NBN "KILLING" WA BUSINESS | "It's killing us..it's killing us" WA Cabinets owner Phil Edman.This week I visited a local business,south of Perth which is being forced to fork out thousands of dollars over another NBN Australia headache!Looks like it’s up to Pauline Hanson's Please Explain to save the day again!#Auspol #OneNation #PeterGeorgiou

Posted by Peter Georgiou - One Nation Senator for Western Australia on Tuesday, October 30, 2018

NBN Killing Businesses

“It’s killing us..it’s killing us” WA Cabinets owner Phil Edman.

This week Peter Georgiou visited a local business, south of Perth which is being forced to fork out thousands of dollars over another NBN Australia headache!

Owner Phil Edman said that despite being a former Liberal member of Parliament, Peter Georgiou was the only person to actually respond to his issue and take the time to listen. Looks like it’s up to Pauline Hanson’s One Nation to save the day again!

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  1. tom-paul jagg
    tom-paul jagg says:

    What is going on with Australia, are we being controlled by the US… I Honestly think we are. Come on Australia, be proud and get your POWER back.

    • A. E.
      A. E. says:

      Ideally I would LOVE to be proud to be Aussie again. However if I had to choose about who wil own us, I’d pick America over China any day.

      • Allan Scott
        Allan Scott says:

        I too have lost my proud Aussie status, however it won’t be the Americans or the Chinese who move in here, islam had already colonized this country, the enemy is now here.
        Vietnam Veteran

  2. tom-paul jagg
    tom-paul jagg says:

    This poor business man is so frustrated. SOMEBODY take this on board, fix it, do the job you were voted in to do. I totally understand his frustration. Its down right maddening. Geeez

  3. L Hill
    L Hill says:

    This is the very reason we vote One Nation.
    For years we were die hard LNP voters, never again.
    The lies, corruption and deception are so evident now with Labour and Liberal parties.
    They are supposed to be the voice of the Australian public. Not so, they look after their own interests and these poor small business owners are out in the cold. They are controlled by the US which is a country in turmoil where corporations and the extremely wealthy bank cartel have infiltrated the government.

  4. Ken
    Ken says:

    We had a perfectly good system that is still in place .However we are told we do not know what we are talking about when the nbn system is a complete failure. When speaking to local pollies you get a no response to this serious problem. The nbn is as serious failure as digicel overseas. How is it we opened up an account for telstra. We had a line man arrive to connect up the line and supply a working phone. These phones worked even in disasters until the local power supply of battery back up went flat. This problem could also be over come if a gen set was available in each town affected if telstra were in the business of supplying a system with back up potential. However we are not told a contractor will arrive to install a new line. If you are really lucky one will arrive and do so however there a re now complications.You have to purchase a phone from a shop at your cost. if the power goes off for some reason even just a little black out You Now have no phone service to call in emergencies. if you believe any pollie they will tell you everything is under control.
    That is the good news. We are now beginning to here the horror stories about people who business rely on the phone system. It is a shamble so much so the whole country is in a state of collapse and we do not here any pollie except Pauline Hanson now stand up for Australians in searching for answers. In fact lets turn of the nbn and revert to the copper line system which works reliably. What a shambles of a political system which we now have media controlling how Australia communicate.

  5. jeff carter
    jeff carter says:

    The old landline is the safest in the world , we could have thousands of jobs restored if we revert back, See how many people have died from Phone microwaves,Check Brain Tumor records, that have happened since 2000. Regards Jeff Carter,0755450112

  6. Bruni Brewin
    Bruni Brewin says:

    Absolute farce. Before I moved, I checked whether NBN was available to the area that I was moving to. I was informed that it was. IINet were also informed that it was. When I moved I couldn’t connect to NBN because they didn’t have the infrastructure in place and not enough people that had signed on to NBN. They also wouldn’t give me ADSL until that happened (even though there was a telephone line in the house and the previous owner had ADSL as did the neighbour next door.) They have a monopoly and just don’t care.

