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Growing up as a Tassie country girl, Emma commenced her trade apprenticeship as a hairdresser fresh out of high school and went on to take over the family Salon at the age of 19.

Her favourite part of small business ownership was training apprentices and working with disengaged youth. “I’m very passionate about jobs for Australians and helping One Nation in its increasing national apprenticeship scheme to bolster homegrown tradesmen and women like me. There is nothing more rewarding than providing someone with the skills to go forth into the world and succeed.”

A born survivor, in her teenage years Emma had a serious car accident which resulted in a decade of chronic illness. Emma took control of her own health and was enjoying a fit and healthy lifestyle when the mandates prevented her from accessing ongoing healthcare which she relied on for her well-being. “Undefeated, I hung up my scissors and picked up the study books.”

Currently halfway through a diploma and planning a career in physiotherapy, Emma made plans to commence study at the University of Tasmania last semester, but the vaccine mandates also robbed her of this dream. “I support Pauline Hanson’s call for a Royal Commission into the government response to COVID-19. I believe in our right to freedom of medical choices. I’ve advocated for myself and others to ensure the best health outcomes possible and I do not want to see our civil liberties eroded by overreaching government and bureaucratic control.”

Emma saw personally how our health system was beyond capacity prior to COVID-19 and especially inadequate in regional parts of the nation. One Nation recognises the need to bolster the number of regional doctors, nurses, and other critical health professionals and Emma is eager to use her life experiences to help Pauline Hanson’s One Nation establish a 24/7 Super Health Clinic in her electorate of Lyons. “I have a deep personal understanding of the mental and physical struggles we all face daily and know that wellness begins with yourself, but that we need professional medical guidance to achieve this.”

Emma’s family stems from a hardworking small business and farming background and her love of the land ties into One Nation’s policy to reimplement Foreign Investment Review Board applications on all Agricultural Land from expiring Free Trade Agreements. Emma strongly supports the re-establishment of a Federal Government-backed rural lending fund to safeguard Australian farmers against droughts and other natural weather events. “I’ve experienced firsthand the effects of drought; I’ve seen landowners struggling to keep livestock fed and watered. I’ve been in that position myself it’s heartbreaking.”

Emma shoots recreationally both firearms and archery and loves combining two of her major passions—horses and archery—in the challenging sport of mounted archery. She supports responsible gun ownership and will help One Nation preserve the current laws which allow law-abiding citizens access to firearms, whether it be for work, farming, or sports-related activities.

Emma is a people person which is one of the reasons why she’s forging a career in politics. As the member for Lyons (Tasmania’s largest electorate), Emma hopes to combine her love of camping, fishing, bushwalking, and four-wheel driving (accompanied by her loyal Labrador) all over the incredible state that is Tasmania with her passion for helping as many people as she possibly can.

“I’m just a normal person, A Vote for Me, Is a Vote for You”

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Emma is a people person—one of the reasons why she’s forging a career in politics. As the member for Lyons she hopes to combine her love of camping, fishing, bushwalking, and 4WDing all over Tasmania with her passion of helping people #OneNationAus #auspol