Get Rid Of Preferences

SCOTT MORRISON SHOULD CHANGE THE VOTING SYSTEMWith Scott Morrison’s announcement that he’d prefer to do a preference deal with the Greens and Labor ahead of One Nation, the voters are not happy.You just have to read the feedback on social media and get out and speak to people.Voters hate the idea they have to number every box and flow their preferences to parties they don’t like.If the Prime Minister doesn’t want to preference One Nation ahead of the Greens and Labor, he should change the voting from compulsory to optional preference voting. That way people have a choice on how many boxes they fill in.A true leader listens to the people.

Posted by Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party on Tuesday, March 19, 2019

One Nation calls to abolish preferences


With Scott Morrison’s announcement that he’d prefer to do a preference deal with the Greens and Labor ahead of One Nation, the voters are not happy.

You just have to read the feedback on social media and get out and speak to people.

Voters hate the idea they have to number every box and flow their preferences to parties they don’t like.

If the Prime Minister doesn’t want to preference One Nation ahead of the Greens and Labor, he should change the voting from compulsory to optional preference voting. That way people have a choice on how many boxes they fill in.

A true leader listens to the people.

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    • Peter Sugden
      Peter Sugden says:

      Kathy you are quite correct! Preference voting is just one model of a democratic system. If MY vote is given to a particular candidate then it should “die”. I do not give anyone the right to use MY vote to be used as a bargaining tool!

      • Annette Margaret Briers
        Annette Margaret Briers says:

        First time ever in last six years i have not really felt confident to vote for the major partys . They are just wasting tax payers money with all their bearacratic bs.
        And think showing their faces and spending thousands on advertising and slandering each other is helping the country. . Well its only helping us to loose faith in our political system. In a nutshell i would like a government that does not continue to waste tax payers money on advertising and slandering each other .

    • Robert
      Robert says:

      Your votes go to who you choose, not who others choose, you don’t have to follow the HOW to Vote Cads handed out. The problem with first past the post when there is more than 2 candidates means that a person can win an elsection with 34% of the vote. meaning that 66% of the people do not want that candidate.

      • Frank
        Frank says:

        Exactly like we have now! Voting should be whittled down to 2 then WE vote for 1 of 2. Yes it would mean having to vote twice but at least WE would be making the choice.

    • Jean Antill
      Jean Antill says:

      Spot on Kathy. Time to listen to the people Mr Morrison as eventually it will happen and you will not be able to stop it. It is the only fair way to go.

    • Frank
      Frank says:

      I totally agree and to make matters even more “third world” they do deals after the vote so voters have no idea who they’re giving preference to. It’s about time Aussies realised they’re not sheep!

    • Mark
      Mark says:

      I Agree! Go 1 Nation you have more support than you realise Pauline Hanson we have to change this merry go round liberal n labour what a joke!!

      • Annette Margaret Briers
        Annette Margaret Briers says:

        First time ever in last six years i have not really felt confident to vote for the major partys . They are just wasting tax payers money with all their bearacratic bs.
        And think showing their faces and spending thousands on advertising and slandering each other is helping the country. . Well its only helping us to loose faith in our political system. In a nutshell i would like a government that does not continue to waste tax payers money on advertising and slandering each other .

    • ken kanofski
      ken kanofski says:

      we are not allowed to so why are they, i am a self funded retiree and the last day of my 64th birthday i had all my entitlements taken away from me, so what right has anybody in politics have to receive a massive pension and be offered another job, after the obscene amount they collected while in there, double sets of rules they should be made spend what they have got like the rest of us and when its all gone stand in line like us 4 the pension no lerks and perks YES I”M ANGRY

      • Mark
        Mark says:

        Called Greed Ken and taking the piss out of us all!! We have the most greediest government on the planet there the ones slowing down growth!!!