  7. Angie Cull
    Angie Cull says:

    I have been forced into submission re connecting to NBN. Nothing wrong with old system BUT.
    Anyway, since connecting I have experienced one problem after another. Each day it’s fingers crossed that either one thing or another won’t drop out! I have been told that the system that Australia is using has been rejected by most other countries. Compliments of Abbott and Turnbull.
    Is there is a politician out there with a brain which is not geared towards setting themselves up for a comfortable life plus perks? Not including Pauline of course. She has proved herself to have more guts than any of them (in spite of the deliberate character assassinations which she has had to endure). Hope the likes of Beatty and Abbott can see this!

    • Grshsme
      Grshsme says:

      First question is this. Do you have FTTN. This is where you still have copper to the home and fibre from near the pillar to the exchange.
      If this is the mode well it is a system asking for problems. It appears NBNCo do not understand the issues.
      Go and ask any PMG or TELECOM technical staff who worked in crossbar exchanged in the late 60’s to 70’s and they will know the issue.


      They have removed the DC power from the line and the above issue has occur. It is not the old copper network but the useless management in charge who do not understand what they are doing..
      The network should of been fully sealed in introduction of NBN but that still would not of fixed all issues.

      Pauline you need to ask this question.
      Does NBNCo understand the issue with NO WETTING BATTERY that was provided by the DC on the ADSL telephone line.

      The DC would burn away HIGH RESISTANCE JOINTS and keep the service working

    DAVID BAILEY says:

    I have been writing and emailing letters & texts for years on various subjects ands am now ready to quit because it seems i am just wasting my time but i will try one more time on one of my many subjects of STUPID GREEDT GOVERNMENTS
    Why is it that Traffic violation fines are being paid at the highest amount by LOW & PENSIONER earners NB I have just received a $170 fine for speeding 8 kms over the limit( A great deal of my aged (80) Pension. NB if it was for instance Clive Palmer that received a similar infringement notice, he would be paying the fined as myself, which would be just loose change to him .There are certain States in the USA and Countries in Europe where these infringements are paid by a % of earnings ,how much would that % be for a Billionaire ??? if the fine is meant as a deterrent it certainly is for a low income earner
    On a previous occasion i paid a fine of $400(a (almost 100% of my weekly income) for failing to secure my seatbelt .I mentioned to the Police Officer that all they were doing was raising Government Revenue ,he assured mr it wasn’t .i southern said “if that is the case, i can pay my fine to the Charity of my choice” he walked away
    It really seems to me that it is the Australian Pensioners & Low income earners that are keeping this Country afloat and struggling to do so whilst CEOs are thriving on it.

  9. Grahame
    Grahame says:

    When rules are made you are to keep them. A speed sign means you keep below that figure
    Go below you should be booked. In over 40 years of driving I have not been booked once. I always make sure I obey all rules of the road. It is not that hard to do it. You may go close at times but you look at why and take steps to prevent it. It is part of safe driving and being a good driver.
    Went to a safety night when I started driving and they gave basic facts that night. It helped me.
    You going to drive
    First look at the vehicle
    Does everything look right.
    What are you up against in moving your vehicle.
    Start your vehicle.
    Make sure you have control of your vehicle.
    Move off with you in control not the vehicle in control of you.
    In turning make sure you slow up before and then accelerate out of the turn.
    Keep control of your vehicle at all times

    Keep space around you so you can take action if accidents happen.

    This might led to a number of safe driving programs over the years

  10. Grahame
    Grahame says:

    This night was held at Kogarah in old St George Bank Building. We had the top Police, Ambulance and anyone else involved with teaching young drivers. They came out and told us how to not to be a statistic and to survive.
    It is like the nation situation we have now. We need all the information and then action taken URGENTLY.

  11. willow saxby
    willow saxby says:

    Dont change over. The NBN does not work. The phone works intermittently. It is a joke. That message in Victoria I managed to get turned off. Each time they turned it on I got it turned off. I mentioned something that I could do to myself if I could not get my call straight through to emergency help and they turned the message off. Now that my time has come to transfer over, I have suffered at great length with no speed or phone. I can’t use my fax, the phone system went in the bin and we reverted to a new system, the EFTPOS system phone line was converted to wifi and there is little signal here, and my favourite is; during a call the line goes dead. Good luck


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