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Hi While I appreciate your work in the area of vaccine mandates and many other policy issues, I am sorry to say that the Please Explain videos are putting me off the idea of volunteering with One Nation in Toowoomba once a candidate has been chosen. They are rude and distasteful and frankly they come as a surprise coming from a conservative party. I don't believe they are truly doing the cause of One Nation any good. The reference to sexual harassment and leather seats etc. was disgusting and I feel these videos could even be used against One Nation. The majority of people who align with One Nation's policies, as I do, are more likely to be conservative and find these videos off-putting. While I understand the desire to connect with a younger demographic, I am sure humorous videos could be produced that weren't crude and off-putting. I would ask you to please seriously re-consider the tone of these videos. Thank you Karen Hunter

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    • Roger Smith
      commented 2022-01-15 07:15:42 +1000 Flag
      A fair comment I thought. The videos do tread a fine line to be relevant across the generations without being stale to the younger or disrespectful to the older (not a strict definition of generations though). However, sometimes offence is what drives change. Keep up the good work, but take the negative comments on board, if they are offered in good spirit, as I believe this one was. (N.B. I’m in my 60’s by find all the videos funny and to the point)
    • Roger Smith
      tagged this with good 2022-01-15 07:15:41 +1000
    • Lana Knight
      commented 2022-01-14 14:35:45 +1000
      I like the videos. But then, I grew up watching south park.
    • Karen Hunter
      published this page in Please Explain Animation Series | Episode Suggestions 2021-12-20 16:19:18 +1000