  1. David Joseph Draper
    David Joseph Draper says:

    The sudden and obviously frantic decision by the Liberals and Labour to alter preferences is coming across as a move by desperate fools to keep the truth at bay. Neither of them can be seen as leaders of this country, only a pair of drowning fools clinging to a raft full of fear of the inevitable truth. It is so very true you do have the guts to say what the people think and there are so many of them who will make their thoughts known, if not their voices, at the ballot box

    • Apple
      Apple says:

      Thumbs up David. I knew there would come a time that those of us who are switched on would realise the major parties would “act in a bipartisan manor” to maintain power. Lets also hope that we do not have an Oakshot / Windsor Affair where the balance holders realise they do not have to lock themselves in with the party they choose to rule with. Sometimes it is ok to say NO.

    • Mark
      Mark says:

      Well said David!! Change is coming!! No more from those fools!! Pauline Hanson always will get my vote I think.she does need to show people how to vote correct for her e.g. preferences

    • Annette Margaret Briers
      Annette Margaret Briers says:

      First time ever in last six years i have not really felt confident to vote for the major partys . They are just wasting tax payers money with all their bearacratic bs.
      And think showing their faces and spending thousands on advertising and slandering each other is helping the country. . Well its only helping us to loose faith in our political system. In a nutshell i would like a government that does not continue to waste tax payers money on advertising and slandering each other .

  2. Mark Stapleton
    Mark Stapleton says:

    Pauline as usual you are right on the money , I fervently believe that preferences are not only unfair but do more to skew the true results of an election than any other factor .
    Also I feel it’s vital to look at the system of the misrepresentational system of seats .How can we have democracy if one electorate of a 1000 voters for example
    Have the same power to elect a sitting member as another that has 5000 ? . Gerry Mandering has long been a chronic thorn in the side of fair representation in this country . There has to be a better way , not a simple option though , granted 😊

  3. Susan Ingram
    Susan Ingram says:

    I agree with you Pauline, I am so discussed with the prime minister he is running with the foxes and hunting with the hounds, they are of the belief that conservatives have no were else to go, other than the liberal ‘s, if you are going to loose an election, better to loose it on your conviction and moral ‘s rather than playing a political games, you and mark have my surport

    • David A lawton
      David A lawton says:

      It is also known as fence sitting.
      We need a leader … anyone; who researches the subject, decides on implementation stands on his final recommendation, his platform and goes for it.
      Like Lee Kwan Yu did in Singapore, who straightened it out to the strength it is today. He said “This is what i am doing if you don’t like it vote me out”
      Our dumb dicks have never had the guts to say that.

  4. I Hackwell
    I Hackwell says:

    And I’m sick of being labeled as islamaphobic just because I don’t agree with islam’s ideology. In other words I’m not scared of them or their beliefs, I just have issues with them.
    Genital mutilation, multiple partners, marriages to children, halal tax, wearing black full cover burqas, just to name a few.
    Why doesn’t anyone take this up with them? Beats me.
    These are the issues causing disharmony between us and we are shut down. Time for them to be discussed without being labeled as islamaphobic or racist or white supremacist!
    If the discussion doesn’t happen, disharmony andstrife is bound to continue. Blind fred cam see that.

    • David A lawton
      David A lawton says:

      They came here cos they did not like the shit holes that is there country.
      Never should we seek to change them, it would be wrong.
      Why are they incapable of understanding that as dumb as we may be, as simple as we may be, we are happy, blessed for all that we have and do not want to be changed by others.

    • Jack
      Jack says:

      Its deeper than that, the money power Love conflict it distracys from their evil deeds & social engineering, you want to learn about who trys to RULE “YOU” constantly ?? Read the Talmud, & the Protocols of Zion !

    • Mark Stapleton
      Mark Stapleton says:

      Totally agree , the lefts entire modus operandi
      Is to shout down anyone that doesn’t blindly follow their naive agenda of world love and peace . New Zealand proposing ten year jail terms for having a copy of the manifesto re Christchurch ! This is just what happened in Nazi Germany suppressing information , books etc , the Irony is lost on them . Finally hate speech ! Try disagreeing with a lefties post and you will find out how capable of hate speech they are despite it being one of their rally cries 😎

      • Greenie forever
        Greenie forever says:

        Except shutting down someone’s argument isnt hate speech. Hate speech specifically refers to being racist towards people for their ethnicity, gender, sexuality, etc (i.e. things they cannot easily change). It doesnt refer to taking someone to task because you disagree with their ideas or politics. Learn the difference before you try to argue with the adults please.

