Jennifer Game for SA Senate

Jennifer Game is the leader of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation in South Australia and number one on the party’s South Australian Senate ticket at this Federal election.

Jennifer offers a wealth of experience and expertise to the people of South Australia. She studied science and worked at a genetics laboratory. She joined the research department at the State Library of Victoria and subsequently became the first Registrar of the Australian War Memorial. She has a tax law degree and has worked at both a legal firm and the Australian Taxation Office.

Jennifer is a mother and grandmother who retired to spend more time with her family in South Australia but a chance meeting with Pauline Hanson in 2016 led to her appointment in the Senator’s office as a policy adviser, a role she’s held ever since.

"Australia is looking for change, and we have a strong team ready to make it happen at this election. Pauline Hanson’s One Nation is well and truly back in South Australia after a strong result at this year’s state election.

"Our state is facing a cost of living crisis and a crisis in health and housing. The education system is failing our children, with many young people leaving school deficient in literacy and numeracy. Many South Australians feel disconnected from and ignored by the major parties.

"We’re offering a genuine alternative to the major parties with an important difference: One Nation will defend the individual rights and freedoms we consider to be essential principles of our democracy, and which have been threatened or restricted by COVID-19 vaccine mandates and harsh pandemic measures. I’ll back Pauline’s demand for a Royal Commission into the management of the pandemic by Australian governments – Commonwealth, State, and Territory."

Jennifer will be a champion for ensuring foreign-owned multinationals operating in Australia pay their fair share of tax.

"These multinationals have been exploiting our resources with very little return to the Australian people who own these resources. The major parties are useless in this respect. We urgently need to reform our tax regime to get a fair return for our resources.

"I’ll also be backing Pauline Hanson’s efforts to reform our family law and child support systems and to reduce immigration to sustainable levels to help address the housing crisis and increasing congestion in our cities. Pauline has been an inspiration in her efforts to put Australia and Australians first, but there is a great deal of work left to do and it’s important she has more One Nation senators in Canberra holding the balance of power to keep the major parties and the Greens in check."

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Jennifer offers a wealth of expertise to South Australia and a genuine alternative to the major parties with an important difference: One Nation will defend the individual rights and freedoms that are essential to our democracy. #OneNationAus #AusPol2022