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Ross Taylor is a local family man, married with three teenage children, and a local business owner. Ross and his wife Alison moved to Caboolture QLD in 2008 and have watched the area grow. With plenty of housing development in the area, but with very little infrastructure to keep up with this increased population, Ross believes that we need better infrastructure on highways such as the Bruce Highway with more long-term solutions. He believes that just adding one extra lane only pushes the congestion down or up the road and by the time the extra lane is agreed to and built there is even more traffic.

“We need more long-term solutions. As an electrician travelling all over Brisbane, I'm aware of traffic problems that often add 1-2 hours to a working day. Time which could be spent with our families.”

Ross started his apprenticeship as an appliance service technician at age 17, now some 25 years later he has employed and trained many apprentices, giving them the opportunity that an employer once gave him.

“One Nation was the backbone to the policy on getting the apprenticeship scheme in Australia running, but sadly the current government did not implement the entire scheme. As a business owner, I know how hard it can be to employ an apprentice and the costs involved. This is just one of many reasons I am standing up for Longman and Australia so that employers like myself can employ more apprentices with greater federal assistance. One Nation has an Australian Jobs and Infrastructure Scheme for all Australians”

Ross owned his business for 7 years and has managed and supervised many other businesses during his working career. He is constantly having to battle the red tape that is placed upon him just to turn a dollar. Ross believes that his experience in running an electrical business and especially the privilege of meeting so many amazing and such a high variety of customers from all walks of life over his 25-year career makes him well equipped to know what people need and want.

Ross strongly supports One Nation's policies that would ensure every Aussie can afford to live and thrive, and not just survive from day-to-day.

“Surely many of those in Canberra can’t have ever got their hands dirty or gone through struggle street? I listen to these current politicians and wonder what planet they are living on! I remember struggling to pay my rent, I had 3 weeks where all I had in the fridge was bread and butter. That was my food breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Thank goodness I could toast the bread to change it up a little. That is just one example of many hard times. There are Australians out there where this is an everyday, all-year experience, and we need to do better.

“There are so many areas of government we need to address and too many to mention here, but I know we can do better than this. We are throwing money away with current policies that only benefit the short term and never seem to address what happens 10, 20 or 50 years into the future. We need to improve infrastructure for roads, water and power. We need to address seniors and aged care facilities. We need to support local Aussie farmers and fisheries, and address the lack of manufacturing in Australia. And don’t get me started on the price war on milk that is hurting our farmers!”

Ross says his love for family, this country, and thinking of his future grandkids and great grandkids is the reason why he is standing up for you today. He strongly believes he has what it takes to put Australia back on track and put Australians first to make us a country that employs Australians, makes our own products, and supports exports around the world with better and fairer trade agreements.

Ross looks at current governments and sees that they're failing the people. Ross wants to see more young people introduced to jobs they may not have known even existed. He wants to see those out of work shown where skills shortages are, then supported and given training to fulfill these roles.

“You never know, someone who is in year 11 or 12 might discover the job of their dreams while someone unemployed and over 50 might just start the job of their dreams.”

Ross is asking for your support for Longman and Australia to make a difference. As he says, vote for a tradie—not a politician.

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Ross Taylor is the #OneNationAus candidate for Longman, QLD. He is a family man, married with three teenage children, and a local business owner. He strongly supports ensuring Aussies can afford to live and thrive, not just survive from day to day #auspol