Hon. Mark Latham MLC

Political Party Activity
Following his graduation from University in 1982 Mark has worked for a series of Labor politicians, including John Kerin, Gough Whitlam and Bob Carr. Mark served as Mayor of Liverpool Council between 1991 and 1994, having been elected to Liverpool Council as an East Ward Alderman in 1987.
In national politics, Mark was the Member for Werriwa (1994-2005), a Labor Shadow Minister (1996-98 and 2001-2003) and Leader of the Opposition (2003-2005). After holding an early lead in the polls, he led Labor unsuccessfully in its attempt to win government against John Howard at the October 2004 Federal election.
In November 2018 Mr Latham announced his candidacy for the NSW Legislative Council as the State Leader of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party. On 23 March 2019 he was elected to the NSW upper house with the highest personal vote (below-the-line) in the ballot. The overall success of One Nation’s campaign resulted in Mr Latham’s running mate, Rod Roberts, also being elected. After a 14 year break, Mr Latham has re-entered parliament with a strong focus on policy issues in the education, urban planning, energy and law reform portfolios. One Nation has part of the balance of power in the NSW Legislative Council.
Born on 28 February 1961, Mark grew up in Green Valley near Liverpool in Western Sydney and went to school at Ashcroft Primary School and Hurlstone Agricultural High School, where he was Dux in 1978.
Mark is married to Janine Lacy, a professionally successful criminal lawyer. They have two sons and a daughter and live in South-West Sydney.
Qualifications, Occupations and Interests
Mark studied Economics at Sydney University, winning the JK Galbraith Prize for Political Economy in 1980 and graduating with an Honours degree in 1982.
After leaving parliament in 2005, Mark was a columnist for various newspapers, including the Australian Financial Review (2007-2015) and Sydney’s Daily Telegraph (2016-2018). He is the author of 13 books, including Civilising Global Capital (1998), The Latham Diaries (2005), Outsiders (2017) and Take Back Australia (2018).
Mark is prominent in the Australian media as a commentator on Radio 2GB/4BC, 2SM Radio Network and Seven Sunrise. Against the media orthodoxy, in 2015 he became well known as an early and strong supporter of Donald Trump in his bid for the US Presidency.
Mark is one of Australia’s leading advocates of ‘outsider’ politics. He strongly opposes the impact of political correctness and identity politics on public debate, freely speaking his mind on a range of issues. In March 2017 he established an online platform ‘Mark Latham’s Outsiders’. It ran a successful, high-profile Save Australia Day campaign in January 2018.
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    • Warren Edser
      commented 2021-12-15 15:58:52 +1000 Flag
      To yourself Mark and Jason Falinksi: Beings are not bludgers when it is the employer that refuses to accept an application by the one who is seeking work and as much as those wanted to fruit picking can’t get it because they are either too far away and have no accommodation or the company only wants backpackers. There are many trying to get work, but beings are and have not the qualifications themselves so they are not accepted on their applications. We have had over 2 years of a battle to our minds and bodies and to date, we don’t believe in any of the government/corporations who are only looking after their own jobs. So give a break to these circumstances for the hard workers and those who want nothing more than a permanent job and if there are many of those who like to sit around and do nothing, provide a second program inside Centrelink or elsewhere to develop avenues of education for them to achieve those positions. There are labour jobs, then there are clerical jobs, then etc. You are a servant to the people, not a ruler, so start doing your job to uplift the citizens on this island and not pulling them down as we can take away your position for failing to fulfil your employment to the ones who voted you in as the employers choose who they want to invest in for the position of employment.
    • Rogers Tony
      commented 2021-10-12 14:31:46 +1000
      Hi Mark
      I have been following you on the super network and Allan Jones Show on SKY. I am very impressed in your intelligence and your way of thinking to a better Australia. I have been a liberal voter all my life and I now think Labor and Liberal have lost the plot as seen throughout this whole Covid era. What are the possibilities of One Nation becoming the leading party in Government and how can we help this happen. I think now is the best time for you to have a chance as everybody I talk to are looking for a minor party to follow.

      I pray that you have a good advertising campaign leading into the election because this is our chance to make big changes.
    • Frank Deutsch
      commented 2020-09-08 14:56:08 +1000
      Hello Mark, we have been in touch some months ago when you were still on the Outsiders.
      Please check out https://gab.com/home and look for “Grey Nomad”, that’s me.
      Is there a Victorian branch of “PH One Nation?” I ’d like to get to know some like minded people ASAP, maybe something could happen.
    • Roger Sanderson
      followed this page 2020-08-30 14:18:00 +1000
    • charles mcghie
      commented 2020-05-29 12:19:04 +1000
      Hi Mark, I just joined and I’m from Melbourne. I have mostly been a labour and the greens voter but have swapped to one nation owing to the covid19 issue and the fact that most things are made in china, not much is Australian made. my first question
      1. Why are there no candidates in Victoria.
    • Tom Auriac
      published this page in Our Team 2020-05-07 11:34:39 +1000