“It’s okay to be white” motion suspiciously delayed

Senator Hanson was due to move a motion in the Senate on Thursday but was suspiciously delayed. The motion called on the Senate to address anti-white racism and acknowledge that it is okay to be white.

Today I will ask the Senate to acknowledge that it is okay to be white.I saw the huge overreaction to Lauren Southern'…

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Time and time again we’ve seen videos of people displaying the slogan, “it’s okay to be white,” attacked for doing so.

While the motion was scheduled for mid-afternoon, the Senate business didn’t action it and t will now be delayed until the next sitting day. You can guarantee that the politically correct parties will have speech writers furiously penning virtue signalling speeches calling Senator Hanson a racist in the meantime.

The question has to be asked, what’s racist about being okay with being white? What’s racist about being okay with being any colour?

One Nation will continue to fight for equality for all Australians regardless of skin colour. We are all Australians, under one flag, under One Nation. Senator Hanson plans to move the motion when Parliament returns.

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  1. Janet Saggus
    Janet Saggus says:

    Its about time. Good on you P… we “whites” have been abused and trash treated for ages and have said nothing. The shoe is on the other foot. I agree we should have ONE flag one country. Are Aborigines Australian or Aboriginal? If the first then live under the Australian flag. If the latter, then stand on their own feet and not get handouts from us. They divide us. I agree they need help from us but lets all be Australian. Cheers Janet

    • Nancy
      Nancy says:

      i agree however i am afraid to comment because of the put downs people get when you stand up for yourself. I have friends from all over the world……I have been vilified for being Australian by International nursing students. I was bullied by them when I was with Careers Australia which is now Think Education. Therefore what colour do I need to be to feel safe in my own country. I love humanity in general and I am empathetic.

    • Frank
      Frank says:

      I fully agree. One Flag, One Nation, One people irrespective of origin. Simply put, Fit In or Flick Off.
      I as a “New Australian” some 50 years ago, I collected thousands of signatures to give Aborigines the same rights that all other Australians enjoyed. Race-Identity divides peoples and that is NOT the way forward.
      It’s time that ALL Australian Politicians realised this and accepted this simple fact, that flies against “Political Correctness”. PC is nothing else but lies wrapped into nice-sounding words, like a wolf in sheep-clothing.
      I love the Australian National Anthem, Advance Australia Fair. Is there a better way of expressing “Australianess”?
      Our Anthem does not say, “Australia ueber alles”, it does not say ” Our Battle Flag was still there”, it does not say “To arms, Citicens”, or “B… rules the waves” it simply says: Advance Australia Fair. (Take our rightful place amongst the nations.)
      Whoever does not agree with OUR National Anthem, our national Flag, our national day they are free to leave to a “better place” Maybe anywhere in the Middle East will be more to their liking?

  2. Janet Saggus
    Janet Saggus says:

    Now the talk is to make migrants live (work??) In regional areas. Firstly people in regional areas dont want them. They know and see how suburbs in cities are trashed and taken over by bludgers. Violence goes hand in hand with them.
    2 options. Round up all the muslims and/or anyone on welfare in cuties and send them to regional areas to work. Free up the cities.
    Or if this stupid gov does intend to move migrants to regional areas, will they be given housing, money, health etc?. If so, why not send OUR Australians who sleep on benches and parks or footpaths to these areas and give them a house and all the trimmings that these migrants get? Housing goes to desperate Aussies FIRST. Cheers Janet

  3. Dave
    Dave says:

    Good on you Pauline, my family lives in the Kimberley of WA, it is absolutely one sided up here re white and Aboriginal .

    They get all the mining jobs offered first, in fact any job is offered, most don’t turn up to work after a few swings on site, they do not want to work as they get very good money from Centrelink our tax dollars, royalty payments twice a year, new cars etc, the list goes on, schooling and medical is free. How is this fair when we have to pay top dollar for our kids, the answer is, “ it’s not”. It is absolutely one sided, it needs to stop and become equal amongst all, instead of playing on Europeans have invaded their land, it’s not their land, it’s Australian land for all Australians.

    Cheers Dave

  4. Bruce
    Bruce says:

    As a forth generation Australian or more I have no idea but what I do know is I have culture , I like watching the footy going fishing camping like my Dad and Me did and my five kids have done ,
    I am sick of hearing or being told because we are white we have no culture or as if we are immigrants as well , Australia is my home , our home we know no other place but our life styles our culture is being changed , the big back yards are being cut in half or more , the fishing zones are closing too oh yes white people , the schools are putting big fences around them where we kicked the footy
    Oh and even in winter at Fraser we can’t even have a fire even if it’s raining
    They tell us too get the kids out doors , where ?
    I grew up playing with a slug gun know 15 years , Gail , riding our bikes without a helmet $300 , with our dogs running beside our bikes , illegal $320 fine , our green zones are closed , our schools have fences around them and our bushland is near gone , and our yards are being cut up and no where too park
    We know have water meters , are roads are congested , our doctors well you may wait up too a week too see your doctor but don’t use the emergency department so the advertisements tell us ,
    Oh and where building houses with the same Bruce highway that’s not working or congested know
    The migration levels are and have been unsustainable for the past 10 years but we are still migrating at record levels
    Try building the roads first , the hospitals , the infustructure , we need then migrate, but Iam just a winging white person with no culture, and be careful what you say about migration as you maybe be called a racist .

