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Geena Court is an award-winning businesswoman who’s had quite enough of politics-as-usual in Australia.

“Australian politics needs to be about the people, not power and greed. It’s time for families and small businesses to get the support they need when they need it. I’m sick of seeing real Australians suffer while politicians pontificate and enrich themselves at our expense. We need a better class of politician.”

Geena has lived in Cairns since arriving in the city at the age of 17 with nothing but a backpack and $20 in her pocket. She worked in real estate before starting her own property business and has since won 37 awards – including Businesswoman of the Year – for her work in the sector.

“I see a lot of businesses really struggling under the increasingly ridiculous and useless COVID-19 rules, either closing their doors permanently or only opening to 30% capacity. The hospitality sector in regional Queensland is crying out to be freed from ongoing restrictions, and this is more urgent now that our borders are again open to international tourism.

“I think the COVID-19 pandemic has been a wake-up call for many Australians who took their rights and freedoms for granted. It’s alarming how quickly and easily Australian governments took control of our lives. It’s disturbing to see how much they’ve relished this power over us, and it’s frightening to see just how reluctant they are to let it go.”

Geena is keen on exposing and getting rid of the perks politicians have voted to give themselves, and strongly supports more participatory government.

“I’ve always been against politicians having generous lifetime pensions at taxpayer expense. It shows just how out of touch they are with everyday Australians. That’s why I support One Nation’s policy to have citizen-initiated referenda. It’s time for the Australian people to be setting the agenda rather than leaving it to politicians.

“Pauline Hanson has been an inspiration in her efforts to put Australia and Australians first. I will be fighting hard for key policies like opposing any increase in the GST and ensuring foreign-owned multinationals operating in Australia pay their fair share of tax.”

Geena is someone who achieves her goals. Voting for her in the seat of Leichhardt will be nothing short of a gamechanger for the region.

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Geena Court is an award-winning businesswoman who’s had quite enough of politics-as-usual in Australia. Geena is standing for #OneNationAus in Leichardt to be a champion for the small business sector and for more participatory government #auspol