Kevin Hargraves for McPherson

Kevin Hargraves is a positive, go-ahead person. He loves Australia, but he can see that it's heading downhill very fast as the people are losing their say and their rights. He believes it’s not too late to turn things around and recreate the democracy that our forefathers fought for.

"Governments today are making decisions based on a perception of political correctness and not implementing what the people of Australia really want."

Born on the Gold Coast to a hardworking dairy farming family, Kevin has enjoyed a happy marriage for 50 years and a great life raising 2 amazing children, and now he enjoys spending time with his three grandchildren who also live locally.

Kevin started his career in the bank and then decided to move into his own business. He's been a successful businessman for more than 40 years and knows what it takes to get things done. "Without small business and our trades, we are done. Small business creates most of the jobs that we all need," he says.

Kevin has helped many business owners grow their businesses and it has been his passion to guide people from all walks of life.

"With the policies of One Nation implemented in Parliament and the strength of the people, I firmly believe this country can be great again."

Kevin believes in bringing back Australian values, e.g. freezing politicians’ wages and a review of their perks, including their pensions; fairer tax reform that include ensuring multinationals pay their fair share; and an increase in the aged pension benefits.

"As someone who is passionate about business, I believe we can implement low cost, reliable, dispatchable power by building new low-emission coal-fired power stations. We will restore Australia’s essential 90-day fuel security policy and commit to reducing the cost of living expenses while ensuring manufacturers have a globally competitive power source."

Kevin thinks that Australian jobs are the backbone of our country. He believes in jobs for Australians first and foremost. "We must investigate the abuse of foreign work visas, introduce an apprenticeship scheme that will create jobs for Australians, and build infrastructure projects such as a national fast rail service, dams, and other water projects, hospitals, and upgrade the major roads.

"Unfortunately, the crop of politicians we have today are too busy with political correctness and not the issues of the people. It’s time for change. These leaders have lost their way with the Australian people."

It is Kevin’s passion to help turn Australia around again so that Aussies have the freedom, health, and security they once took for granted.

Kevin is asking for support in the seat of McPherson to make these changes and is keen to meet with constituents and hear their views.

Tel: 0411 250 580

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Kevin Hargraves, One Nation's candidate for McPherson, believes Australian jobs are the backbone of our country. It's his goal to turn Australia around so that Aussies have the freedom, health, and security they once took for granted #OneNationAus #auspol