The Cashless Welfare Card - Who profits from it?

Show Aussies you are for everyone and stand against the punitive LNP's CDC. The only people who benefit are politicians. The LNP wants to extend the CDC to everyone who receives benefits across Australia and that will include Age Pensioners who paid extra tax to fund their pension all their working life! As soon as people become eligible for the Aged Pension they will automatically be labelled a drunk, a druggo and someone addicted to poker machines who can't budget their money. It's a slap in the face for all Aussies and it costs the taxpayers $12,000 for every card issued and then a further $12,000 in annual admin fees. The question is 'Who benefits from the money making CDC?' Aussies certainly don't. The CDC is destructive in all trial zones with a rise in crime statistics including suicides, family breakdown, family violence, theft and break ins. The current LNP is the greediest bunch of criminals ever to sit in parliament! Break from their ranks and say NO to the expansion of the CDC and promise to eliminate it once you have power. This is a huge issue and anyone who supports the CDC is an enemy to the People of Australia!

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