Majority Want Immigration Cut

Anyone else here thinking- I could have told them that?

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Tuesday, June 19, 2018

In news that’s unlikely to surprise anyone, a recent poll has found that the majority of Australians believe current immigration levels are too high.

Neither tired, old party has the guts to cut our immigration levels. Both parties are sheepishly relying on increasing immigration to find their budgets. See Pauline’s thoughts on those immigration predictions in a previous article here.

Only One Nation has the guts to cut our immigration to sustainable levels.

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Majority of Australians think migrant intake should be lower

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Majority of Australians believe there are too many immigrants entering the country, according to social research figures, obtained by Daily Mail.

Nearly 54 per cent of Australians thought the number of migrants coming to Australia was “too high” — which is up 14 points since last year and a staggering 17 points since 2014.

The poll of 1200 people across the country was completed by the Melbourne-based Social Research Centre between March 5 and March 25 over the phone and online.

The study also revealed the lowest number of people in more than three years thought the current immigration rate was “about right”. And about 10 per cent of people said it was “too low”, which was about the same amount as it was in 2014 and slightly down from about 18 per cent last year.

According to SBS, during the first eight months of this year, 54,419 citizenship applications were approved compared to 139,285 in the year 2016-17.

Earlier this year, former prime minister Tony Abbott launched an unofficial campaign for tougher immigration laws, saying high immigration numbers puts extra pressure on housing availability and wages. Meanwhile, immigration minister Peter Dutton recently said it was a “no brainer” to force all migrants who want to live in Australia to learn the English language.

And One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has previously said anyone wanting to come to Australia should be forced to “prove themselves” by learning English. She continually calls for tougher border laws. Their sentiments were echoed by Dick Smith who wants immigration levels capped at 70,000 a year.

Despite all the talk, a 2016 survey found that Australians held mixed views on the subject of immigration with only 4 per cent naming it as the single most important issue in the lead up to the issue. That put it behind Medicare and education, but slightly higher than taxation. However, when asked about the importance of immigration in general, 46 per cent of respondents said immigration was “extremely important”.

According to Australia’s official parliamentary library, the current migration rate is between 180,000 and 190,000 per year. 

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  1. John Drew
    John Drew says:

    The refusal of the Liberal, Labour and National parties to support a significant reduction in annual immigration numbers provides an interesting insight into how all three parties have been captured by vested interests. In a democracy political parties should be very sensitive to the changing nature of public opinion. However on this particular topic all three parties resolutely reject majority public opinion. Such an intransigent stance opens the way for party members like myself to relentlessly advocate One Nation policies on excessive immigration and divisive multiculturalism.

  2. Denis Mouttet
    Denis Mouttet says:

    It never fails to amaze me how the eyes and ears of successive governments have been totally closed to the ill effects of their immigration policies, especially over the past decade. Immigration, in it’s best sense, can be good, especially if there is a shortage of skills where we depend on such skills to improve our economy. On the other hand, illegal immigration such as economic, so-called refugees who come here just to suck the blood out of our country, is a definite no-no. Then too, there is the danger of ethnic inequality where religion and culture are concerned. Quite frankly, considering the backlog of genuine immigrants, who have gone through the right channels, compared to the thousands of illegals being detained and fed at our expense, no one who comes here illegally should be welcomed. Just look at Europe and consider the ignorance of most of leaders of the EU. Face it, Europe as we knew it is but a memory and the situation there will continue to deteriorate. Anyone who ever visited the old Europe previously and returns today will be shocked at the sights before their eyes. And, I’m not talking about buildings and other physical tableaux. Read between the lines. I could go on forever on the subject but my views, and those of the majority of Australians, will not be recognized except via a plebiscite and, even then, who knows? Close the doors.

  3. Lionel r Young
    Lionel r Young says:

    This country is on a slide to gang violence and the runaway behaviour of black african people in victoria mainly .when we go over to fountain gate shopping centre in Vic you very rarely hear anyone speaking englishthey are all jabbering away in their own lingo children as well it disgusts me .Iam not against migrants i love the italians and greek people but these dark race people are just crap to me .You NO speaka de English you go back where you commma fromed

  4. Lionel r Young
    Lionel r Young says:

    I think you got it wrong when i SUBMIT my post it said i have already submitted it WHAT

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