Melbourne’s African Youth Rampage

“Stay inside and lock your doors.” This was the message police gave to terrified residents in Melbourne as gangs of African youths brawled, destroyed public property and attacked police.

Tell us again how Melbourne doesn’t have a problem with violent African gangs?

From the AustralianWritten by Samantha Hutchinson, Reported by Remy Varga.

Victoria Police have defended not arresting any of the dozens of youths of African appearance who set upon officers last, hurled rocks at their cars and smashing a windscreen, saying it was a short term tactical decision.

Police ordered people in ­Bronte Way, Taylors Hill, in Melbourne’s west, to lock their doors as they tried to gain control of a group that had gathered at about 7pm in a nearby park.

Projectiles, believed to be rocks, were hurled at officers and a police car was damaged before heavily armed specialist officers were called in.

Melbourne CBD and West Divisions Commander Tim Hansen said the gang of 100 were actually two groups who had met up to fight.

“It looked like it was two groups that had come together because of pre-existing tensions between the two groups and they had agreed to meet u[ there to have a fight initially,” he told 3AW.

Commander Hansen said the goal of police last night was to disperse the group.

“The short term objectives last night were to make the residents safe, and disperse that group and return a good order to that residential area.” he said.

He said an investigation was launched last night and police would be making moves today.

“I think you’ll find us moving through the western suburbs today at different times, speaking to people” he said. “I just want to reassure everyone we take a zero tolerance approach to this sort of behaviour.”

Taxi drivers were warned on their in-car message boards to avoid the area “due to a riot”.

No arrests had been made in the two hours after the violence broke out but police said they had “dispersed” the crowd.

One resident told the Herald Sun that police had told them the youths had gathered for “war”.

“I had to wait for (about) seven or eight to move from my driveway when I tried to drive into my garage,” a resident said.

Resident Peter Lazaridis told the Herald Sun he saw 30 youths of African appearance congregate at a local park. “I’m s**t scared,” Mr Lazaridis said

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  1. David
    David says:

    Please explain why these unruly people are allowed to cause so much violence and chaos with the authorities allowing it all to happen with no arrests?
    Australia needs to nip this problem in the bud now: return these unsuitable people back to their own country of origin. There culture and abuse of Australia is unacceptable.

    • Steve Sansom
      Steve Sansom says:

      DEFINATELY !!!!
      Move Sarah Hanson Dumb into these neighbourhoods to wake the dumb b##ch up !!!

    • Joseph Ellul
      Joseph Ellul says:

      In my opinion, politicians world wide have agreed to open up borders of Western nations to degrade the working conditions and wages of tradesmen etc. There is a conspiracy and Soros is complicit in this. The import of criminal ethnics serves a purpose to keep us from seeing the truth. The police seem to be in favour of not taking action now as this will allow them to ask for more power and etter weapons to enforce the law……against those who oppose ethnic criminals.

    • sunthunder
      sunthunder says:

      The reason this type of behaviour is allowed to happen in the suburbs is because no one who could do something about this situation lives there. Australia has too may bleeding hearts to be sensible about this problem.

    ROBERT says:


    • scott
      scott says:

      All part of the Globalist agenda to destroy western countries… The whole racist debate is a lie to completely remove white peoples rights to protect their history and culture.

    • Ben
      Ben says:

      Dead right Robert.
      Police say zero tolerance for this sort of behaviour yet they made no arrest???? Please explain!! Without any deterance these people will continue this unexceptionable behaviour. Some gang members said”police cannot do anything to us”. It proved to be correct.

    • B Wood
      B Wood says:

      Hello Robert,
      I fully agree with your sentiments whole heartedly. The trouble is we live in a beautiful country area and I can tell you, we do not want them here either. There is not enough work for our own young ones let alone disruptive, lazy intruders that just won’t fit in. We already have a few black ones here and they are NOT good workers, as my son was working with one. Also I know for a fact that immigrants of a certain faith have changed the beautiful country town of Young. We have friends who live close by and they said the tone of the place has changed – and not for the better. Immigration is NOT working.

    • Virginia
      Virginia says:

      There are no jobs in rural and remote think again. We don’t have the infrastructure or the policing to accommodate these trouble makers. So you can keep em

    • Lincoln Dujaburra
      Lincoln Dujaburra says:

      Unless you are Aboriginal yourself, which I highly doubt because of your hate of that race, then you should go back to YOUR own country.

  3. john drew
    john drew says:

    Round them up and put them in work camps pending their deportation back to Africa where they actually belong.

    • Johannes Gelens
      Johannes Gelens says:

      put 2 meters of sand over the lot and forget about it……close all borders and send ALL Do–gooders to afrika……………….problem solved

  4. James E. Bryan
    James E. Bryan says:

    I am definitely not happy with this situation and it is part of the reason I have joined Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party as no one else will even discuss it.

