some of the wealthiest ( per capita) countries in the world have less than half of Australia’s population numbers and few of our abundant mineral and natural resources. Either our politicians are totally incompetent or they are subjective to foreign interests.

  48. Maree Anderson
    Maree Anderson says:

    Pauline, I am so sick of immigrants coming into this country and relying on our welfare system, it has to stop!! Particularly middle eastern immigrants, they do not assimilate into our society and are dividing our nation thanks to our Federal Government and Labor and The Greens promoting Islam as a “great, peaceful religion”. I want all immigration stopped until all Australian born citizens have full time employment and our infrastructure catches up. When and only when this all happens I only want immigrants from Europe/UK/USA/Canada…..like previously prior to the Islam invasion. Why are we importing TROUBLE???? Time for our Government to WAKE UP!!

  49. John R
    John R says:

    Pauline, I commend you on your stand on this matter. Concerns over immigration are not driven by racism but by a deep seated concern for the future of our nation. Following are just some of the problems we have derived from the high levels of immigration implemented by successive governments over the last 20 years:
    – Each additional resident costs around $200,000 in additional public infrastructure costs. At current immigration rates, that is $38 billion every year. This is not a cost spread over decades but required upfront, as soon as the person is either born or arrives here. No wonder the local, state and federal government are drowning in debt while still not having enough money to provide a first world standard of infrastructure.
    – Immigration floods the local labour market with low skill, low cost employees. This has the effect of driving down wages and dramatically increasing wealth disparity. Despite this clear attack on the living standards of the working class the Labor party still support high immigration numbers.
    – The greatest contributor to environmental degradation comes from the numbers of people impacting on the environment. This is revealed through urban sprawl into native bushland, pollution, higher resource demand and higher greenhouse gas emissions. Taking people from societies that have an emission rate of 5 T CO2 per person and adding them to Australian society with a GHG impact of 20 T CO2 is the worst possible thing we can do for global warming. Anyone who really cares for the environment should be against high immigrations numbers, and yet the Greens continue to support this policy.
    – High immigration numbers have been the primary reason for skyrocketing house prices. Despite building millions of new homes over the last two decades the expectation of owning your own home has slipped out of the reach of many average Australians. The future for the next generation is very bleak unless we address the underlying cause of the problem.
    – Both LNP and Labor have been wringing their hands over high electricity prices. The main reason for our current high prices is not carbon taxes or supplier greed. Simple research will reveal the primary reason has been the need to build more and more infrastructure. The reason for the expansion, the need to continually service more and more people. This is the primary cause of our outrageous electricity prices. It is the same reason we have abnormally high water prices, council rates and public transport costs. And yet this base cause is rarely if ever acknowledged.

    Loss of amenity of our living environment, increased crime as individuals and families feel divorced from what was once was a stable caring community, erosion of cultural values. The list of negative impacts goes on and on, and for what advantage, so that property developers and banks can increase their profits. Wake up Australia ! Even if there is some short term economic stimulus from immigration it is nothing but a ponzi scheme. The merry-go-round has to stop some time.

    A warning for all federal politicians, address this issue or we the people will remove you, no matter which party you belong to.

  50. L.Currie
    L.Currie says:

    Australia, Melbourne in particular is busting at the seams! Totally stop immigration. Too many undesirables getting let in, Melbourne has had a gut full of home invasions, car jacking’s, Robberies,thugs,gangs armed with weapons running riot in Melbourne and bashing’s.. ….No Australian Citizenship to any one that breaks Australian laws. Immediate deportation to those that have come here to reek havoc!
    No Australian citizenship for the first 10 years!!

  51. Lyn
    Lyn says:

    Different Nationalities that are serious to assimilate to Australian Culture!! Laws!! and that have a job….NO dole for the first 10 years!.. .Australians would not be allowed to practise their culture, religion in many countries…so the same should be applicable here!! Too many not wanting to accept Australia and want to change it, but want to live here….When in Rome, do as the Romans do…..Australia is sadly being eroded and ruined….No longer the ‘safe place ‘ to live ……so very sad.

  52. Shaun
    Shaun says:

    Why are we bent on forcing upon them a civilization not suited to them, and which only means, in their view, degradation and a loss of self-respect, which is worse than the loss of life itself?

  53. Shaun
    Shaun says:

    … I love by Rudyard Kipling, ^_^ you like twenty years younger Ms Hanson, if I did not have my Susie I would ask you out for a coffee 😀 sincere Bushells I guess is your brew

  54. Jan
    Jan says:

    We need to slow it down. Aussie born ppl can’t get jobs. The government is heavily subsidizing these ppl and not telling tax payers. The whole process is a rort. Ppl get residency here from other countries and then get kick backs for sponsoring their friends claiming they are family. I know someone that made over $100k in one year doing this. Soooo wrong.

  55. Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse says:

    I am a true blue born Aussie who grew up with all the typical true blue Aussie ways sayings and the most free fun lifestyle anybody could ever wish to have ! BUT now its gone along with our culture littrally destroyed by our own so called Australians “politicians” and ignored by cultures that SO OBVIOUSLY ARE NOT AUSTRALIAN NEVER WERE AND NEVER WILL BE !!!!! Aussie’s are WHITE – ” ENGLISH SPEAKING EUROPEANS ” ! – THAT IS THE BOTTOM LINE as far as ANY true blue Aussie is concerned !!!! Immigrants of asian background ARE RUDE – DISRESPECTFUL – IGNORANT AND MOST DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH that can be understood and THEY DO NOT GIVE A RATS ARSEHOLE about Aussies our culture our traditional way of life BBQ’s – lamb chops steak they eat rice , curries and support each other ONLY !!!! Living in tribal congragations having their own lifestyle surrounded by only 98% their culture as they do NOT want to support our culture or have BBQ’S and share in our way of life and never will !!! Its disgusting when you are out numbered by NON australian cultures in YOUR OWN F…..NG COUNTRY!!!! The politicions have done so much damage to our culture by allowing these parasites to be here and live here THE DAMAGE IS FOREVER AND A ONE WAY STREET TO A PLACE FAR FAR FAR AWAY FROM ANYTHING that will ever resemble Australia !!! Its a crime against our culture of the most enormously degrading porportions beyond imagination when the known outcome IS THE END OF THE AUSTRALIAN CULTURE AND EVERYTHING WE ONCE LOVED AND LIVED FOR !!!! TO ALL POLITIONS FUCK YOU ALL I HOPE YOU DIE A VERY VERY SLOW AND VERY PAINFUL DEATH YOU BACK STABBING FUCKING INBRED LEACHES YOUR AS AUSSIE AS A JEWISH GERMAN KISS MY ASS !

    PETER DANIEL says:

    I know for a fact that there are people who are desperately trying to find work but the jobs are being taken by newcomers. We should stop immigration until all people who want to work can find jobs. Our roads, schools and hospitals need to catch up before we resume immigration.

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