Morrison Government Goes Soft On Illegal Asylum Seekers

Nauru Illegal Asylum Seekers Moved to Australia

The Coalition Government have backflipped on their commitment to ban illegal asylum seekers settling in Australia, after caving into minority public pressure.The secret transfer of illegal boat people from Nauru to a number of Australian capital cities has been revealed by the ABC. At no point was the Government forthcoming with this information and instead hoped that the public wouldn't find out.When you travel across numerous safe countries and pay people smugglers to travel by boat to Australia, I'm sorry, you're not a genuine refugee.#Auspol #OneNation #PaulineHanson

Posted by Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party on Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Nauru planes have delivered the first lot of illegal asylum seekers to Adelaide from the island nation after the Government said they’d never resettle in Australia.

One Nation is not happy about the backflip the government have taken on this matter.

We have no doubt that the 14,000 asylum seekers currently in Indonesia will be making plans to further test Australia’s borders.

The secret transfer of illegal boat people from Nauru to a number of Australian capital cities has been revealed by the ABC. At no point was the Government forthcoming with this information and instead hoped that the public wouldn’t find out.

When you travel across numerous safe countries and pay people smugglers to travel by boat to Australia, I’m sorry, you’re not a genuine refugee.

Pauline Hanson says the Government have backflipped on border security

I spoke with Andrew Bolt tonight from out the front of my old fish and chip shop in Silkstone (Ipswich).We discussed the Governments backflip on bringing illegal asylum seekers back to Australia even though they claimed they'd never come to Australia. EVER!No wonder people don't trust politicians.Our borders have been weakened as a result of the Government going soft and caving into minority groups. I give it weeks before attempts are made to by the 14,000 illegal asylum seekers in Bali before they jump on boats, bound for Australia.#Auspol #OneNation #PaulineHanson #Indonesia #ScottMorrison

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Thursday, November 1, 2018

From SBS

Nauru detainees flown to South Australia: Refugee advocates

By James Elton-Pym

Nauru Airlines planes have been seen at Adelaide airport, and advocates say they are aware of four or more families that had arrived in the past fortnight.

Asylum-seeker families are being quietly flown from Australia’s offshore processing centre on Nauru to Adelaide, according to some advocates.

Nauru Airlines does not fly commercially to Adelaide, but its planes have been seen at the airport as recently as Monday.

The latest monthly figures from Border Force are for the month from September 1 to September 30, when there were no asylum seekers transferred to Australia or any other country.

But some families have been moved more recently, according to advocates on the ground who work with asylum seekers.

Activate Church pastor Brad Chilcott told SBS News he was aware of between four and seven families that had arrived in Adelaide from Nauru over the past four weeks. They were all families that included young children who needed urgent medical care and were now receiving it at Adelaide’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital, he said.

Mr Chilcott has not been in direct contact with the families since they arrived, but has worked with previous medical transfer cases in Adelaide. Until now, most medical transfers were triggered by Federal Court orders, despite attempts from the Home Affairs department to prevent them.

He said the government was still insisting all the families would be returned to Nauru once they were medically fit – but predicted doctors would be reluctant to sign off on returning patients to the Pacific island nation.

The asylum seeker advocate said there were “political realities” forcing the government to proactively move the families. The election of independent Kerryn Phelps in Wentworth raised the prospect of a Labor, Greens and crossbench revolt  to bring all children from offshore detention centres to Australia.

Earlier in the week, prime minister Scott Morrison said the number of children on Nauru had halved in nine weeks. “We’ve been getting about this quietly, we haven’t been show-boating about it,” he said.

SBS News has contacted the Department of Home Affairs for more information, including on whether the families are only in Australia for temporary medical treatment.

A spokesperson responded to the series of questions with a single line:

“The Department does not provide specific details on the transfer arrangements of individuals.”

Defence minister Christopher Pyne, the government’s most senior South Australian, said he was not aware of the specific details.

“I don’t know if that’s to Adelaide, I haven’t made those inquiries, I’ve only seen that story myself this morning, but if that’s the case I think most people would welcome that outcome,” he told 5AA radio on Wednesday.

The government has been under pressure from Labor, the Greens and some members of the crossbench to transfer the roughly 50 remaining children and their families from Nauru to Australia for medical assessment.

The push is also supported by the Australian Medical Association.

17 replies
    • Bob taylor
      Bob taylor says:

      Pauline,you are completely right,they will use the children to open the door,they will breed like rabbits to gain entry,on top of this the problem will be compounded if we are silly enough to vote in Shorten .