  5. Ricardo Anasco
    Ricardo Anasco says:

    I’m sooo angry at all this; these people have no respect for anybody; I think that we should send them back to their country but with the complete family and I think that when you do 1, 2 or 3 the rest will think four times before they even look bad at anybody. I’m so grateful to Australia that give me a place of peace, a good way of life and I will give my life for Australia and for Australians and if it is up to me these people will not stay in Australia more than a week and anybody that do not like Australia, Australians and our way of life they can pack up and live before you keep poisoning this Beautiful Country with your ideas and “so call culture”, this is our culture and if you do not like it get out of here, we do not have and will not change our culture to accommodate you, we give you a place of peace and you do not like it so go back to your culture and your country and let us continuos be in peace and a good democracy; (something that you don’t understand).

  6. Lesley
    Lesley says:

    Apparently we can’t send them back where they came from because their lives will be in danger!!
    Intelligent people told the government dozens of times that they shouldn’t be allowed to land and get off the boats but they were ignored. Now our lives are in dange.

  7. Denis Mouttet
    Denis Mouttet says:

    Welcome to African culture. We have brought this on ourselves and this is just the beginning. We’ve not seen the worst yet. Believe me, I have lived among these people before migrating to Australia 32 years ago. It is a cultural thing. These people who are welcomed here as so-called refugees will drag our country and our way of life into the mud. Violence is their way of life and they always want something for nothing. Members of these gangs should be deported before the rot actually steps in. Get them out. On the other hand, the Chinese and Indians are productive people. That is part and parcel of their culture and, selectively, I am not against their migration although I feel that too should be controlled. We are on the brink of losing our Australian way of life. Open your eyes and look around you. Let your political representatives know that enough is enough.

  8. Lorraine
    Lorraine says:

    I agree with all the sentiments here. We should have zero tolerance one strike you are automatically deported. If under age your family goes with you.

  9. Tom
    Tom says:

    It is about time the so-called “zero tolerance” should be truely applied. There were enough police to have arrested anyone who was involved in clearly what was an unlawful assembly which the police felt was a clear danger to residents. We should not have our lives and safety threatened by such thugs. They have forgone any entitlement to remain in Australia.

  10. Gregory De Maine
    Gregory De Maine says:

    Yes this is typical of these left wing space cadets in Melbourne thinking that if they allow this garbage into our country that some how they will all go to heaven.
    I used to live in Belgium 18 years ago and a business woman there in Antwerp (about in her mid 50’s) told me that they made the same mistake. They thought that by letting the North Africans in, that their soles would be some how cleansed and they would go to heaven. Well 20 years later (in 2001 at the time), 90% of the crime in Antwerp was still African (mainly Moroccan). They don’t want to work, they just sit around collecting unemployment benefits and getting up to mischief. You see all of the good North African people stayed in Africa because they were happy with their productive stable lives in their own home. Only the garbage went to Belgium seeking something for nothing and or escaping a jail sentence.
    You know there are good Africans here in Australia who have the same opinion as me. Also one of my favourite people in the world now is Ayaan Hirsi Ali so do give this racist nonsense. Yes we want a multicultural society but it must be managed; opening up the flood gates is big mistake!

  11. Jessie Tapping
    Jessie Tapping says:

    They should be all sent back from where they come from.Believe me they have no respect for our culture.I do agree we are losing our Australian way of life.Migration should be stooped .You can see violence is their way of life,Australia wake up open your eyes and look around enough is enough.

  12. Judith
    Judith says:

    Any other country with a rabble like this lot would have been stomped on who is paying this government to ignore these hoodlums send them back to their own crappy country we don’t want them destroying Australia

  13. Gary Laidlaw
    Gary Laidlaw says:

    What do expect from a people with an average I Q of low 70s ( check it out on google ) also professor Philip Rushton & Dr Richard Lyn.
    Why do the politicians with the police call them African appearance ? They are Africans

  14. Ian Fletcher
    Ian Fletcher says:

    If they continue to disobey the law,with no arrests.They will continue to turn Australia into a shit hole.These Sudanese control the streets, time will come when they will kill someone.As the Victorian Police Minister and Victorian Police Commissioner have said,Victoria has no signs of Sudanese criminal activity, especially no Sudanese apex gang activity.People of African appearance [Sudanese]roaming the streets like wild dogs,police powerless to act and powerless to control.

  15. Angela
    Angela says:

    If these people were genuine refugees they would want to become Australian in their outlook and way of life. If they want to continue in their own warlike ways then they have no place here! We don’t need these types in Australia. We don’t want them. Send them back to continue living in the way which they obviously prefer. Australians should not be subjected to them. They are terrorists.It has become too easy for people to come to Australia who do not have integration into OUR way of life in their hearts but instead wish to force THEIR beliefs onto us. Our so-called leaders seem to worry more about how we might look to other countries instead of looking after the interests of Australia. You don’t have to be Einstein – just see what has happened to Europe with it’s ‘open door’ policy thanks to Angela Merkel and her ilk! It is now out of control. Strong control of immigration is desperately needed and a better balance. It has become obvious that just about anyone can come here now without being vetted properly.

