Media Claims One Nation Dead but Membership Skyrockets

Despite mainstream media announcing the ‘death’ of One Nation, Senator for West Australia Peter Georgiou has announced the incredible growth figures for the party’s membership.

In just 7 days One Nation has recorded an astonishing increase in total membership of 3.1%, equivalent to an overall annual increase of 480%. The increase shows that regardless of how the media tries to spin the day to day events of Parliament, Australians are increasingly seeing through the lies of the established big parties and media corporations.

Preferring to get their information from the horses mouth, new members have cited being able to hear Pauline’s speeches in full on social media as a major contributing factor to making the choice to sign up.

With an ever strengthening membership base across the country, a new extremely stringent candidate vetting process, local regional coordinating committees established across the country and new state registrations accepted, One Nation is showing no signs of slowing down in its mission to get Australia back on track.

MEMBERSHIP | As Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party spokesman I am very proud to announce we have had a 3.1% increase in…

Posted by Peter Georgiou – One Nation Senator for Western Australia on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

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  1. Ben O'Neill
    Ben O'Neill says:

    This is great news.
    I am proud to say I am a member of ONE NATION and feel that Pauline is one of very few truly Patriotic Australian Politicians that want to Make Australia Great Again!

  2. Ben O'Neill
    Ben O'Neill says:

    Almost all Australian media is rubbish and don’t report news they don’t agree with.
    This is a crime in my eyes as people can only make informed decisions when presented with all of the facts and all sides.
    I was told upon asking a free to air news broadcaster that the decision not to air anything of the arrest, incarceration and subsequent protest marches in London 9.6.18 was be cause they believe he is right wing. That is not an excuse!
    News organizations are not the ones to decide what news we should know about because they might not agree with it.
    They aren’t lying to us by withholding news stories, but they sure as hell are not telling us all of the truth.
    Australians, I believe, will be outraged when they realise this is happening.

  3. Ian Bruce Moore
    Ian Bruce Moore says:

    Australia needs more vocies in Canberra. Two party system isn’t working for the interests of Australians.

    • George Gault
      George Gault says:

      Pauline Hansons One Nation is still growing because… finely… the smart members of our Australian society have come to the realization like the Americans and other thinking nations to support the candidate who truly puts their homelands before the that of other countries or their inhabitants. I have heard Pauline say after our Australia is fixed we will help others.

    • JemmRen
      JemmRen says:

      Isn’t the 2 party system designed for outside interests and not ours ?
      Been that way since they kicked Whitlam out because our country should be at the top but we seem to be giving giving and giving to countries that have no allegiance to us..
      Much like the PM said to us that we would pay. And for sure we are in ways we. never imagined possible.. higher migration planned for the next 4 years from the 3 mainline parties… Do we count for nothing here as our country is gradually being taken over and we have no say.
      We need to feed our nation: keep the live exports at home… When was the last time Australians sat down to a lamb roast that didn’t cost the earth ?
      Some people have never tasted it which is a pity because we used to be known for our lamb and wool, so who benefits from our loss ?,, our farmers need ongoing support: a lot of useless money sent overseas could keep our farmers on their land.. making it a loan is a nasty proposition .. we seem to be unstintingly giving to countries that are already rich in their own right ..I’m not talking about our normal aid packages to countries we have committed to but outsiders..
      Why are we helping them yet we cannot keep our farmers and their stock fed ?
      Without our farms we will have to import our food or bring in outside labourers from another country to farm here.. neither is a palatable option.
      Anyway that is it from me… I’ve said what is on my mind… thankyou.

    • Gary
      Gary says:

      I couldn’t agree more Bruce. I have an idea to break the stranglehold. If everyone were to place the 2 major parties last on the voting papers all hell would break loose!

  4. Julie clark
    Julie clark says:

    Keep going pauline. Lots of older aussies
    Love you but .cant work computers to let you know I am sure you don’t know
    Just how many people are behind you
    Please keep us informed…. d

  5. William
    William says:

    What One Nation Senators need to do is get behind Pauline and vote along party lines. Thats what the big parties have done for a hundred years. Those Senators that don’t get all there wishes coming true will still likely have eighty-five percent come true. Imagine those Senators who think that they can publicly confront basic policy and bring disunity into the party…what were they thinking? The basic line that needs to be remembered is that none of the Senators in ONE NATION have been elected on their own merits… they are there flying on the coat-tails of Pauline.

  6. Peter Greenfield
    Peter Greenfield says:

    The two parties that make up the mainstream ones are really merging into one. Both with the aid of the Greens are selling Australia out for peanuts. Just to appease the illegal immigrants and their religious views. We need some political action from politicians with some GUTS like One Nation who value the Austrian ways and own up to Christian values
    You have my vote all the way. Keep up the great work.

