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Posted by Matthew Stephen for Longman - One Nation on Sunday, June 17, 2018

Longman By-Election Campaign Hits Home Straight – Voters Sick of the Lies

The fight for Longman has hit the final day before general polling booths open. Matthew Stephen, candidate for One Nation, has put in a phenomenal amount of work into the electorate.

The difference with Matt’s work is that it involved going to the streets and actually listening to the people of Longman. While the big parties have thrown a metric tonne of fake news at Matt and too many storms in teacups to count, Matt has stuck to his mission of listening to the people and representing them.

“I’m just excited to see how the voters turn out tomorrow.” Matt said today.

“I’ve said from the start I’m here to win and that would absolutely be the best case scenario.”

“Win or lose though, I think we’re going to give the big parties a major shakeup, I know Labor is scared beyond belief at how our campaign has gone.”

Make sure you jump on to Matt’s facebook page and show your support for the final run home!

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