Kate McCulloch for NSW Senate

Kate McCulloch has been officially endorsed as the lead Senate Candidate for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation New South Wales ticket.

Kate is a businessperson with a long family history of farming, still holding an active interest in her family farm in the Riverina near Corowa. This background has instilled in her determination, a strong work ethic, and a set of principles and beliefs she has stood by her entire life.

Kate has had the pleasure of meeting many people of different ages, backgrounds, and walks of life who all say they are sick of the current state of politics.

Constituents are fed up with being bombarded with elected representatives making their personal vendettas against their own Party members and Opposition members a bigger priority than working for the people who elected them.

Over the past couple of years, we have endured the impact of COVID, droughts, floods, and international unrest, all of which have led to financial insecurity for businesses, employees, pensioners, and self-funded retirees. Our own food supply chains, state borders, hospitals, mental health, education of our children, lifestyle, and freedom have been impacted to a level we would not think possible.

"I am fed up with politicians not staying focused on their job. They work for us and are no more special than you the voter. We do not need career politicians. We need real people, who simply care and have commonsense. It's time they stopped dictating our lives."

Kate believes we can keep the Australian dream alive for generations to come if we simply bring some commonsense into politics. Homeownership, employment, national security, freedom of speech, education, and affordable healthcare are all issues vital to the success of all Australians.

Communities are struggling. With economic crises on the horizon and Governments too scared to make the tough decisions needed to fix the mess, Kate says Australians need politicians with the guts to say what we're all thinking and get the country back on track.

Kate says, "We can start by building dams and infrastructure instead of building more bureaucracy. If both aren’t addressed, Australia faces incredibly hard times down the road."

Vital infrastructure such as ports, power, and water assets have been sold to private and foreign enterprises. "Assets that belong to the people are not for sale. This must stop," Kate says.

"I completely support and admire the amazing job Senator Pauline Hanson has done as the leader of One Nation in calling for commonsense in politics and viable solutions to the problems Australia is facing long before any other parties did. It would be my honour to be a part of the team in Canberra working alongside her for New South Wales."

Kate believes she has the work ethic, purpose, and vision to help get Australia back on track and especially provide a voice for Regional NSW in the Senate.


Tel: 0414 331 343

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Kate believes we can keep the Australian dream alive for generations to come by simply bringing some commonsense to politics to solve homeownership, employment, national security, freedom of speech, education, & affordable healthcare. #OneNationAus #auspol