Medevac Overturned

It was the law that never should have passed, but now, with One Nation’s help, medevac has been repealed.
Ever since the law was pushed through parliament by Labor, the Greens and the Crossbench against the Governments wishes, we have seen it exploited by illegal boat arrival looking to find a backdoor into Australia.
What we haven’t seen is the majority off illegal arrivals who used this loophole receive medical treatment once they were on Australian shores.
The numbers prove that this was not about getting people medical treatment; it was about the bleeding hearts trying to end the effectiveness of Australia’s border protection program.
This is why One Nation spoke out against the laws when they were first introduced, and this is why One Nation pledged to overturn them as soon as we had the opportunity.
Under the laws we have now, no one will be denied medical treatment and our border security program remains intact.
This is the way it will remain so long as One Nation has any say in it.

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