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Josephine Cashman is standing for Pauline Hanson's One Nation in the seat of Lyne because, in her own words, "One Nation has proven its commitment to the Australian people who have been neglected by the major parties. They have not been focused on the cost of living and other immediate concerns. Most major party politicians have never experienced struggling to make ends meet."

If elected, Josephine intends to honour your voices and speak for you on the floor of Parliament. "I will present Bills to the House which reflect your needs after consulting with members of my electorate. I am committed to serving my electorate and its constituents to the best of my ability which will involve listening to your diverse concerns, acting upon them in a timely manner, and communicating results from my electoral office. If I am unable to gain traction with the government, I will not give up fighting for you. I will continually lobby for policy reforms that reflect your concerns. An elected Member of Parliament has a duty of care to serve their community."

Josephine is honoured to be a descendant of the Warrimay people from the mid-north coast of New South Wales, whose lands stretch from north of Forster to Port Stephens, into Gloucester and the Barrington Tops. According to oral history, Warrimay country was originally bounded by four rivers, the Hunter River to the south, the Manning River to the north, and the Allyn and Patterson Rivers to the west. It is believed the Warrimay tribe was comprised of 18 clan groups (ngurras), each with lands falling within Maiangal ngurra. "My Warrimay ancestors spoke the Gathang language and my ancestors used Stockton Bight to travel between the northern and southern parts of our country, known as Birubi Point to the north and Stockton to the south."

She is equally proud of her colonial ancestors who have lived on the mid north coast of NSW for more than six generations. William Henry Ralston McClymont was born in Newcastle on 30 August 1828 and was amongst the first Europeans born in Australia. His family established the first Newcastle Inn. Another colonial ancestor, Henry Carmichael was William McClymont's stepfather and belonged to the group that founded adult education in Australia. He established the Sydney Mechanics School of Arts in 1833 and the Newcastle School of Arts in 1835.

In 1838 he moved with his family to the fertile farmland of the Hunter Valley and planted vineyards on his property at Porphyry Point, near Seaham. These vines were to become the finest on the Williams River and Carmichael wines soon became well known in the colony. He also helped establish and was President of the Hunter River Vineyard Association and a leader in the NSW wine industry. "My ancestor Willian McClymont married his Aboriginal bride, Annie Butler in 1821 on the cusp of the new frontier of settlement. They became known as the 'McClymont’s of Nabiac' where they lived and raised their family. This has been documented by my mother who is an Aboriginal Professor of History."

After completing her studies, Josephine became a Crown Prosecutor. In 2007, she received two highly commended declarations from the Director of Public Prosecutions for two of her cases. One perpetrator received 28 years imprisonment which was the highest domestic violence sentence for a living victim. Another received the highest historical child sexual assault sentences in Australia at that time.

"In 2016 I was invited to address the Human Rights Council at the UN in Geneva which was a historic session on violence against women and children."

From 2013 to 2017, Josephine was privileged to become an inaugural member of Prime Minister Tony Abbott's, Indigenous Advisory Council and served as the Chair of its Safe Communities Committee until 2017.

"I was appointed to the Board of the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust and served from 2015 to 2021. In 2016, in recognition of my commitment, I was selected as a Friend of the Commonwealth Treasury and in 2018, I was an honoured recipient of the UTS Faculty of Law Alumni Award for Excellence. I have undertaken numerous consultancy and voluntary roles for a variety of private, public, and not-for-profit organisations."

As a former New South Wales Crown Prosecutor, Josephine feels an obligation to support our nation. "I feel compelled to speak against the abuse I have witnessed occurring in Aboriginal communities and elsewhere. Few politicians have been listening to the people who are suffering. Financial and other resources rarely reach the people who need them the most. For instance, many people living in Aboriginal communities argue this is partly caused by imposters who gain powerful positions within universities, the public service, inside our valued institutions and inside Land Councils and Native Title groups. Those who falsely claim Aboriginal heritage do it because it is easy and successive governments have done nothing about it, despite desperate calls to end it. The consequences have been devastating inside Aboriginal communities and elsewhere. I am also aware money and resources rarely reach those who need them the most in other Australian communities inside my electorate.

"I am determined to do everything I can to call for policy reforms and fight for the implementation of pragmatic solutions. As your elected representative, I am committed to bringing Bills before the House of Representatives which defend Australian values and principles and reflect electorate and constituent needs.

"I am committed to stopping the implementation of the divisive Uluru Statement and the defunding of Aboriginal affairs by replacing it with a model which promotes and encourages economic independence. All Australians are equal. The Australian Constitution must be upheld. It must not be undermined by the United Nations forums and its 193 member States. I will fight to stop the creation of different classes of Australian citizens."

One Nation does not support the World Economic Forum’s 'Great Reset'. Free Trade Agreements that function against the best interest of Australians must also be scrapped. Import tariffs should be reimplemented in select countries to protect Australia's remaining industry and manufacturing while safeguarding homegrown jobs and wage levels.

Josephine is committed to addressing perpetual disadvantage, especially the rising cost of living that everyday Australians are confronted with. "I will fight to stop the sale of Australian land and properties to non-Australian residents and non-citizens, and support One Nation's policy to ban the sale of freehold farmland to foreign investors, limiting the sale of leasehold farmland to 25-year tenures. Foreign ownership is contributing to housing stock shortages and rising prices. I also support a zero net migration policy to ensure that governments' resources are focused first and foremost on Australia and the needs of its people."

Josephine calls for import tariffs to be reimplemented from selected countries to protect remaining Australian industries and manufacturing businesses and safeguard homegrown jobs and fair wages. She wants to see $100 a week more for pensioners under the Work Bonus scheme allowing pensioners to earn up to $13,000 a year, without reducing their pension. The Work Bonus Scheme is currently $7,800 per annum. She is opposed to increasing the age of pension entitlement to 70 years of age.

Josephine will push for support for local farmers, businesses, and industries and opposes unrealistic net-zero carbon emission reductions. She is committed to the implementation of affordable energy policies which do not harm working and other low-income earners. She will fight for a national plan which guarantees low cost and reliable power, for the building of new low emission coal-fired power stations in appropriate locations, and for the restoration of the Australian 90-day fuel security policy, with onshore oil reserves and the capacity to refine fuel for domestic supply. "I am opposed to multibillion-dollar government subsidy schemes offered to foreign-owned solar and wind projects and other renewable energy subsidy projects. Renters cannot access/place solar panels on their homes. This is why I am committed to withdrawing from the United Nations Paris Agreement.

Josephine wants to see politicians and public servants made more accountable. "I will lobby to raise the transparency requirements for politicians and public servants to include family members which will be in line with members of the ADF and AFP."

The Communications Minister and the industry regulator, the Australian Communications and Media Authority have been given new powers to hold tech companies to account for harmful content on their platforms. Josephine is against these powers and has stated "I call for internationally-based tech companies to be made accountable and prevented from interfering with Australian domestic politics and cancelling Australian voices it does not agree with."

"I will be visiting communities in this electorate after the election is called to meet with constituents. I'm keen to listen to your local concerns so I may effectively lobby on your behalf if elected to Parliament.

"Alongside One Nation, I will continue to fight for the rights of everyday Australians."

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Josephine is committed to addressing perpetual disadvantage. She's determined to call for policy reforms and the implementation of pragmatic solutions which defend Australian values & principles, and that reflect electorate & constituent needs. #AusPol2022