        • Edward Nicholls
          Edward Nicholls says:

          The far left have greatly expanded the meaning of Hate Speech and the “isms” so that there is very little a conservative can say that is not shut down. No debate on the issue, just verbal abuse and if that doesn’t work, have the Antifa thugs impose some mob physical abuse and finally, threatening the person’s livelihood by putting pressure on employers to sack you. Free speech – only for those with the correct thoughts.

    • Maureen Jones
      Maureen Jones says:

      Totally agree, we have to have conversations without being branded as islamaphobic or racist. People are talking in hushed voices behind closed doors in order to at least feel like they can discuss these problems with likeminded others. The trouble with this is that there can be no debate when you are preaching to the converted. When will these conversations happen openly without fear so there can be some sort of consensus. I don’t remember things being this bad in my entire life (64)

  5. Wally
    Wally says:

    Get rid of Preference votes! I want MY vote to go to the candidate I choose, not the Party I don’t want through Preference votes!

  6. april
    april says:

    I vote from bottom up the biggest dickheads get the biggest number . With only one nation listening instead of telling me what I should think, it’s a difficult choice.

  7. Bob Ellery
    Bob Ellery says:

    Thank you Pauline you will have my vote and heaps of my friends are backing one nation this year Labor and Liberal are parasites I hope you get in but those bastards will sling shit at you for ever. Your our best chance of recovering this great nation again go girl go ox

    • janet patzwald
      janet patzwald says:

      think Pauline has the majority of votes and preferences give the major parties the edge unless everyone numbers every box as they want

    • john buikhuisen
      john buikhuisen says:

      god help Australia when people talk like you, you are so narrow-minded, I wish that Pauline Hanson took over running this country and we would see what a mess it would become,it is such a complex thing to run this country,imagine Ashby and dick brain running it,there would be people shot dead every day like the USA, by the way, the grog brings the absolute truth out of people and the shit Ashby and Dicko were talking has a lot to be desired,Australia deserves way better than those guttersnipes running the show

  8. Leanne
    Leanne says:

    Hi Pauline , First of all I think you are Awesome you always have my vote … @ Bob Ellery you are right on the money .

  9. Ian Lindner
    Ian Lindner says:

    The trouble is Scott Morrison & the liberal party are not allowing the electorate to have any say in what we want in our country.
    They don’t even have any idea what is transpiring in our earthly world.
    Russia,China, India are forming a very, very large military Force, which will be controlled by Putin.
    China is taking control of the South China Sea & has Australia surrounded & our Governments are allowing China to obtain large area’s of our country.
    Iran is about to move in controlling Passage through The Suez Canal & the Red Sea, Germany is about to agree to a trade deal with South America who is one of the most blessed natural resource Countries on this earth & will supply Germany with its much needed resources.
    Germany is about to form the EU & from 28 Countries will become 10. This will come about with the help of the Roman Catholic Church who will help to form the EU in Bible Prophecies ( The 7th Holly Roman Empire).
    For the first time in the last 2500 Years we are capable of completely destroying humanity.
    Hopefully some one will read this & it can all be proved by reading & understanding The Bible Prophecies in Danial, Revelations & other parts of The Bible.
    These Prophecies we have been told about Since 1960 & Before.
    Israel, The English Empire & America are looked on as the Jewish nations.
    Our societies are being punished for our turning against Bible (Gods) teachings as is being allowed in Israel, America, England& its current Empire at the moment.
    The Third World War is about to be bought about with a lot more suffering than previous wars
    Iran (King of The South), Russia China ? India (Kings of The East), Germany with the help The Catholic Church will become the Holy Roman Empire. ( King Of The North).
    These Countries are all descendants of the 12 tribes of Israel.
    Proof is available of these Prophecies.
    Keep an eye on the Earthly World events over the next few years.

