Mark Latham Joins Pauline Hanson's One Nation

Today I am very proud to announce that Mark Latham has joined One Nation.Mark will be the party's New South Wales state leader and will be running for the NSW legislative council at the next state election.I think it is safe to say the NSW election just got a lot more interesting.

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Mark Latham Joins One Nation

I am very proud to announce that Mark Latham has joined One Nation.

Mark will be the party’s New South Wales state leader and will be running for the NSW legislative council at the next state election.

I think it is safe to say the NSW election just got a lot more interesting.

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  1. Ayran
    Ayran says:

    I had some t-shirts made for me here in Cairns with the wording “It’s alright to be WHITE” printed on the front – and three smaller logos with “Lesbians are Lovely”, Gays are Great”, “Asians are Amazing”, and “Black is Beautiful” on the back.
    Cheers !

    • Haut
      Haut says:

      Yes Good on you, its a shame that according to America, its an anti, white agenda HUH, I suggest to find out where that is coming from, read theTalmud!

  2. Kent Bayley
    Kent Bayley says:

    I wish Pauline well as she has proved not even jail can silence her. That was a most disgraceful period in Australian history thanks to Tony Abbott and co. I agree with most of what Pauline stands for and will never again vote for Labor or the Coalition as they have ignored this countries people and our culture for long enough. Their mantra is ‘snouts in the trough’ pure and simple.

    • Jim Bray.
      Jim Bray. says:

      Yes Kent I have always been a Liberal supporter,We have been sold out by both parties over the years,things must change or AUSTRALIA will not be the same Country we were lucky enough to grow up in.We wish ONE NATION all the best.

    • Clifford Parsonsss
      Clifford Parsonsss says:

      Neither will I ever vote for the majors ,fed up to the teeth with their lies ,curuption and deceit, a lot of people won’t agree but I’m glad to see Mark back in politics, I think he has learnt a lot since he was PM and is all the better for it .

  3. Rose Figtree
    Rose Figtree says:

    This is fantastic news. Politics needs to overcome the PC ideology and get back to core issues. The bias of the global warming hysteria aka climate change (because climate always changes) and open border policy must be stopped. Mark is sure to bring common sense to the table.

  4. James Earl Bryan
    James Earl Bryan says:

    Welcome Mark Latham. I have high hopes that you will lift up One Nation and make it a party of 1st choice for the majority of Australians. You are intelligent, insightful and an excellent speaker. Please use your gifts to educate and encourage more people to vote for One Nation. A great big hug to you.

  5. Geoff Morschel
    Geoff Morschel says:

    Congratulations Pauline and Mark. I think you will make a great team. I have been a big fan of you Pauline for many years now,and I am like many others a big fan of Marks.
    The Labour party does not know who it represents anymore.
    The Liberal party has been ruined by Malcolm Turnbull and his left leaning agenda and people within the party. You are our only hope.
    I dont believe in the climate change hoax/religion.
    Political correctness is crippling us. The public service is growing out of control. The immigration intake needs to be halved now.
    Our Constitution needs to be used more to Protect our Democracy.
    I could go on and on, but thats enough for now.
    Good Luck.
    Best Regards
    Geoff & Marg Morschel

  6. pat
    pat says:

    Keep it up Pauline nice to see Mark Latham with you,
    I had heard this rumour months ago but I’m glad that it has happened.
    Hopefully we can get more Australians to vote for independent parties.

  7. Cheryl Ford
    Cheryl Ford says:

    Horay, at last, I like Mark Latham he tells it as it is and just like myself he dislikes the bull-twang in between Go Team we must vote for strength because that is the only prospect that will keep our country from sinking and please we must not allow anymore Foreign buying as Australia will have nothing left to own or manage.

  8. Ken Benson
    Ken Benson says:

    I believe they will complement each other with their honesty and commitment. They certainly are ‘Fair Dinkum” Australians With Australia First at heart. There are so many politicians dishonest and their for the wrong reason. In people and jobs today it is difficult at times to find the right people. In this case it is a ‘Win, Win’ situations. Two people we can finally trust. However, I was disappointed about our Prime Ministers comment about Mark, which line up with what TurnBULL said about Pauline. Why can’t people show some decency in what they say and do. Mark & Pauline with our best wishes and support show them what a real team can now do.

  9. Tom Browm
    Tom Browm says:

    We want coal power electricity and there too many people clogging up the country Australia and we want the money here not to other countries. One nation has what we all want. No criminals in our country

  10. Tracy aka Mrs A Punchbowl
    Tracy aka Mrs A Punchbowl says:

    I have now joined One Nation and will throw my support 100% behind Mark Latham. There is no one more passionate about our education system than me! There is no one with as much knowledge about safe schools or radical islam breeding in our schools, than me!

    It’s time!

  11. ben casey
    ben casey says:

    it’s great that a public figure of such a high caliber as Mark Latham has joined us, the political class won’t be laughing now!


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