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A young dad with a young daughter, Mark Watson’s eye is firmly fixed on the Australian family and making the changes that will underpin a bright, prosperous future for our country.

Mark will have a strong focus on investing in Australia’s future with secure and affordable energy for households and business, water security for our farmers, and training a skilled workforce.

“Our governments have failed us. They’ve failed to advance this great nation, and those responsible need to be held accountable. There’s no long-term vision in the major parties. There’s no future with them, just more of the same short-term thinking in the chase for votes they no longer deserve.

“What we need are leaders and representatives with the vision and the courage to see it through. Australia has a bright future ahead of it provided we have governments prepared to invest in it. What happened to nation-building? Why aren’t we preparing for the challenges of the future?

“I’m standing for One Nation in Newcastle because Pauline Hanson is a leader with a vision who puts Australia and Australians first. We want to build this nation with projects that improve the reliability and affordability of energy, secure water for our farmers, the hybrid Bradfield Scheme, new low-emission coal-fired power plants, and get us moving a national fast rail network. These are long-term investments in Australia and for Australians.

“We also need to have a very hard and honest look at our immigration levels. The congestion in our major cities is only getting worse and we’re in a housing crisis. We need to get numbers back to sustainable levels so we’re not just playing catch up with our infrastructure spending. We need to focus on training Australians for Australian jobs.”

Mark is a chef who completed his apprenticeship at a young age.

“Not everyone wants to go to university and not everyone has to. One Nation has a strong record on apprenticeship programs – Pauline Hanson secured a regional scheme from the government that has created more than 3000 apprenticeship placements – and I will be a strong advocate for a national scheme that equips our young people with the skills they and Australia will need.”

Mark will also be an advocate for reforming Australia’s family law and child protection system, tax reform to ensure foreign-owned multinationals pay their fair share of tax and protecting the fundamental principles of Australian democracy.

“Our family law and child support system is broken. Pauline Hanson has already forced changes that have helped family law courts run more efficiently, but there is more to be done to get fairer outcomes for children and parents.

“We need to make a transition to a transaction-based system for foreign-owned multinationals so Australia receives a fair return for the resources these companies are exploiting. We’re not a free-for-all dirt mine. Those resources belong to us.

“I’m standing for One Nation in Newcastle because I want to be a different sort of representative who fights to protect our rights and freedoms instead of discarding them. I will always fight to protect the rights and freedoms of Australians.”

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A young dad with a young daughter, Mark Watson's eye is firmly fixed on the Australian family and making changes that will underpin a bright, prosperous future for our country. Mark is standing for Pauline Hanson's #OneNationAus in Newcastle NSW. #auspol