Malcolm Roberts Maleny Dairies

If Queensland Labor's New Year's resolution was to stop selling out Aussies, they've managed to fail in record time.

In a disgusting display of hypocrisy, award-winning local firm Maleny Dairies has been overlooked for the large scale contract of milk supply to local hospitals. Appallingly, the contract was awarded to a French multinational and a Chinese multinational.

This is despite the fact that Labor had encouraged Maleny Dairies to apply for the contract while simultaneously running a "buy local" campaign.

Perhaps Labor politicians have been spending so much time sucking up to Chinese billionaires, China has started to feel more local than rural Queensland?

Or maybe, as One Nation Senator for Queensland put it, "Poor budget management has left Qld ALP govt deserting local businesses & communities."

We will let you be the judge of that.

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