Merry Christmas from Mark

The Left get offended by the term 'HAPPY CHRISTMAS' - so we're saying it. Have a great Christmas everyone and look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail in January.

Posted by Mark Latham's Outsiders on Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Merry Christmas from Mark Latham

The Left get offended by the term ‘HAPPY CHRISTMAS’ – so we’re saying it. Have a great Christmas everyone and look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail in January.

“Hi I’m Mark Latham, New South Wales One Nation Leader. The PC Lefties hate it but I’m going to say it: Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas, have a great time in the festive season.

This is the best time of the year, spending time with loved ones, family, friends. So please enjoy it and I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail in 2019.

One Nation’s doing great things for New South Wales with the State election in March, so enjoy this holiday period and all the very best for the new year.”

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    • Ben Casey
      Ben Casey says:

      Mark Latham is more than correct, the lefties hate Christmas
      It’s becoming a political act now to light up the Christmas tree and to decorate your house with Christmas lights
      so light up your house with Christmas lights and defend our Western culture and Christianity
      Merry Christmas to everyone at the great one nation party

  1. Graeme Lyle
    Graeme Lyle says:

    ONYA Guys Keep Up Thd Great Work And Have s “Much Deserved Break And a Merry Blessed Christmas The Season to Celebrate Jesus Birth ( You Know The One That “All The Enemies Of God Hate”
    Cheers ~ Graeme Lyle Melbourne/Victoria.

  2. Ronald Kelly
    Ronald Kelly says:

    Thank you Mark your wishes are appreciated, To Yourself,Pauline and all the one nation party,
    l wish you all the very best for the new year, you all do a great job.

  3. Ad
    Ad says:

    Some history as to how people managed to get so worked up over the word “Christmas.”

    People who aren’t christians, including atheists, were fed up with christians insisting that only they should be able to celebrate Christmas, when it was originally a non-christian festival (winter solstice/Saturnalia). It was never originally called Christmas, but someone thought it was a good idea to claim it to be Jesus’ birthday and hijack the festivities all to themselves. Good luck finding anything about Santa Claus in the bible.

    Incidentally this led to people behaving like they were the centre of the universe, and now people are offended if you use the word Christmas, which while somewhat understandable, has now blown up into a completely ridiculous situation. A bit like the Greens insisting on changing “Australia Day” to “Invasion Day” or something ridiculous.

    Having said all that, I’d rather keep the church and state separate, since having the church meddle with state affairs is just as dangerous as leftist/terrorist nutcases running the show, so to me this is a bit like gay marriage: not the most important issue in the world.

  4. Joy
    Joy says:

    Thankful to say that One Nation are growing in strength and how great to have Mark on board. We believe and depend on you soooo much to ‘ make Australia great ‘ Harvesting water, accessible and cheaper energy, back to basics in education are absolute needs for us all. Our support to you.


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