Labor’s Asylum Vow: You Can Stay

While Labor politicians are going around telling every man and his dog they won’t weaken border protections they are working hard behind the scenes to open the floodgates.

Labor has released plans to grant amnesty to the remaining 10,000 illegal arrivals who came into Australia during the Rudd/Gillard years.

They might as well be rolling out the red carpet to people smugglers and illegals.

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  1. nathan
    nathan says:

    These shallow fools in suits, like the false phophet shorten are a far far bigger danger to us than the illegals. Gotta understand all these ppl now think just ignore the law and play victim and you get what you want. Not a good message labor. Not good at all.

  2. Danny Kooyong
    Danny Kooyong says:

    Face it people. Labor is no longer the ‘working man’s’ party.
    It has not been the case since the Keating era economic reforms.

    They represent big business, supranational organisations like the UN, and the global elite.
    Globalism undermines the rights of the worker, farmer and family.

    One Nation is the new working man’s party.

    • Kerry Hughes
      Kerry Hughes says:

      Labor’s policies have not and will not change they there hands are in Australian peoples pocket again. The taxpayer runs the country buy paying tax’s the labour party will spend and spend. As far as the asylum seekers go. Tell us the real truth on what they are costing and what they get as soon as they get here. Tell the people in Melbourne who are to afraid to go outside their homes and I don’t really think the gang that is doing the damage and also costing millions in damages were born in Australia. Don’t worry about the elderly or the young one’s looking for work don’t worry about the trades people all good Labour. But I will not be voting for the spending party. Look at history of the Labor party Australia. Oh yeah to all the new voters make up your on mind not your parents infowance.

    • Glenn Darroch
      Glenn Darroch says:

      Too right Danny couldnt have said it better myself and Im proud to say a great number of my workmates here in the west are right behind one nation , Glenn Perth

  3. nathan
    nathan says:

    Why not just put them up at your place and your daughters place Bill ? This guy is Australia’s biggest threat – no question. They are hardened criminals first and foremost. You really think after getting jailed for so long by Australia they going to throw buckets of rose pedals around and do all they can to help and love Australia. Get serious.

  4. Tom
    Tom says:

    Perhaps the recipients of the $72 Million from the Aust. Government Payout to Refugees last year could share their good fortune with the 10,000 refugees here in Australia. With that sort of money they could all pay their way if they want to stay, otherwise use the money for all to go home and resettle. That would be cheaper for the taxpayer in the long run anyway.

  5. Christine
    Christine says:

    Australia has been taken over by the “DeepState” same cabal that Trump and the French citizenry are fighting against. WHile the Cabal has strongly infiltrated the labour party, their ammo. Is to play both sides and so fair to say both parties are sock puppets of the global elite. Unelected officials who work through their puppets to bring in corruption, higher taxes etc see Lucerfarian New World Order…

  6. no name
    no name says:

    there is no way liberal or labour will ever get my vote they will be right at the bottom of the list with the highest number against labour liberal candidates.
    a coalition of good independents to run this country

  7. Colin Timms
    Colin Timms says:

    I agree with Danny that the labor part has not represented the working people for decades.
    Their only interest is to get into power at any cost. They are selling out the Australian people as does the Liberal Party. We need to get vote these two major parties out.NOW!!!!

  8. Valerie Hathaway
    Valerie Hathaway says:

    I hope you don’t mind but i shared to Facebook as this information needs to get out to us Aussies.
    So many Labor voters are not the brightest.
    I have lived most of my life in a low socio economic area & suffered being ridiculed by family & friends for not voting Labor. But i could think for myself & always voted Liberal.
    However the area i live in is ruled by a Labor Council, a Federal Labor politician & a NSW State politician as well as the Mayor of my LGA.
    If i could get the hell out of this area i would move to either the Far West or North West of NSW.
    Sydney is filled with enclaves of refugees & immigrants who can’t speak English or refuse to, nor do they intergrate.

  9. Jes Jorgensen
    Jes Jorgensen says:

    Voting for Labour is the same as saying: Open the gate for the boats, borrow
    more money, stuff up the country. Australians deserve better, much better.
    How many years will it take to go bankrupt under Labour?


    My son worked on Manus Island for two years working with the refugees. 90% of the refugees openly admitted to my son that they were not political refugees, they were “economic” refugees. They nearly all seek advice from agencies in their own countries before making the journey to Australia; these agencies advise them on what to say when they arrive in Australia in the hope they are deemed to be political refugees with a good asylum case. The real genuine refugees are the Coptic Christians in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries; these people are murdered by muslims because of their religious beliefs. These are the people we should be taking as refugees, they are more likely to integrate into our society. How many muslim terrorists do we have to be subjected to before politicians realise that the “muslim experiment ” is not working. At least the Liberals stopped the boats. If Labor get in next time the floodgates will open again just as they did under Rudd and Gillard. Everyone should wake up to the muslim threat, vote Pauline to keep them out.

  11. Peter
    Peter says:

    World population racing past 7.7 billion. Many areas of the planet are running out of resources. The result is poverty, famine, War, displaced people now surpassing 67 million. How can anyone think that allowing this developing man-made disaster to flood into Australia through high immigration numbers to be a good thing, not to mention sustainable?
    Australia needs to determine what will be the end number we can sustain while keeping our current living standard. What I am seeing around Melbourne is telling me we are close to that number. The planet and Australia does not need more people. Hold the line!


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