Scott Ford for McMahon

Scott joined the Royal Australian Navy at age 17 and has worked in the mining industry for the past 13 years.

A devoted husband and a father of three boys, Scott is standing as your One Nation representative for the seat of McMahon in this federal election to make sure your voice is heard. 

"I have decided to throw my hat into the political ring because I am disgusted by what I have seen occurring since the beginning of this pandemic and want to fight to change policy to ensure these actions do not occur again."

Scott supports Pauline Hanson's call for a Royal Commission into COVID. We need a Royal Commission, not to lay blame or find scapegoats (because the buck will always stop with the Prime Minister and State and Territory leaders as it must in a representative democracy) but to discover those pandemic measures that worked and those that didn’t. A Royal Commission of Inquiry will have the necessary power to compel the expert health advice Australian governments relied upon to justify and implement pandemic measures—much of this advice has been hidden from the Australian people. We need a Royal Commission because this inquiry must be completely transparent to the Australian public.

"One Nation is my choice because out of all the parties, what One Nation has always stood for is closely aligned with my values, principles, and morals.


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Scott chose to throw his hat in the political ring this federal election to fight for Australian values with #OneNationAus because out of all the parties what One Nation has always stood for aligns closely with his principles and morals #auspol #AusPol2022