Report finds Immigration at Fault

Report says build more housing and infrastructure or cut immigration

Report says – BUILD MORE HOUSING & INFRASTRUCTURE OR CUT IMMIGRATIONFinally a report that states the obvious without being labelled racist.#Auspol #OneNation #SteveDickson #PaulineHanson #HousingAffordability

Posted by Steve Dickson on Monday, March 5, 2018

A report on the housing affordability crisis says – BUILD MORE HOUSING & INFRASTRUCTURE OR CUT IMMIGRATION

Finally a report that states the obvious without being labelled racist, but what will Liberal and Labor do about it?

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  1. Aileen Harrison
    Aileen Harrison says:

    They will do nothing! Cut immigration and build commission houses like we used to

  2. Dianne Reid
    Dianne Reid says:

    Drain the swamp so that Australians can feel safe again and so that our women and children and grandchildren do not get raped and killed by these animals you are bringing into our country it is just common sense they don’t fit in they just want to take over our country please stop this insanity so I can sleep at night.

  3. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    The choice is obvious. Cut immigration, we save money and make Australia a safer place by doing so. We can’t afford these migrants, we don’t want these migrants and don’t need them. Where I live we are facing more and more water restrictions as our water supply can’t keep up, let alone our other resources. We are fast becoming a 3rd world country. Look after Australia, make it an example of how good and prosperous a nation can be, we once were that nation. Don’t bring us down to the level of other failing countries. Immigration once helped Australia, now it is strangling us.

  4. Doug Moss
    Doug Moss says:

    Imigration is a fantasy, politicans who believe it is the answer to our unemployment problems are playing with themselves. John howard said when in office for every imigrant brought into the country it produces nine jobs, what a lode of crap. If true statistics were truthfully released to the public of australia you would find that is so incorrect that politicians would deny it as they only listen to what they are told when they attend their caucus meetings.The voter in Australia is looked uppon as iddiots and are told lies so politicians on both sides can collect massive wages at the extent of the worker. A politican many years ago introduced a bill into the parliement saying that any politician who lied in parliement should be treated as any normal person on the street both sides of parliement howled him down that man in my eyes was a true politician a man who was proud to represent the true people of this lucky country and not the parasites that exist today

  5. Daniela
    Daniela says:

    Immigration is one of the blow up in the national debt. Muslim migrants are the major cause of the budget blow out as they come here straight on welfare and breed like rats , the multiple wives don’t go to work for “religious ” beliefs and meanwhile the government borrows billions to pay welfare to muslims and fake refugees. This is an absolute outrage, now our national debt is superior to the GDP and cuts to hospitals, schools, housing , age and DSP, and the absolute miseserable unemployment benefit will not suffice cruel as it is to reduce the debt. We need good working small numbers of emigrants and rid Australia of the muslim bludgers because that’s exactly what they are.

  6. Ken Barr
    Ken Barr says:

    Enoch Powell said it all way back when and was howled down in Parliament !

    Look what happened to the U.K.

    Immigration on a big scale doesn’t work and ruins the countries way of life.

    Sound familiar ?

    Think very carefully next time you have the opportunity to vote.

    Make your vote count !

  7. John
    John says:

    Both sides of government are pushing a “population ponsy scheme” , they are bringing in 200-300k mainly Asian immigrants each year, streets totally unrecognisable in Melbourne .Its the only thing stopping the economy from stalling and many property moguls are in the governments pockets to keep it coming. I say let the economy stall so we can deal with the real economic problems rather than kicking the can down the road. All the pressure then Comes off roads , hospitals. Schools, etc which takes the government into even more debt if they letvimmigration continued but they’re not looking that far ahead….John

  8. G
    G says:

    I feeling so sick to know that I’m in Australia and people in the liberals running the country like a children’s play ground, and the labor is a joke bill needs to move out I can even like this men so corrupt, liar, hypocrite, and the Greens don’t represent the environment if they do, our koala bear will have more trees and land but no, but the go to other country and pretending they are doing something, for the big pay they get, now the are defending the Muslim refugees or immigrants only the care is about the number of votes, for me the farmers are very important and the immigration, I’m for others country but i love this country and i respect the veterans who defend from other invaders we have a army why we should let the new immigrants tell us what we can do, i believe in Pauline so please help us and keep Australian away from Islam.
    Jesus is our saviour and we have a God law we all must agree with the law of God. Amen

  9. Allan Noffke
    Allan Noffke says:

    Having done taxation for some 30 years and being a son of a first world war soldier who fought in France and received a medal, I am astounded with the decision to allow certain migrants into Australia. I must say, some are good, but too many are not screened and refused. We as people should have in who and what type comes into out country. Further more, Centrelink, publishes particulars about the Australian Pension etc, but NOWHERE, do they tell you what asylum seeker get paid in payments when then are allowed into Australia. We should ALL be sitting down with our local Politicians and asking them lots of questions. If they will not talk to you, VOTE THEM OUT at next election. We must get Australian Politicians to protect all of us Australians and also for our children and grand children to come.

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