For those of you who have had it up to the back teeth with the hysterical climate change activists who have been causing chaos across the country, we have some good news!

One Nation is calling for them to be locked up.

While we strongly support free speech and the rights of Australians to engage in non-violent protested, we believe these protesters have crossed the line.

Your right to free speech does not give you the right to glue yourself to the road, block peak hour traffic and not face serious consequences.

If limp-wristed state Governments continue to allow this kind of nonsense, it is only a matter of time before someone gets seriously injured.

It is crazy to think we even have to spell that out.

They’ve got to jail them!There was a guy yesterday on his seventh offence who was given 30 hours of community service……

Posted by Mark Latham's Outsiders on Tuesday, October 8, 2019
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  1. Walter Christy
    Walter Christy says:

    Dear Mark Latham, first wish you, your family, friends, your staff a very Happy Christmas.

    What we see with the Extinction Movement it is not just Australia but a global push under the New World Order where our freedom is been attacked on all levels to replace it with a Satanic Cult. Never before in history are we seeing more of Bible Prophecy come to reality in such greatness. Even with Pope Francis saying all have same God, bring in Amazonian Synod, Paganism and (Earth Charter).

    Islam does not accept Jesus as Son of God, but have their own Isa only a prophet by the wrong Mary. All about Islam is made up on a lie and one discovers it with Waraqa and Khadija. Waraqa went out to find the True religion, discovering Christianity, then to read and transcribe the Bible after becoming a Christian. Muhammad was there for the readings. Worst part Muhammad, related to Waraqa and Khadija. If you do not know Muhammad was a white man. Always love how Muslims prayed the wrong direction for 200 years only to bring in the Qibla. That again shows Islam is false with a false God.. Christians always know how to pray because Christ showed us… But again one really needs to know early Christianity and what was happening in North Africa with expanding Christianity the Catholic Church could not even control even St Augustine of of Hippo (Town in North Africa) even with his writings on Heresies could not stop expanding non Catholics in North Africa. Such a battle against the Donatist and all non Catholics still exists today. So much for Constantine’s Edict of Milan to protect Christian’s.

    One has to know history to see it more clearly with what is happening today. One benifits of the I internet today, the information is there to be found, researched.

    Even with Greta Thunberg, she would belong to the Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) all comes under The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

    We do not look at the driving forces behind the Legion of the Left or call it out for the a organisations behind all than just calling it Global Warming, Sustainable Development or Extinction Movement.


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