  16. Scott Dixon
    Scott Dixon says:

    Unfortunately Australias politicians of either persuasion have sunk to a level where they will do anything for you as long as you ARE NOT AUSTRALIAN. In the Austraia of today the only people with rights are criminals and politicians, victims have NONE. If we had taken the correct action and immediately at the first sign of lawlessness deported those we have very generously offered asylum these problems would not exist. To watch the police making excuses and defending thes pieces of human excrement makes one ashamed to call youself Australian.

    • Rjay
      Rjay says:

      These African immigrants want to create the Hell here that they left behind.
      Check out what’s happend in Zimbabwe. This state used to be the Bread basket of the world. A supplier of quality produce throughout the world. Then the insane
      Robert Mugabe gained power through violence and total corruption. He then kicked all the white farmers off their land, placed natives into the vacated farms, within a very short time the farms became a neglected. waste land. The violence still continues there today. Now the savages have migrated here and if allowed will destroy our beautiful country into the sewer that they escaped from.

      Our pussy footed governments are weak and pathetic to the extreme. Get TOUGH !!! SEND THEM BACK Don’t let any more in unless they are skilled and have a sponsor to vouch for a job and who will take on their responsibility for them.
      For Australia’s sake, Wake up all politicians. Don’t let these morons ruin our country..

  17. John Leggett
    John Leggett says:

    How much longer can Australia afford to keep importing debt ie so called refugees who land here in Paradise – you dont have a job dont worry we will give you money AND a house to live in. Victorian politicians have a case to answer here – they have a duty of care to protect their citizens.
    Also, the reporting by the ABC is just shameful – avoiding any detail at all “a disturbance.

  18. Bron
    Bron says:

    We have such week politicians! they need to be tougher on these people . SEND THEM BACK TO THEIR COUNTRY OF ORIGIN! We don’t want them here!

  19. Tony
    Tony says:

    Send them back to where they or thier parents came from.
    They do NOT deserve our hospitality, here in Australia.

  20. Danny Kooyong
    Danny Kooyong says:

    Any migrant who commits a violent or major crime should be automatically deported to their country of origin.
    No doubt, I’ll be voting PHON in the upcoming Vic election.

  21. Steve D.
    Steve D. says:

    I’m nearly 62 yrs old, I am a law abiding citizen who pays my tax & have done for years.
    I have lived & worked with many different cultures including an Aboriginal in the ARMY, who would go on walkabout & NEVER get charged for beiing AWOL. Set of rules for him & one for me. I never did understand WHY & still don’t. He also lived in a Married quarter in Puckapunyal Vic, what a mess….You wouldn’t put your dog in there ! DISGUSTING !….My parents in law built a house to retire in Vanuatu, they were continually robbed – White man has it they should have it too…I am very tollerant of mixed race BUT I think I have had a GUT FULL ! …GET RID OF THEM NOW. send then back to where they came from….I’m over it ! ZERO TOLLERANCE NOW.

  22. smithy
    smithy says:

    Victoria is an absolute joke of a State. Easily the softest state in Australia; that turns a blind eye to violence and anarchy, especially when it’s conducted by immigrants and/or refugees.

    Dan Andrews, The Greens and others here are ruining this State. Shameful.

    Vote for One Nation in the November Election!

  23. Colin Timms
    Colin Timms says:

    I am sick and tired of this Governments soft approach to this violence by these African immigrants who bring with them their baggage. It is time we took a hard line on these gangs by sending them back to their country of origin before we become no different to their own country. For “God sake” lets do something before it is to late! This is our country, our rules, our laws, so don’t abuse them and if they are looking for a better life adapt or get out of our country. This Government needs to grow some balls!!! I will definitely vote ONE NATION

  24. Max G-B
    Max G-B says:

    All refugee’s and immigrants should be given “provisional only” citizenship where “one strike you are out” applies. Hence if anyone from their family or family connection breaks the law that pollutes and dilutes our culture or brings unrest to our peaceful way of life; then they and their family are sent back (never to return) to where they came from. This will encourage their families to take control of all within their group to behave and become a positive influence in our society ( if they wish to stay and not abuse our hospitality ) or else they ALL go back.

  25. Gary Watto
    Gary Watto says:

    This is supposed to be the lucky Country ?? lucky for who ?? luck for them as they would be shot in there own country, but they some how get in to Australia and be-live me they know more about our laws than we do, they are not afraid of our police not like in they own country where they would get far more than what our police are aloud to do,
    Deport them back to where they come from, then again they don’t want them either they just more problems they got to worry about
    Give our police the same powers that they have over there and see what happens send them back to where they come from and gets some control on who is coming to our great country

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