Rajan Vaid for Makin

Rajan Vaid is an electronics engineer working in telecommunications as a project manager and a community volunteer dedicated to his adopted country of Australia and making it a safe, affordable, and prosperous place to live and work.

Born and raised in New Delhi, Rajan and his young family have called Adelaide their home for the past 14 years after previously living and working in Dubai. Rajan has experienced and admired governments that put the interests and prosperity of their citizens first and he is keen on achieving it in Australia.

"After bringing my family to Adelaide so we could experience the opportunities of living, learning, and working in Australia I discovered the system here could be doing a lot more for everyone in this country. Australia is a wonderful nation with friendly, clever, hard-working people who have made my family feel welcome and part of the community. There is a lot of potential for Australians to learn more, do more and achieve more with the right policies, the right incentives, and the right representatives doing the right thing."

Rajan is a strong believer in Australia’s potential and volunteers with a helpline dedicated to assisting Hindu immigrants from around the world with advice about living and working in Australia.

"Australia is a relatively wealthy country where its people should be able to afford a home, have a place in university, send children to the school of their choice and easily access quality health care. We should have all the resources we need to care for the most vulnerable people in our community. I’m going to have a strong focus on housing affordability, reducing homelessness, and helping homeless people in need in Australia. I’m backing Pauline Hanson’s policy to reduce immigration to sustainable levels to reduce demand on housing and ban foreign ownership of residential property to increase the supply of housing.

"This is why I’m standing in Makin for One Nation. Pauline Hanson puts Australia and Australians first, no matter who they are or where they come from. I believe in Australia’s amazing potential and I want to contribute to helping all Australians realise it."

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Rajan Vaid is Pauline Hanson's #OneNationAus candidate for Makin in the federal election. Rajan is an electronics engineer working in telecommunications and a community volunteer dedicated to making SA a better place to live and work. #auspol2022 #auspol