Rikkie-Lee Tyrrell for Nicholls

Meet our candidate for Nicholls, Rikkie-Lee Tyrrell.

Rikkie has been involved with One Nation since 2019. She has helped the party build a presence in Northern Victoria through her committed dedication and the desire to give voters a real alternative; a conservative party that is actually there for the people.

Unlike the outdated major parties, Rikkie sees in One Nation a future that offers better policy and legislation to benefit her community rather than starve it.

Rikkie has had the privilege of working with Senator Malcolm Roberts to ensure a fair and sound Water Policy is tailored to provide the irrigators of Nicholls with a system that works for them.

"Currently the system is working against the irrigation communities of Nicholls and we are seeing many farming families and members of these communities leaving the area due to poor Water Policy. One Nation offers the integrity and understanding to change this," she said.

Having recently sold their dairy farm due to the impact of drought, Rikkie, her husband Aaron, and two young children know first-hand how legislation can negatively impact both a family business and the family. Fortunately, they are still working in the dairy industry and managing a larger dairy in the same area.

The importance of community and the support it provides to Australian families is what drives Rikkie to stand for her community as a candidate for One Nation.

"They say it takes a village to raise a child. When that village is suffering due to poor governance our children suffer. A strong community builds strong families. This is certainly something worth fighting for.”

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Meet Rikkie-Lee Tyrell, #OneNationAus candidate for Nicholls, Victoria. The importance of community and the support it provides to Australian families is what prompted Rikkie to put herself forward as a candidate for Pauline Hanson's One Nation. #auspol