  10. Ian Lindner
    Ian Lindner says:

    And we Are worried about our little problems around us.
    Parliament & Our Governments are so out of touch with world events.
    Watch America’s Trading route’s will be controlled by Germany & Russia as they have to pass through The Gulf Of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, & Its associated Straits, Passages & Channels including the Panama Canal.
    Little do most people realise we are Already in the end times.
    With all due respect I am not a Bible Basher if you look you can see these events happening before your very eyes.

  11. Ian Lindner
    Ian Lindner says:

    However I do agree with One Nation & By the way Pauline I still have a copy of your original speech in parliament.
    OH how it was misreported by the press who have become one of our worst problems in this world as they only allow their views to be expressed.

  12. Di
    Di says:

    I’ve shared this to Fb… and happy to do so! I was disappointed to find no one handing out how to vote one nation… but was chatting with a lady beside me… & told her how to vote One Nation 😉. She thanked me! As she wanted to vote your way anyway 🙂

  13. richard charles bury
    richard charles bury says:

    turnbul, morrison government kicked 300,000 pensioners off the age pension, forced retired folk into selling their homes and sent me a $6500 robo debt telling me my 10 year long service leave was wages for 2017. Now they have experts telling us Labor will bring on a recession with the living wage policy and cutting perks for the wealthy. I have been living in a recession since they have been in power with all the foreign students and visa holders taking all the cleaning jobs on top of that they steal our votes with preference deals.

  14. David A lawton
    David A lawton says:

    You deserve to be respected and praised for your participation with the idiotic moron David Koch.
    He is the epitome of egotistical mentality, for years as a helicopter pilot I flew for many of these jerks, Channel 9, Channel 10 and others, they crave the recognition for their particular ‘cross’ their egos are bigger than their brains.
    I decline to even look at Channel Seven at any time, it just that your confrontation with dumbnuts came up on SKYE.
    The ABC is even worse, it saddened me to hear Ita Buttrose state that 80% of the viewers appreciate the ABC and there is some “20% who don’t” they think it is biased.
    It is a fact that the ABC is so kleft leaning it is a joke.
    Please push for the elimination of PREFERENCE VOTING.
    I pray the good LORDS hand is on you and yours.
    We all know that you understand that what we think is what you recognize.

    Best regards.

  15. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Last federal election I did not vote for anyone because I do not trust any of the 2 major parties who do not work for the working Australian. Why do we only have 2 major parties. I will be voting for One Nation in May. Yes our votes are supposed to be confidential but I have no concerns about anyone who reads this. I agree that there should be no preferences votes. If I vote for a political party I expect them to win and work for Australia.

  16. Colleen Smith
    Colleen Smith says:

    Thank goodness Pauline Hanson is reading and listening to what the people of Australia want. thank you Pauline – PHON for Australia.
    Stop Liberal and Labour falsifying the votes.

  17. Alan bartlett
    Alan bartlett says:

    Preferential voting just isn’t making our vote don’t mean anything anymore … the way labour and liberal put us last on their preferences makes our vote usless in value but I cannot see the public changing this system unless we make an alliance with another party otherwise we will always be on the back foot … need to turf preferential but this system we continue to have a swing margin of 10 % to put another labour or liberal gov in power who just makes stupid decisions trying to please 10% minority to stay in power .,without making good decisions for the 90 %

    We r all disappointed but unable to swap this treadmill
    Alan Bartlett

    • David A lawton
      David A lawton says:

      I appreciate your comment and i agree.
      However things are changing look at where ONE Nation is.
      The major parties are pooing them selves.
      Look at Shooters F and Farmers they have overtaken the Nationals.
      Sit back enjoy the ride, commonsense will prevail.

