Hon. Sarah Game MLC Secures $100,000 For Suicide Prevention Fellowship In Men's Mental Health

The Hon. Sarah Game, South Australia's One Nation Member of the Legislative Council, has secured $100,000 from the Labor Government to support the Suicide Prevention Fellowship in Men's Mental Health. Support for this fellowship is part of her continuous commitment to tackle significant mental health concerns for South Australians, particularly men.

The Suicide Prevention Fellowship In Men's Health is a collaboration between the Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation (BMHRF) and Flinders University, in which BMHRF aims to fund research into the complexities associated with suicide risk in men. Funding through the fellowship will focus on developing evidence-based interventions and innovative approaches to address the alarming statistics surrounding male suicide in Australia.

"We cannot ignore the fact that seven men die by suicide every day in Australia," stated Hon. Sarah Game.

"This fellowship represents a vital step towards addressing the root causes of male suicide and providing much-needed support and intervention."

Hon. Sarah Game's contributions will help the Suicide Prevention Fellowship reach its total funding goal of $450,000, which officially launched at the Biggest Men's Mental Health Dinner on Thursday, May 23rd, at Adelaide Oval. This ticketed event, organized by the Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation, aims to promote awareness, and make additional progress towards their funding goals for male mental health projects.

"The statistics surrounding male suicide are deeply concerning, and it is imperative that we take action to address this issue," commented Hon. Sarah Game.

"Through collaborative efforts and targeted interventions, we can make meaningful progress towards reducing the prevalence of male suicide and supporting those in need."

With the Hon. Sarah Game's most recent advocacy resulting in $100,000 for the Suicide Prevention Fellowship, her cumulative lobbying efforts for men's health now amount to $300,000. This displays her continued dedication to improving mental health and wellness in our community.

The establishment of the Suicide Prevention Fellowship represents a crucial investment in the mental health and wellbeing of men across South Australia.