In NSW, One Nation is spearheading the fight for religious freedom with the states party leader, Mark Latham, putting forward a proposal to protect people expressing legitimate religious views from persecution.

As we saw during the federal same-sex marriage debate and in the times that have followed if people chose to speak out against the group which is pushed by establishment elites their jobs are on the line.

Israel Folau would be the most high-profile case of this in recent times, but there are many more. No doubt many of you reading this have been attacked or threatened for having your say, whether it be at a barbeque or online.

The fact that someone could face the sack for saying they are a Christian is not on. This is why Mark has put forward his bill and is currently asking for anyone interested to read it and make a submission.

You can read more about Mark’s bill by visiting his website below.

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  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    Great to see Mark in there fighting this war. This Homo agenda and all that it entails is not a religious issue. It is a Moral issue. There are a large number of Non-Religious people who do not agree with Homosexual Marriage, Transgenderism etc.
    I have a right to refuse to condone and accept what i regard as Morally wrong. I can disagree with drunkeness, pornography, pedophilia, abusive language ad infinitum, and the Law agrees as this behaviour is not tolerated in public and many other places so what is the big deal if i hold the same thoughts concerning Homosexual activity??
    Homo’s have a right to disagree with my religion and there is no law compelling them to accept the beliefs or practices.
    The Mainstream Media and the Activists are a conniving bunch of deceiving slimes.


    Everyone should just mind their own business. I’m an agnostic!! No one has come back after dying to tell us who is right and who is wrong – religion is FEAR…and most religions are very rich!!!

    While I’m here, instead of stuffing up more rivers why aren’t we recycling all water used.Don’t wait for next drought and fires. Selling water to overseas interests (China, Canada etc) is ludicrous on the driest continent on earth!!


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