Labor Begs Dastyari to Come Back

From The Daily Telegraph.

Sam Dastyari should return to politics, says NSW Labor general secretary Kaila Murnain.

By Kylar Loussikian.

NSW state Labor secretary Kaila Murnain has begged disgraced former senator Sam Dastyari to return to the political frontline.

Mr Dastyari was seen as a rising ALP star before a scandal over his links to Chinese interests forced him to quit in December.

Ms Murnain praised Mr Dastyari last night in a TV interview. “Sam, if you’re watching, we do want you back,” she told Sky News host and The Daily Telegraphjournalist Sharri Markson. “He has enormous talent. Frankly the Labor Party is very lucky to think that we might be able to get him back at some point in some capacity,” she said.

Since resigning, Mr Dastyari has regularly appeared on The Kyle and Jackie O Showon KIIS FM and works with political consultants Essential Media.

But Mr Dastyari dismissed the idea of returning to politics. “For the first time in my adult life I can wake up and not have to freak out about what’s in the papers,” he said. “The rush you get for being able to sleep at night is far better than the adrenaline of politics.”

Mr Dastyari, a former NSW state secretary, resigned from the Senate after contradicting the party’s policy on the South China Sea and with concerns about his close relationship to political ­donors with links to Beijing.

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  1. Michael Podgoetsky
    Michael Podgoetsky says:

    This is a disgrace. Bastiari should have been jailed for working as an agent to China. He should not have been anywhere close to Canberra. We don’t need politicians who sold us out. A disgrace

  2. Theresa
    Theresa says:

    Talent! LOL LOL. Talent? Erh no. This disgrace called “Darstardly” is NOT welcome back; he should be deported back to Iran! It was his parents that fled – not him. He should also return most of his MP Salary! Sell all he has and use it to pay to fix all the damages he has done to Australia.
    He is NOT missed – except by China or his Muslim Brotherhood.
    I hate him; his fake crying and superficial faces all over the papers, tv and internet are not missed. Sambo is a pathetic specimen of the human race.
    But then again I hate Labor too now – though I was a loyal supporter.
    Sambo Darstardly became an active MP for Labor in 2014 – boy has the party gone seriously downhill since then – I blame him for a lot of it.
    I am very anti Labor now – they have made it clear that us older loyal supporters don’t matter and that same sex marriage, gender confusion and refugees do matter. I kick Labor people off my land now if they step foot on it. One of them was Emma Husar – I told her off too. Can we get rid of her too? She only scraped in with preferences.
    Sorry, you got me started:-) LOL
    If anyone thinks I’m racist or bigoted for my moral views – tough! I don’t need your approval to be me.

  3. Graeme Tobin
    Graeme Tobin says:

    We don’t need him back in politics, we differently don’t need the Pairs agreement signed.
    If new coal fire power were built there would be problems with power.
    The same we need to start up our own steel mills stop those foreign compamys from taking our iron ore, this would make countries to buy our steel instead of us selling the ore, then buying steel back which is not up to Australian Standard

  4. Lyn. C
    Lyn. C says:

    One is judged by the company they keep and whom they support….Disgraced former senator Dastyari, remains disgraced!!!!!


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