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A down-to-earth average bloke, Allan is used to getting his hands dirty and never saw himself going down the road of politics—but enough is enough. With 'politics as usual' serving only the interests of politicians and their cronies, and utterly failing to represent everyday Australians, Allan sees an urgent need for change.

Allan feels lucky to have grown up with the example of hardworking parents and he had a better than average childhood growing up on 10 acres at Callignee. 

After finishing school, Allan started his apprenticeship as a fitter and turner, following in his father's footsteps and he travelled around Australia on multiple projects. It was through these opportunities Allan developed key attributes such as a strong work ethic, attention to detail, determination, resilience, and the importance of family. "By getting behind apprenticeship programs and supporting trade building courses One Nation helps more people head towards their future goals."

"I'm sick of seeing the average person and family struggling with everyday life because of promises of trickledown economics that the major parties have sold to the people when in reality I know that the average Australian needs real practical help. Help should not be given to the top end of town with the lie it will somehow trickle down and help the average family. Problems and concerns need to be addressed at the source—at ground level—and these same problems solved with genuine community involvement so that real positive change can happen.”

Allan is passionate about addressing issues such as mandates and discrimination against people who are now out of work or are facing losing their jobs, over having genuine concerns about the safety and efficacy of the current roll-out of Covid-19 vaccines.

"I'm concerned about the pandemic of mental health issues cropping up in our kids and what the next generation is facing. The fear, anxiety, and depression need addressing in our communities, especially after the last few years with the current Labor government's handling of COVID.

"Politicians need to stand up for the people and prevent future lockdowns and coercion of people. For this reason, I support Pauline Hanson's call for a broad Royal Commission to look into what triggered the disproportionate response to COVID which has caused so much harm."

Allan supports a wide range of important issues such as ensuring stable full-time jobs for Australians first and foremost. He particularly wants to get behind projects that will bring down the cost of living for everyday Australians. "I'm all for exposing those sham agreements from multinational corporations that are detrimental to Australia."

Allan is asking for your support to make some proactive changes for Monash.

"I’ll listen and work towards legitimate fixes for issues in my electorate without the duck-shoving we've all come to expect from the current crop of politicians."

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Allan is asking for your support to make some proactive changes for Monash. He will listen and work towards legitimate fixes for important issues without the duck-shoving we've all come to expect from the current crop of politicians. #OneNationAus #auspol