Pauline Hanson comments on Muslim women found guilty for not standing in court

Great news yesterday!The wife of a terrorist recruiter who continually refused to stand for a Sydney judge has given the Islamic State salute outside court after she was convicted on charges of disrespectful behaviour in a landmark decision.Magistrate Huntsman didn't shy away from finding her guilty today and it's a great sign that at least one judge in our judicial system won't let some people disrespect our laws.#Auspol #OneNation #PaulineHanson #Australia #ISIS #OneFingerSalute

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Friday, May 4, 2018

Islam Won’t Stand in Australian Courts

Great news this week.

The wife of a terrorist recruiter who continually refused to stand for a Sydney judge has given the Islamic State salute outside court after she was convicted on charges of disrespectful behaviour in a landmark decision.

Magistrate Huntsman didn’t shy away from finding her guilty today and it’s a great sign that at least one judge in our judicial system won’t let some people disrespect our laws.

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  1. Mark Mircea Mahanets
    Mark Mircea Mahanets says:

    arrest all the mohamedans, make sure they earn enough money in jail for the costs of deportation!
    Clean up Australia form all islamic rubbish, and send them back to their rubbish countries…. PLEASE….
    Australia was a beautiful continent, before this rubbish started coming here.
    We Aussies, want Australia Beautiful again!

    • Dee Symons
      Dee Symons says:

      Good on ya
      Sick of the gutless pussys letting this
      Heathen ideology maskerading as a religion.
      proper and shutting the mouths of the common Aussie who disagrees

    • Brian Richard Allen
      Brian Richard Allen says:

      …. Australia was beautiful, before this rubbish “started coming” here ….

      “Started coming?”

      I wish.

      Try: Were deliberately imported by such fascist-Leftarded scum as the traitor drunks: ‘Trousers’ Fraser and Hawkeating and, criminally, by KruddJuliar and the ACT Deep State’s willfully weaponized and corrupted immigration “service.” All of whom seized upon and institutionalized the chaos and crime and the Marxist-Institute/Frankfurt-School’s twin tyrannies, “multiculturalism and “pc,” that marked the traitor Whitlam’s time in office — and have, ever since, proven so destructive of the Australian nation: Borders, Language and Culture.

    • Kerri Crouch
      Kerri Crouch says:

      A lousy 75hrs community service, what a joke. Should have also been charged for not showing her face in a court room as well. Disgusting, no respect. Send back to there own country if they want to follow Alah 🤬

  2. Jack Hathaway
    Jack Hathaway says:

    This is a great sign for our courts and I honestly believe its a great move to stop Australian citizens letting other races and religions step on our toes because they are afraid of being labelled racist. I am an avid supporter of your party as I support things like this happening.

  3. Steve Dulfer
    Steve Dulfer says:

    If I were the Magistrate I would have NO HESITATION but to deport her & her supporters, including her Mouthpeice !

  4. David Stone
    David Stone says:

    Just goes to prove, that there are lawyers who are really supportive of terrorism in Australia and need to be treated like these terrorist supporting criminals.

  5. Peter Ritty
    Peter Ritty says:

    Totally agree. They should be deported and no Muslims allowrd here. They are the the cancer of Australia.

    • Dee Symons
      Dee Symons says:

      How long before we go the way of some states in the US
      Sharia law and the other crap
      The radicals are just following what the Koran says ” kill the infidels and the Jew’s”
      That’s anyone who won’t submit to Islam
      Next they’ll be taking over local councils just as 1 is already in the USA a full Muslim council running a town
      God help us

  6. sharon grey
    sharon grey says:

    These comments are all true deport them they want to cause problems and death, no respect for anybody.
    I also have a problem with the chinese too many of them and they dont pay their way when they come here they smuggle food and they cop a fine that is it, send them home with a 3 years exclusion period and send the rest home, our country should not be dealing with countries that agree with the torture of poor innocent animals, like Yulin our prime minister should not deal with these barbaric people at all and send the rest home, they dont pay uni fees and they send all money and baby formula over to china. SEND THEM ALL HOME>

  7. Jessie Tapping
    Jessie Tapping says:

    Good on you Pauline send them all back where they come from.And good on the magistrate they are getting away with a lot just because they are muslims enough is enough .Send them back to their own countries.I hope the government puts a stop to all muslims coming here wake up all you stupid people in the government you are giving Our Beautiful Australia Away to people like them that doesn’t appreciate our way of life.This Multicultural is not for Australian
    Pauline fight for Our county you have the guts.

  8. Lyn. C
    Lyn. C says:

    Jail and deportation is what is needed for those that disobey, show disrespect for Australian Law and culture…..Why are they here?? For what reason are they here?? Obviously not to be liked!!

    • Michelle Leigh
      Michelle Leigh says:

      I’ll build the boat if you guys put all the Muslim rabble on it. Sick of hearing about them, and sick of the sight of them. None of them deserve air time.

  9. Ken Cantle
    Ken Cantle says:

    BAN THE FACE COVERING! If we followed other countries and banned the wearing of this disguise in all public places, those who insist that it is essential to their life will leave of their own accord. Of course, many will also decide that it isn’t so essential at all.\.

  10. Tony
    Tony says:

    Can we please get rid of these muslim sc#mbags, so we can move forward.
    If we can’t “delete” them, then perhaps we can stop more of thier kind entering Australia in the first place.
    To all, have pleasant day, cheers.

  11. Yolla
    Yolla says:

    Yes Pauline please we had enough of them the. government gave them right more then us please give me any name from your nation to help us in Wollert I hate every day I moved to this area the animals I been asked every on to help us even the police lied to us from yolla

  12. Elizabeth Woolford
    Elizabeth Woolford says:

    I want to draw attention to grocery items. Did you know that a vast number of companies pay for the halal certificate. I was enraged. Western star. Allowrie bega cheese the list is humongous. I have an app that helps me decypher the bar code telling me if it’s free from this. My staples for the fortnight are no more.

  13. Aaron
    Aaron says:

    One nation has my vote !!! We need a TRUMP to help us get rid of this CANCER in our gorgeous AUSTRALIA !!!
    Islam has no right at all in our country, just look at what the Muslims in the UK have been doing, creating there own way of life, with Muslim only schools, plus creating there own laws and teaching young Muslim girls about how it is normal and aloud for your husband to beat his wife !!! Islam is so disgusting, There prophet Muhammad, took his 10 yr old bride and forced her … In the UK they are trying to get a LAW passed so they can TAKE YOUNG 10 OR 12 yr old girls as brides… WHAT KIND OF SICK RELIGION IS THIS…. AND OUR POLITICIANS ARE LETTING THESE SCUM INTO OUR COUNTRY… THEY BRING GANG RAPE… AND COVER THINGS LIKE THAT UP… They don’t ever want to assimilate, they hate our culture, we at least accepted them and there culture, but all they want to do is change our culture to suit them and then destroy us as infidels, once they have power in our govt… We as AUSSIES can not let this HAPPEN !!!!


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