The Next 30 Years of the Greens

The Greens—who Labor preference and vote with —have this week announced a policy that will see the sale of petrol and diesel cars banned by 2030. How far will they go with these ridiculous proposals? What's next, what do you think?#Petrol #Diesel #WhatsNext #Greens #LoopyLefty #SteveDickson #OneNation

Posted by Steve Dickson on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Loony Greens set their Sights on Cars & Whipper Snippers

Pauline woke up a few hours behind in Western Australia to what felt like a bad dream!

Labor want to cut pensioners incomes and the Greens want to take all fuel powered cars off the road in 12 years for electric only.

These people clearly have no bloody idea! What do you think of their plan? Have you got the money to afford a brand new $40,000 electric car right now?

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  1. russell mclaine
    russell mclaine says:

    Absolutely correct the Loony Greens must live in an insulated bubble totally devoid of reality. Electric cars do not yet possess the range suitable for the long country distances and the infrastructure required is not in place and will not be in 12 years time. When a breakthrough is made with storage of electricity which is not here not even on the horizon. The current battery storage is fast discharge, slow charge.

  2. Peter Robinson
    Peter Robinson says:

    Where does the electricity come from. Power stations burning fuel, coal ,oil etc Just because this happens where we are less likely to see it, does not reduce emissions much. Clean coal?? And basically whenever one fuel is used to create another there is a loss, (inefficiency). So say 1 power unit of coal produces only 0.9 of a power unit of electricity (Note this is not implied as an accurate conversion) simply an illustration. Also how much say petrol by weight do you have to carry per 100kms compared with weight of batteries. How much does it cost to produce oil/coal as opposed to solar panels, which last a long time.

  3. mervin brandt
    mervin brandt says:

    We would all like to live on a planet which is environmentally protected for the next billion years. Until battery power is sustainable and cheaper threats or promises should not be made. The greens have ideas the general population supports. However,
    will the greens find the jobs which will be lost; if the oil/gas industry is abolished?
    will the greens have the support from other nations, who strongly rely on oil and gas
    will battery power support and or increase export/import?
    will all the batteries be recyclable?
    will the Greens find jobs for the people who will miss out in the ADANI project for example. Perhaps the Greens should find jobs first, before mouthing off. Many of them abuse the welfare system anyway and are therefore in my opinion OXYGEN thieves, an Environmental issue itself.

    I was a strong Labour and Union supporter. however, since Shorten, Labour is spiralling down hill at a fast rate. Supporting the Greens is only a vote grabbing exercise from the Green majority in Victoria. Labour will become a minority party with loopy ideas if they continue on that green pathway. To me Bill Shorten comes across as a weak personality who is likely to change his mind at the first political challenge. A weak leader who may literally destroy this country. A man who would be afraid to follow his ideas at the first hurdle, by bowing to criticism, particularly at the international stage. How would he fare against an opponent such as Trump or Putin, two egotistical, dominant and arrogant alpha males. .

  4. Peter Hall
    Peter Hall says:

    There is no doubt about the loony Green’s, Pauline wears a burka into Parliament and those fools walk out, now you have Di Natale saying ban petrol cars, do they still drive petrol cars, they should be the first to lead the way, not only cars, what about trains, planes, ships and even farmers.
    You no, that one could rattle on about those fools, but what a waste of space.

  5. Victim of evil
    Victim of evil says:

    How can everyone afford an extra 50k for an electric car that takes long periods of time to charge and also huge amounts of pollution to make batteries. Electric motors dont last too long and will need to be changed about every 300,000 kms and the batteries will need changing 5 times in that amount of time and not to mention all the high tech junk that will go wrong and the average poor family can’t afford it. The oil companies won’t allow it anyway.


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