  18. David A lawton
    David A lawton says:

    I have been waiting to hear some balance regarding the tragedy in Christchurch.
    At its very basic, fundamental situation is this fact.
    Never in Australia’s history prior to those of the Muslim faith who came to this country (of their own volition) have we had to spend out tax dollars to combat terrorism.
    The hurt and pain that has been foisted on us has been from MUSLIMS only.
    I am 77 years old. Well before there was TV our parents regularly took us to the “TATLER” in Newcastle, it was a continuous news theatre showing world events. MOVIETONE was a major producer. Of significance was the way people in the Middle east were always fighting and killing each other, it was always on. It was so foreign to our country, and people of my age.
    Their was union disputes, in Australi Menzies,and the Opposition and the communist party but never blood shed.
    In hindsight I recall thinking how can that happen, why would they be fighting and killing, they must be animals.
    There was an article on the ABC radio years back, it said the Lebanese people from that country are a mix of Christians and of the Muslim faith they have been in our society for years. Just like the Muslim camelliers, who helped develop the wilds of Australia.They do not pose a problem socially and or they do not threaten our way of life. …the article went on “HOWEVER if they let the radical Muslims in WE WILL HAVE A PROBLEM DOWN THE TRACK’
    Ah is that not true ? ?
    Is that due to policy by dopes like politicians Al Grassby the crooked twirp who was a pain.
    The nutcase who did the damage in NZ was radicalised as a result of Muslims and there warped ideas.
    Undoubtedly horrific.
    But is a fact the Muslims with their radical ideas ‘stir the pot’ …telling as that we should accept Sharia Law that their religion promotes the killing of infidels, what do you think that is going to do for the nutcases who choose to retaliate ? ?
    I have first hand experience with some demands that Muslims put on us NON Muslims.
    As a coach driver, telling me, (not asking me) her hand trolley must go in the cabin, “no lady it goes in the boot like all the other baggage”.
    … “NO NO you don’t understand I want this to be with me in the Bus”
    I am a reasonably patient Dude …. I run this coach ….don’t put shit on me !
    “lady it is going in the boot”
    It went into the luggage boot.
    End of story.
    Then she tells a another passenger to tell me “this lady wants to go to Lismore Base Hospital and not the passenger terminal”
    How do you think I reacted, for anyone….for anyone I am as accommodating as I can be, but shat on me baby and you will know it.
    Never even replied to that request.
    Went direct to the terminus.
    I could have taken her to the hospital, do it for most passengers, but this rude insolent dumb shit blew her chance ….. NO WAY.
    She was ropable, beside herself when I gave her the luggage she was in top gear when we arrived at the terminal.
    … so what go and jump.
    Get real if you don’t like it the way we live here in this neck’o’the woods … piss off.
    Scripture shows how the Creator gave different people a different tongue. They lived under different culture and practices. No one denies them of their customs and practices.
    I do not want to change them.
    The can practice Female Genital Mutilation in their own country who cares ?
    It is not for us to comment.
    However NO other nationality, group or individual has the right to come to our Australian country and try to change us.
    Simple, we do not need to change our ways.
    Why do they come here ?
    Let them go back to the rock they crawled from under.


  19. Gazza
    Gazza says:

    There’s a system for them and another fgor us. To take my super i hgave to retire from work. Why not pollies. Time to equalis ee the system. Make theirs the same as ours.

  20. keith holder
    keith holder says:

    I have been saying for years that preference voting should be abolished completely, if I vote for a person or party, that is where my vote should rest and not go to some one who I did not vote for . I regard this practice as illegal and corrupt and if you cant win on your own merits you don’t deserve to be in that job .
    I am all for getting rid of preference voting .. and further more when the next election comes up in May , and if they have that “BIG WHITE ” paper to fill out saying that you only have to put the number 1 above the line, I will not be filling this paper in … we only need one piece of paper to fill in and that is for the party or the person you wish to vote for please scrap the big white paper … no one can understand it any way and you politicians can’t be bothered telling us in full what it’s all about because they are your preferences .. this paper is a waste of time and money .