  7. Raymond Marendaz
    Raymond Marendaz says:

    The media highlight the amount of people who have left One Nation classing it as a disaster, I class the lose of these people as the process of democracy in action . Whilst its puts pressure on the Party it mean you get better through better processes.
    There is that many poor, lack and neglected decisions that the Turnball Government has lost total credibility. Allowing the selling of Australian prime industries, Allowing Universities to teach Ideology, AGL to import natural gas, renewable energy subsidies. Allowing the teaching of political Correctness and agenda in our schools, Allowing the banning of words like Mankind. Guy, manmade, etc. The list goes on. The economy growth whist necessary is a smoke screen for the Government. Our debt is high, household debt is on of the highest in the western world.
    Personal debt is that high, if interest rate increase up by 3% an estimated 25000 will loose their homes. That’s it for the present. Raymond Marendaz

  8. Michael McDonald
    Michael McDonald says:


    I post this on any FB post dealing whit Australian politics. I get lots of likes.

    DRAIN THE SWAMP, don’t vote Liberal, Labor or Greens. Vote for minor party’s and send these leaches in the Sheltered Workshop in Canberra a loud message, WE DON’T WANT YOU… it now 👌


  9. Lochie
    Lochie says:

    We “ALL” know the Banksters own “ALL” the Media, & the Major parties who lie & steal for them are becoming minor parties !
    People are awakening to Agenda 21, & the NWO criminal activities spearheaded by Rothschilds who own the western banks & profit for Israhell on wars & dividing people!
    The people care about TRUE SOVEREIGNTY, & National banks, Same thing Putin has kicked out Rothschild that’s why the Zionist media attack him, When Liberals defect they attack them saying you “MUST” unite with your leader, when scum like that last guy defect from One Nation they say she is a dictator Pathetic! Go BRICS!
    Go Pauline & THANKYOU.

  10. Hartmut Knitschke
    Hartmut Knitschke says:

    Australia needs politicians with balls Sorry Pauline But you have them.You should know by that big businesses and the media will try to silence us. We will support you .May the turn coats root in Hell.

  11. Catherine
    Catherine says:

    Our two party system is definitely not working as Ian Moore has said. The Liberals are elected based on their promises and most likely die hard supporters who vote for them no matter what anyway and don’t think about who or what they’re voting for. The Labor Party then blocks everything despite the assumption that the Liberals have the mandate that the majority of Australians approve of their policies. They therefore make void the democratic process and cause nothing but stagnation in the parliament. Nothing is achieved year after year. We need people like you, Pauline, to shake them up and change the balance of power.

  12. Jared
    Jared says:

    I think we need to group up with the australian conservatives and liberty alliance to make one large powerful right wing party which can take down liberal and labor. Yes i am a one nation member but i think we need to take it to the next step and bring in other powerful political figures from the right such as avi yemini and cory bernadi. The news of this 3 percent increase is good, but we need more numbers and unity on the right. There is too much splintering of parties on the conservative right and if it stays like that i can’t see us growing fast enough to become the new big 3rd party. It’s time to think about the future before it’s too late.

    • Mal
      Mal says:

      We dont have to be a united coalition , we just have to vote the same on important issues (common sense issues ), & stop doing deals for some small partys votes !

  13. Robert
    Robert says:

    Yep never been a member of a political party. But have joined one nation. Have always been a Liberal voter but jumped ship after Turnbull stabbed Tony Abbott in the back. Making allegations of Polls and his communications being better but if anything they have proven to be worse.
    His cabinet in the Majority are inexperienced and only there because Turnbull promised them a position for their vote. One Nation is our only solution to STOP THE ROT and TO DRAIN THE SWAMP.

  14. Doug Moss
    Doug Moss says:

    When someone will make assumptions as such that One Nation is on a downward trend is when it is known that the two major parties are feeling the heat and are trying desperately to unbalance you and your party and what you believe in . If One Nation can get a larger voice in Parliament and keep the two gutless major parties on their toes instead of tearing this country apart for their own benefit this country will become a better place for every Australian. Recently a massive pay rise was awarded to all our hard working politicians who are so hard worked they only work six months of the year. The other six months they cruise about on holidays on hard earnt tax payers money who are finding it increasing harder to stay alive on their measley wage and raise their family. As said before if anybody believes we live in a Democracy they they are fooling themselves as was said by a retiring judge in the past we live in a semi socialistic society. Keep the pressure up Pauline never give up .


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