  1. Danny Kooyong
    Danny Kooyong says:

    If the children come, then the mothers have to come.
    If the mothers come, then the rest of the family will come too.
    Then the village…

    What you have to keep in mind is that lefties are never satisfied. You give them an inch and they will take it for a mile.
    Never do anything the left tells you. Do not budge even that inch.

  2. Glynis Robinson
    Glynis Robinson says:

    Don’t bring them here for medical assessment. Send a Medical Team there to assess them. Also if they have destroyed their ID papers then they have to be sent back to where they came from. .

  3. Angel Elecharri
    Angel Elecharri says:

    No one of the so-called “Refugees” should entry to Australia.I’m sick and tired of the Politicians, Greens and Human Rights advocates that don’t care about the Australian Citizens. What about our Homeless people, Pensioners, Crimes and home invasions, Road congestions, lack of infrastructure,etc.etc.and on top, they want to bring more people with the only self-benefit of getting more votes and secure their financial well being.Pauline Hanson you are the only Hope for this Country.

  4. Ralphy
    Ralphy says:

    Australia cannot support our rapid growth rate. Our school hospitals police ambulance roads doctors nurses and power suppliers cannot cope with where we are at today . Australia is losing it way

  5. David
    David says:

    Why can’t these illegal asylum seeks be sent to an offshore refugee camp and join the ques with all the others. Maybe its time Australia and other countries withdrew from the UN Refugee Convention. I was recently in London and was shocked how its gone down hill so much since their massive immigration program.I can see Australia heading the same way.

  6. Denis Mouttet
    Denis Mouttet says:

    So who’s surprised?? Set of gutless politicians always ready to sell off this country. We spend millions of dollars of taxpayers funds on illegal refugees but the poor and hungry in our society are totally disregarded. Sickening! Don’t they get it? A big NO to refugee settlement. No more.

  7. John McDermott
    John McDermott says:

    There are already 65 specialised medical staff in Nauru assigned specifically for these illegals, That’s a lot more percentage wise than any where else in Australia. Over 2000 cases of neglect and Child Abuse this year in NT. Where’s their medical specialists. Message to people smugglers, kidnap small children and your guaranteed a life on welfare in Australia,


    Its not the Australian Government pulling the strings but the UN and soros of the NWO as to what and how many scumbags disease ridden goat shagging free loaders that are sent here and if shortlegs gets in the amount of these things to be sent here we will be over run inside 6 months

  9. self
    self says:

  10. Daniel James Quinn
    Daniel James Quinn says:

    Can we just get the people of Australia to give a vote of NO Confidence in both the Labor and Liberal parties already, and install Pauline as our new PM? There is no doublespeak from her, she says what a lot of us are already thinking without worrying about this perpetually outraged, PC touting, social media keyboard terrorist generation are going to find to attack. The so-called major parties are too scared of what these people are going to latch onto and that just debilitates their capability to lead this country properly. Let’s get back to real leadership for our country that protects the people of our country!

  11. Theresa Kent
    Theresa Kent says:

    Pauline is correct. They use the children to get into Australia. They hurt their own children to gain access into Australia.
    Send a medical team to them while they are there. Have a clinic/surgery on Nauru. Fix them then send them home pronto.

  12. Joy
    Joy says:

    We are all sympathetic to the plight of these ‘refugee’ children and Australia I.e. Scott and Peter D are seemingly doing their best to accomodate the aforesaid. Did I hear correctly in the video clip that Sarah H. Y. whined that more needs to be done!!! Did she offer her open house to take in a few families. Or perhaps it was what I would like to hear from these bleeding hearts in Adelaide (S.H.Y.) and the Wentworth electorate…particularly Point Piper and surrounds. Talk is so cheap!

  13. Angela
    Angela says:

    Furious with Morrison. Expected nothing less from Bimbo Hansen Young but hope that her property is big enough to put a few of these illegals up! Why does nobody disclose the devastation that unlimited numbers of these people have imposed on UK and Europe? What were once beautiful and peaceful places have now become melting pots for criminals of the worst kind. I thank God that I have no grandchildren. I worry enough about my kids. Once these awful people have overcome Christian beliefs and dominated the world – what then? Where will their tribal law take them? War and more war but to achieve what? All that honest men have fought and died for will have been for nothing except to go back to the world of hideous slavery!
    Time the bleeding hearts looked at what has happened in UK and Europe and were honest
    about it. Time also that the media stopped letting themselves be bullied by these people and climbed out of their apathetic shells and admitted that what has happened in UK and beyond WILL happen here.

  14. JG
    JG says:

    A small but important point: by definition an “Asylum seeker” cannot be illegal. Asylum seeker is a legal status. This said, I do agree with the article and I believe it is important to be tough on immigration.


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