  5. David A Lawton
    David A Lawton says:

    THE ABSURDITIES of our times.
    Pauline’ endeavour to ban the BURQHA was not supported by either major party.
    You can bet your balls that there would be many in those parties, that agree with Paulines proposition. Patently clear that they have been given instructions to NOT support the idea because they do not want to be seen as supporting “a minor party”.
    Do these dummies not ask the question “why are the minor parties increasing, becoming more popular, taking the vote from the major parties” …… why is that ?
    They appear to miss the point, people are giving them a miss because they have had enough of the crap that goes on with both LABOR and LIBERAL.
    Ponder this …. with all the masses of migrants that Australia has taken in over the years have we ever been threatened like we are now with the threats imposed by the scum bags from Muslim countries. Understand that NOT all Muslims are a threat, we have had them in our society for a lot of years, those have never sought to change our ways, our customs or their pursuit to kill the ‘infidels’.
    Our dick head politicians demonstrate absolute ineptitude by not sorting the good from the bad immigrants, they as usual have their heads up their rectums.
    Never in years gone by have we had to tolerate politicians who present a half backed policy that proves to be incorrect so they drop it.
    This country desperately needs a STATESMAN one who researches the intended policy, believes in it, stands by it, puts his reputation, his all behind it and is prepared to accept the consequences and his future on it, do or die !!
    What have we got dickheads who hunt with the hares and the hounds, sway as the wind to suck up and keep their nose in the trough.
    That is what we have.

    • Nancy
      Nancy says:

      Dear David

      Unfortunately our politicians are not politicians like they are in finland. Finland
      have an awesome culture. I am aware of this due to coming across a sister in australia whose eldest sister is a professional politician in finland. Therefore, the ineptitude of Australian politicians in every level of government within Australian Society are incompetent. Regards and Gratitude for your comments. Nancy

  6. Richard Olszewski
    Richard Olszewski says:

    Thank you. Fully support your stance on this issue. Just because I,m white I,m racist. Look like if you are born “white” you are automatically classified as racist.

  7. Steve
    Steve says:

    Well, this is a first for me. I never speak up due to the bullying dished out by the ” noisy minority”, “politically correct ” ,………….. members of our society.
    I might be wrong, I rarely get time to take in the news and current affairs, but I understand that Pauline put the ‘its ok to be white’ policy to a vote and the Liberals voted yes. Then turned around and said they made a mistake, and then issued an apology for their thoughtlessness. Yes, I’m offended, no, I’m not surprised.
    Yes, I’m a white, middle aged, able bodied, heterosexual male. And no, I dead set don’t give two hoots what color, sex, sexual orientation, religion……… another person is. I’ve got enough on my plate without worrying about what someone else is. Good people are good people no matter what the sex, orientation, ethnic or beliefs are. I once worked with a transgender woman. There are few peaple I hold in higher regard, not because she is “transgender” because she is a truely beautiful person, and I would defend her against “discrimination ” in what ever form, to the hilt.
    Why am I regarded as such a low life, just because, I’m a ” white, middle aged, able bodied, heterosexual male ” ?

  8. Janet Saggus
    Janet Saggus says:

    If being an extremely patriotic true blue Aussie, caring about my country, and am white, makes me racist then I AM RACIST, and damned bloody proud of it. So go ahead you gov cowards yell and scream it from the rooftops, i am racist. I will write it 100 times on the blackboard if you like. Why the hell should i change who i am just to please brain dead insane politicians? How about sticking to your promise of deporting these dispicable muslims who want to kill us. And to keep bringing more in to do just that is not a good idea. I will defend my country till the day i die and my tombstone will read “Racist .Is .Patriotic” 🇦🇺

  9. Janet Saggus
    Janet Saggus says:

    Lets start spreading our own slogan

    R.I.P. Racist Is Patriotic.

    Be proud to be racist. Lets shout it from the rooftops. The world is made up of racists. Genuine hard working cultures defending their countries. And these mornic pollie idiots with their heads so far up their proverbial that all they can see is space, need to listen to us. Show some guts for Gods sake you sure as hell dont have anything else worth showing.
    Lets yell it out .. R.I.P. Racist Is Patriotic !!!!

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