Zak Menhennett for Hinkler

Bundaberg business owner Zak Menhennett will stand for One Nation in the seat of Hinkler at the 2022 Federal election.

The owner of his own health and fitness club and president of his local rugby union club, Mr Menhennett is passionate about physical and mental health in the community he seeks to represent.

“This part of Queensland is a great place to live, learn, work and raise a family,” the young father said. “I’m keen to make sure the communities of Hinkler have the best facilities and infrastructure promoting outdoor physical activity and community sports.

“I’m also passionate about protecting some of the most important foundations of our democracy: freedom of speech, individual autonomy and the right to choose. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a wake-up call, showing just how easily and eagerly Australian governments can curtail or take away our rights and freedoms.

“Like so many other business owners, especially those in the health and fitness industry, I’ve had to deal with lockdowns imposed at the whiff of a new case and some of the most confusing, contradictory and useless restrictions in order to keep operating for my amazing customers and keep paying the wonderful people who work in my business.

“I’m standing for One Nation in Hinkler because the people of this community have had more than enough at the heavy hand of a dictatorial premier enabled by a weak and vacillating prime minister. The country is crying out for representatives who will protect their rights and freedoms.

“Pauline Hanson has shown the way. She puts Australia and Australians first. From day one she’s stood against vaccine coercion and discrimination, draconian lockdowns and restrictions forced on Australians standing for the right to make their own choice.

“It’s inspired me to do the same for the people of Hinkler. I’ll make sure this electorate has an independent voice in Canberra working in their interests, working to improve government services and public infrastructure, working for the right policy settings to reduce the costs of living while helping our local economy and industries thrive.

“This election is the best chance for the people of Hinkler and Australia to deliver a decisive verdict on just how badly this pandemic has been managed by our governments, and the sacrifice of individual rights and freedoms along the way. One Nation will always fight for the rights and freedoms of the Australian people.”

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Bundaberg business owner Zak Menhennett will stand for #OneNationAus in the Queensland seat of Hinkler at the 2022 Federal election. He is putting his hand up because Australia is crying out for leaders who will protect their rights and freedoms. #auspol