Nats Kill Dairy Rescue Bill

One Nation continued its fight to defend the dairy industry this week with One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson forcing the Senate to debate and vote on her Dairy Rescue Bill.

Senator Hanson personally wrote to every federal Nationals MP and Senator, explaining why this was so important and asking them to cross the floor in support of her bill. Despite this, the Nationals refused to support Senator Pauline Hanson’s Dairy Rescue Bill. This meant that when it went to the vote last Monday, it was defeated 31-30.

It was a tough outcome, but the battle is far from over, and we will continue to pursue every avenue we can to make sure all Australian farmers are given a fair go.

Senator Hanson continued to challenge the government over their miss handling of the problems facing the dairy industry.

Following an extremely evasive response to Senator Hanson during question time over the drawing of the poorly received Dairy Code of Conduct, Senator Hanson went so far as to call for Ag Minister Bridget McKenzie’s resignation. 

One Nation was also able to win a vote in the Senate that should force the Government to make the discussion between Minster McKenzie, her department and groups that may have influenced the direction of the Code of Conduct public.

We won't give up on this, and we will continue to hold the Government to account over its failures.

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