Xinnie the Pooh...the godfather...for labour,liberals and greens

Lockdowns and mandates came from china. Labour, liberals and greens voted these in because they believe china is doing right by the people. EXPLICITLY EXPLOIT this fact not only in the next episode but in every podium you get up on. This ain't china mate this is Australia. A vote for labour, liberals and greens is a vote for the CCP as they have shown that what is acceptable in china is good enough for Aus. 'Oh china's locked down a few million for a cold, sounds like we should do the same, is their motto. In the episode show 'xinnie the pooh' standing behind sco mo and anthony in every scene and at the ballot and throw eeyore in there somewhere as well for another politician. You absolutely must have Xinnie the Pooh in there, it should get international attention. Just do a twisted likeness cartoon maybe with Xi's facial features, but use similar voice of Pooh, and put china flag on Pooh's shirt, and instead of Pooh licking his chops while getting into a bowl of 'hunny' put something else on the bowl like 'Aussies' or 'Humanity' to really hit hard, and him saying something like 'You must comply' while putting his little finger up to his mouth like dr.evil from austin powers, and dont forget to put the 'WHO' in there, coming out of his back pocket, singing, with their lead singer Tedros and play a sound clip of the actual who band "with the children at our feet, and the morals that they worship will be gone, and the men who spurred us on, sit in judgement of all wrong, they decide and the shot sings the song" off their song "won't be fooled again" then show a clip with aussies actually voting in response to that at the ballot stations with sound clip from same song with the very next lyrics in the song "I'll tip my hat to the new constitution, take a bow for the new revolution,smile and grin at the change all around, pick up my guitar and play, just like yesterday, and I get on my knees and pray, we dont get fooled again.

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