Major Parties Call For Immigration Cut – Where Have We Heard That Before?

It seems One Nation’s message is really taking hold and everyone one in Australia is waking up to the fact that immigration rates are too high. NSW premier finally realised what One Nation has been saying for years is correct and called for big cuts, the NSW opposition leader followed in her footsteps and called for big cuts.

Did Scott Morrison and the Government listen? No. Instead they have put out a thought bubble policy about trying to force new migrants to live in the country while keeping immigration rates at their record high levels.

Unlike the Government, we are listening. That is why One Nation is the only party committed to delivering the cuts to immigration that the country desperately needs!

One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson has come out swinging at the government as the state Premier wants to cut migration.

Premier Gladys Berijikilann wants to halve the number of overseas migrants entering her state.

She believes state and territory leaders deserve a seat at the table when the federal government draws up population policy.

But Senator Hanson, who has consistently sounded her concerns on immigration, tells Ben Fordham her critics are only “jumping on the bandwagon” now.

She says the federal government’s push to shift migrants into regional and rural areas “is a load of rubbish”.

“You’ve six to seven thousand multimillionaires that come into this country a year on visas. Are they going to tell them where to go and live?

“Will they go to rural and regional areas? No way!

“If we can’t get Australians to go out to rural and regional areas, how on earth are we going to get the migrants that come in here?”

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  1. Wayne Fallen
    Wayne Fallen says:

    And how are the country towns going to cope, given both tiers of government have neglected the country areas for decades? The federal government cut deeply into Financial Assistance Grants (FAG) to country councils years ago, thus country local governments are struggling financially and the latest report on viability of Queensland country local governments show a lack of adequate resources to maintain existing infrastructure, yet the governments, both Federal and State, do nothing. An influx of migrants into country towns is a disaster waiting to happen.

    • Arlo
      Arlo says:

      I believe that you are wrong. People migrating to some country town is great! Refugees and immigrants are actually contributing to our community, getting jobs and building and creating our society around us, adding to our culture and paying taxes which benefit our hospitals, schools, libraries and other facilities. I believe that people migrating to country towns and rural areas is actually a really good thing.

  2. Joy
    Joy says:

    Interestingly, barely any politicians make reference to Pauline’s initial..and on-going concern and comments re the blow-out with immigration. I would be happy to obtain the home addresses of all the pols. yelling their humanitarian issues in parliament and have them accommodate a family of refugees each, or locate them in Canberra..near their 2nd place of abode. It seems, do as we say…not do as I should do. And now, they want to bring kids from Nauru (reasonable enough for health care etc.)…but these poor children will then require for all family members to accompany them, and where do they start accomodating. Well done Pauline with your tenacity and commitment.

  3. Sue Withers
    Sue Withers says:

    We have refugees in our country town Coffs Harbour. There is no work for our own young people our paper a few weeks ago headlined CRITICAL WORK SHORTAGE FOR OUR YOUNG. How do refugees get a job. Our crime rate has increased dramatically. They have nothing to do. Government needs to get their facts right.

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