  21. George Jedlicka
    George Jedlicka says:

    It’s totally the fault of our governments to let muslims settle in our country would they have had the brains and chosen NOT to do so then Christchurch would not have happened-Japan will not settle not even one Muslim in their country-hence zero violence why are our politicians so damm ignorant!!We will all pay the price one day God help us/-Pauline you are the best and will get my vote👍

  22. Pamela Parker
    Pamela Parker says:

    I want to know how to fill in the vote form if I do not want to preference any other party. I am in Victoria. Does One Nation have any candidates here/

  23. nathan
    nathan says:

    Get rid of Preference votes! How is it possibly Legal to place a vote for a party that you want to elect, then that party give your vote to some other party? It should be called ‘ ballet tampering’, preferential voting just sugar coats it to make it look sweet.

    Free market, individualism, personal liberty, personal responsibility, hard work, free speech—the values of Western Civilization—are being washed away everywhere. Socialism is well on the rise. Free uni, free education, free handouts, greater social welfare programs, more immigration, open borders, all for one and one for all – Socialism! Egg boy is the epitome of an unwitting socialist with 72 million ‘ Egg boys’ about to vote in the 2020 USA elections alone. Most western nations are already aligning laws, taxes, policy, party politics and diminishing civil liberties, free will and individuality. When a Government can tell you that your hard work can be taxed by as much as 50% or more ( CGT) on property, investments, stocks and so forth. How else can we pay for Julies 200K lifetime pension plus the other Rat Bags in the boys club? I feel like an elephant, I am tied at the foot with a single strand of string. I could break it easily, I just know I can. ( The Australian people)

  24. Christine Margaret
    Christine Margaret says:

    You have total control of where your preferences go. No-one has to do as they are told on any how to vote cards. Those are recommendations, not mandatory, so make up your own mind how to preference.

    We have the most powerful voting system in the world which can be used to ensure minor party and independent candidates can get elected, but we have been brainwashed out of realising just how powerful it is.

    If find this lack of understanding of preferential voting, as expressed by Pauline Hanson, deeply disturbing. Please read this website if you are in any doubt of why preferential voting is a blessing to small parties and independents.

  25. Graciela
    Graciela says:

    Is corruption on the making if this prefers continue simply not honest and confusing people, if this continues to be used is no reason to be voting, I will like a dictator government, is inhuman, simply the human rights doesn’t exist at all in this world so please stop wasting our taxpayers money on their game of no where, thank you Pauline, one Nation for trying the best for Australia and their citizens. Thank you and keep the good work please we need you, to keep the government honest or I hope to ban the UN organisation from the world is doing very little to confuse the world in the same time., longer the Middle East people ia involved will not be safe our world, inocente, poor countries people are the most at risks.

  26. Felice Ferraro
    Felice Ferraro says:

    So sad that the biggest criminals in this world , the ones that destroy people’s life, like corporate CEOS and powerful politicians are vever bean made accountable for their crime committed for their own gain.

  27. Rod
    Rod says:

    I think the Westminster system has reached it s use by date , it’s not good for Australia ,it’s failed in England and is doing the same to Australia! Time to make Australia independent and fixed this great country before any tax money is given to other countries ! Last year 2 billion 316.5 million was given to these countries and Australians suffered with drought,floods, and mismanaged federal government

  28. John
    John says:

    The good thing about our preferential system, we get to put the candidate we don’t want most at the bottom of list and so on up the list.
    So generally should end up with the politician that we dislike the least being elected.

  29. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    I am going to put a neat X inside the boxes of the candidates I do not like and my vote is legit, this is my/our democratic right to vote whom I/we choose and not be told we have to give bad candidates or parties any preference , which is not democracy at all.
    I am taking a pen with me.
    Also certified ID with photo to vote and evidence of 1 vote per person, and all the parties checking the votes, especially postal and early. we need it for everything else and unbiased media coverage of all candidates, AEC website.

    I was also beyond disgusted to hear the ABC is supporting a Islamic State overseas govt with everyone’s hard earned taxes.
    A referendum to remove the ABC from our tax payers pay roll.

    Also the hate speech from mainstream media and the violent left wing fundamentalists needs to be stopped not just social media right wing, ALL the extremists, left, right, mainstream media also.
    They use these tragedies for dangerous propaganda which is beyond parasitic.

