Immigration and The Rule of Law

One Nation recognises the invaluable contribution of overseas-born Australians, who have enriched our culture, committed to our values, our law, our political institutions and the equality of the sexes.

The contribution of migrants and their families to Australia is undeniable when migrants come to embrace our way of life and not to change it.

We support English as Australia’s official language because it’s a unifying force and advances migrant communities as well as Australia’s interests.

We recognise the value of heritage languages and encourage their preservation.

We believe Australia has the right to choose the number and mix of migrants to ensure immigration is in the national interest of existing citizens because the interests of existing citizens come first.

Our Constitution prevents us from asking the religion of those who seek to migrate to Australia, but equally, we cannot ignore first, second and third-generation migrants who violently reject Australia’s democratic values and institutions in the name of radical Islam.

Until we can find a solution to this problem, we believe in a Travel Ban (similar to the Trump administration in the United States) on countries that are known sources of radicalism coming into Australia.

We believe immigration numbers have been too high in the past. Over 60% of our population growth in the past decade has come from immigration and we see high rates of immigration as the source of other problems including unaffordable housing. We believe any growth in population needs to be planned ahead so that infrastructure including water, electricity, hospitals, schools, and public transport are available to respond to an increased population.

When we look at countries with high standards of living, we find they have relatively small populations and that the population number is in harmony with the natural carrying capacity of the country.

We live in the aridest continent in the world with a fragile ecosystem and on this basis, we believe in returning permanent immigration numbers closer to the 20th century average of 70,000.

We believe the best population growth comes from Australian citizens having children. We want Australians to have the number of children they can afford to look after but we also want to reduce the barriers for Australians to have children, including lowering the cost of housing which will follow if immigration numbers are reduced.

We believe the Government has for too long relied on population growth to overcome weak economic policies. We will consult Australians at the time of each federal election on whether they think the immigration numbers are too high, about right or too low and we will respond to that information in setting the annual intake of migrants.

We know that over 80% of new migrants live in Capital cities and are highly concentrated in particular postcodes. We believe it is time to set aside a number of migration visas to build up the regional centres of Australia where it is appropriate and where work is available.

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