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Adam Zahra is no different from any other citizen of Australia, except for his levels of passion and determination to raise awareness where doubt and confusion prevail.

Born in the Macarthur area which he continues to call home, Adam grew up with an interest in learning about history and people, which led him to work among a diverse culture of men and women with a story to tell. Along the way, he has turned his hand to many trades and learned skills that fostered his pathway into small business ownership.

Adam is a down-to-earth family man married to Tatum, a registered nurse, and entrepreneur, with three daughters aged 16 months to 14 years. He’s motivated to see Australia’s next-generation live better than the previous ones. With a young family full of promise, he has a vested interest in the future of Macarthur, Sydney, New South Wales, and Australia as a whole.

"Taxpayers are not subjects of the crown or the government, but investors in our country’s future, their future, and the future of our children,” he says.

"Australian Taxpayers’ investments into infrastructures and resources, medical, roads, public transport, or affordable energy, are for the Australian Public to live better. When our infrastructure is sold to large foreign corporate interests resulting in exorbitant tolls, fares, and energy costs that keep growing, that means the taxpayer is paying twice. Profits from foreign-funded infrastructure don’t stay in Australia. Where is the dividend or benefit to the Australian investor?

"One way to start returning value for investment back to the taxpayer would be by constructing new low emission coal-fired power stations to remain in Australian ownership. We could then ensure that we will have the means to power industry into the future and Australians will have affordable reliable energy."

A favourite phrase Adam has picked up along the way is "No Jester in a King's court". To him, it means that any man standing is a man standing and should be treated that way.

"In recent times it seems that our leaders have forgotten that we are all standing. For too long we have let the government and leadership go unchecked by not participating in our democracy. It is no longer a case of 'she’ll be right'. The past two years have taught us that our freedom—the Australian way of life—can be taken from us. Australians have become grateful to leaders who return small parts of our Australian way of life, a way of life that is rightfully already ours. What's needed is a party that listens to the people, confronts the problems, and speaks out about them. Voting for such a party is the most straightforward way of getting Australia back."

Adam is looking forward to representing the people of Macarthur with Pauline Hanson’s One Nation and giving them a voice that for too long has been silenced.

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Adam Zahra #OneNationAus Macarthur candidate is looking forward to representing the people of Macarthur. He will give them a voice with the one party that listens to the people, confronts the problems, and stands strong for the Aussie way of life #auspol