    Yes, under no circumstances should people being violently murdered be allowed to be viewed on any media for goulishly blood lust entertainment and supply meets demand, creating more of this horror regardless of who they are.

    Thank you for the interview with the Imam on your official Channel.
    We need more real peaceful Muslim’s speaking up about the Islamic State and the dangerous fundamentalists amongst them which the peaceful Muslims do not want here either obviously.

    • Lisa
      Lisa says:

      Sorry, correction Muslims.
      Interfaith Churches help unite People of true peaceful God Faiths.
      No more tolerance of violent fundamentalists nor this unwanted unnecessary halal certificatiation of our grocery products, especially non animal products or those that are vegan, especially for religious reasons.
      And we the majority of the population do not want to pay unnecessarily for this.
      Bless the food is all that is needed.
      Rights for ALL not just minorities, they are deliberately trying to cause division, disgusting.

      Many are also concerned about this dangerous 5G boxes, very deadly and dangerous EFM radiation, not a so-called required standard who’s standards???????

      No more foreign ownership, it creates 3rd worlds and it is not racist to not want it.
      The best countries have no foreign ownership, they have the best standard of living too, most not all.
      Those claiming that not wanting ones country to become a foreign owned oppressed wasteland is being racist actually have no foreign ownership of their country.
      Where are the Ausby products too?

  30. Brian Hunt
    Brian Hunt says:

    When the election was announced , and shortly thereafter ScoMo had a hissy fit about minor parties and Preference allocation. I wrote to my local member and asked “am I not clever enough to choose my own preferences. (think of the Kasey Chambers song “am I not pretty enough”. Anyway the reply came back to stick to Liberal Party line, else I might be helping Shorten or DiNatale. So the answer basically was – no you are not clever enough to choose for yourself. Not to mention that SCOMO was still having his little meltdown about One Nation, threatening to allocate preferences to Labor or Greens.(200% of what I didn’t want) That was it for me, the day any of my votes helps Labor or Greens candidates get elected, it will indeed be a very cold day in Hell. So what SCOMO’s little rage turned a 100% Liberal Voter since 1963, into a voter who will make his mind well before Election day, and all those Liberal “How to Vote” pamphlets are just a waste of good trees. What am I saying? SCOMO needs to learn how to handle his “petulant” tantrums and look at the Big Picture. My vote will go all to One Nation. Liberals are shooting themselves in the foot, but still arrogantly right! And the definition of Petulant from the Urban dictionary fits perfectly “Whiny, childlike behavior in response to something not going your way”

  31. Ray Lockwood
    Ray Lockwood says:

    I would like to go much further with this discussion,,,one vote one value…a big yes..the party with more than 50% of the vote . is to form government,,all the rest go and get a real job,,in other words no political leach,s for us the working people to prop up.. all the perks that come with their appointment will cease completely when a new government is elected ,,a flat 10% tax on all working australians ,any means used to dodge this will result in a 1000% penalty ,,all international companies will be subjected to this ,but if any try to dodge paying in any form ,,the penalty increases to 3000% of the tax value.. cease paying overseas aid until all deficits in australia are wiped out ..finally,,scrap the Westminster system, as it is far beyond it,s (best before date) stop all immigration until australia gets on a solid footing..and then heavily vet any prospective newcomers,,, ban clive palmers tv adds ,as it shows what a low fool he is ,Go Pauline..but vet your hanger on,s much more closely , as they are doing you much damage..

  32. Steve
    Steve says:

    I believe that we should be able to have a preferential system that doesn’t force the issue so you can number however many you like. This way voters can elect not to vote for candidates that they don’t wish to vote for. It would also reduce the backlash of minor parties having to show their preferences of the major 3. For example I totally disagree to having the ALP 5th over the LNP on your ticket of 9 in my home seat of Fairfax. Given the candidates listed between you and them it says that you are backing the ALP. In my view that will be the absolute worst result for Australia given their affiliation with the Greens.


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