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Norelle truly cares about people, and it shows in her work and her life’s choices. She has the heart and passion to serve others. Born in South Africa, she moved to Australia with her hard-working family as a young child. Norelle worked in aged care in Launceston for about eight years and since that time she’s watched the standards in that industry slide impacting disastrously on the well-being of our elders and their carers.

After moving to Tasmania’s northwest coast with her young family 20 years ago, Norelle started a home-based childcare business through a Family Day Care scheme. Norelle’s little business was a great success and won Regional Educator of the Year for Tasmania in 2013 through Family Day Care Australia. Norelle was nominated twice more before closing her business to move back to Launceston in December 2017 with her husband and 4 children.

Norelle’s personal philosophy is to make a difference in someone else’s life and to advocate for those who can’t. Over recent years she has been involved in the lives of young people with drug and alcohol addictions and wants to see more TAFE opportunities opened up for those who do not wish to pursue academic education, but instead want to learn a practical trade after year 10. "Just like One Nation, I support jobs for Australians first and foremost and want to see more homegrown tradespeople. One Nation will increase its national apprenticeship scheme and combine that with nation-building infrastructure projects including water, rail, roads, and energy."

In recent years, Norelle has enjoyed working as a disability support worker, but because of her pro-choice stance around mandatory vaccination she was stood down without pay. "The ensuing struggle over my job loss has opened my eyes to all those suffering discrimination because of bureaucratic policies that need urgent change. We urgently need the Royal Commission into COVID which Pauline Hanson has called for. With the support of my family, I’ve chosen to become more involved with One Nation. Already a member, I am now standing up to represent the people and voice the concerns that have been ignored too long."

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With the heart and passion to serve others, Norelle’s personal philosophy is to make a difference in someone else’s life and to advocate for those who can’t. Recent events prompted her to stand for the senate as a representative for #OneNationAus #auspol