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I wanted to start off by saying that I LOVE the episodes and they made me realise that I need to trade in a few of my teachers… Is senator Hanson wanting a career change to become Ms Hanson😂 On a serious note, I’d like to emphasise the importance of creating a generation of critical thinkers. All my mates, who I sent the mini-series to, enjoyed they light-hearted, engaging and absolutely hilarious stereotypes woven through the videos. I believe that if my generation was to be enticed by the lies of the left, our nation has no hope and the efforts of the ANZACs would be destroyed and forgotten. For those who are wanting to live more independently here in Sydney, raising house prices are a massive concern. With the average house price being 1.2million, the dream of a family home is long-dead. Explaining how foreign investment and mass migration effects it would be a beneficial campaigning technique. Another issue facing us is climate change, most young people are for ‘saving the planet’ and ‘animals rights’ and blah blah blah but when talk comes to action, well no one actually goes vegan, everyone knows it’s a joke. So I’m only guessing that if the facts of climate policy (internet outages caused by electricity outages along with the soaring prices for such amenities when they are working) would be quite eye-opening. Not many people are willing to give up comfort for a theory the same way they would demand that others would. So when it becomes more personal, hopefully we’d se a change of heart. For context, I’m 16, and your videos were the only interesting thing I saw on social media this week :) Thanks for being the only party to stand up for us youth, please just help advertise that to the future voters of Australia before the greens or getup pollute them with their rubbish.

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